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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • anon. gardener

    Revel: my long weekend starts tomorrow! And rain is not in the forecast!

  • Rave: One more meeting and then my 4 day weekend starts!

    Rave x2: Going on a road trip to visit friends in Chapel Hill!

    Rant: Nope.

  • Rave: Four day weekend starts tomorrow. Trip back to Wisconsin!

    Rant: Last trip back home for a very long time. I’ll miss my old friends.

    Rant / Rave: It takes me a half hour less time to drive to work than take the bus, and I live in the district. Most days the covenience of this makes up for the cost. I hope that lawmakers in DC, MD, and VA can come up with a reasonable and effective solution to the traffic issues recently espoused. Surely Metro DC doesn’t have unique problems that make the worst traffic in the US an inevitability.

  • me

    Rant: Seems like everyone has at least a 3-day weekend… I have to work tomorrow and Monday, making it a normal weekend for me.

    Rave: My parents are in Vegas, and my mom just won several hundred bucks. I’m happy she gets to go shopping there and buy herself something pretty!

    • I have to work on Monday, too. Which totally makes sense, since my job is working with the government, which will be closed. Grrr.

      • Ditto! Welcome to the wonderful world of contracting, where you work while your clients have the day off. No help, by the way, that its going to be 80 degrees and beautiful on Columbus Day…

        • me

          Grrrr. Yeah, we’re at the company site on Monday, but not to worry! 2 hours (unbillable, of course) of forced socialization with a mandatory team lunch at a restaurant across the street. It’s like someone took us working on that day and wondered, hmm, how can I make this even more miserable for everyone?

          • Ok, but don’t ya’ll get the day after Thanksgiving as a reward? I have Monday off, but not Friday after T-giving, although I will take it as a leave day.

          • me

            We get 2 days for Christmas and for Thanksgiving each (so a total of 4). But the only days we have off other than that is New Years Day (w/ early release for NYE), 4th of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. Everything else, including sick time, is lumped into PTO.

          • Nope – I get 6 holidays a year. I work the day after Thanksgiving, NYE, Christmas Eve, unless I want to use PTO or LWOP.

          • “We get 2 days for Christmas and for Thanksgiving each (so a total of 4). But the only days we have off other than that is New Years Day (w/ early release for NYE), 4th of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day.”

            That’s our schedule too, except we get a floating holiday thrown in there for good measure. I actually look forward to these peaceful client-free days.

  • Rant: Water pouring through the ceiling and wall of my apartment early this morning.

    Rave: Three-day weekend is almost here and I’m going to spend it in Williamsburg.

  • Petty rant: There are so many freaking elevator outages/alerts/delays on the Metro PIDS system that it takes FOR-FREAKING-EVER to get around to displaying any useful information…like when my train is going to show up!

  • Rave: I’m still going gaga over this weather. Rain, rain, stay away!

    Ravex2: I had a phenomenal experience with Comcast on Tuesday. Showed up on time, good mood, had the right equipment, and was cracking jokes the whole time.

    Rant: Just booked flights to my boyfriend’s parents’ place in Maine for Thanksgiving. To avoid spending $300/pp, we leave super early on Tuesday 11/22 and come back super early on Saturday. That’s 3 days I need to work from their home because I’m not wasting vacation time on a holiday I don’t enjoy. Also, I’m really not looking forward to spending time with his parents.. they are just plain awful, conservative fogies. I feel like a pouty 6-year old about it, and I’m straining to not act like one. :-/

    • Be glad you have a boyfriend. You could be me, single and miserable. I’ll take a boyfriend with wach parents for $200 Alex…

      • *wach* should be *wack*

      • There are ups and downs that go with having a boyfriend. I really did like being single for the year before I met this man.

        You’ve got to go out and find things you like doing for yourself, by yourself. If you’re this cynical and miserable, I bet men won’t be drawn to your personality and you’ll stay single. Live a little, have a lighter attitude, and be happy that your Sundays don’t revolve around the NFL. Good luck, and smile! 🙂

        • me

          I used to like college game day on Saturdays. You know, watching the game you care about, and that’s about it? Now it’s on all day, plus ESPN all other days during football season. Gotta take the good with the bad. 😉

          Another note… it’ll come when you’re not looking for it so hard. I know it’s cliche, but it’s cliche for a reason.

        • I didn’t use to be this angry. About 1 1/2 yeards ago, I was quite happy and then I met a guy who broke my heart, wiped his butt with it, and gave it back to me. ITs not easy for me to meet men, so I doubt I will date again, thus I’ll never get married or have kids9 can’t afford artificial insemination. I would take 24hr ESPN Spurtzone, for someone who truly loved me…

  • Rave: that Monday is not a holiday where I work. Why celebrate someone who didn’t know where he was and killed the indigenous people?

    Rave: South Dakota, Hawaii and Nevada do not recognize this holiday.

    • So we can celebrate by walking into someone’s home and declaring it ours.

      • gotta love the self inflicted sorrow of the rich.
        S@#$ happens to nations in history.get used to it.

        • My response was supposed to be funny. I agree with you, although I have to say that with all the historical inaccuracies, this is probably one of the more ridiculous holidays.

          Nonetheless, I don’t think it’s worth people getting upset over it. Every school kid knows by now that Columbus didn’t discover America.

          • More ridiculous than Easter? A zombie commemoration with bunnies?

          • I think the point of that entire holiday (resurrection, new beginnings, celebration of spring from its pagan roots etc.) kind of trump “Celebrate dude that didn’t actually discover anything.” And I’m in no way a religious person. It’s like dedicating a day to me because I discovered this chair, because that’s what I’m telling people.

          • houseintherear

            Oh Meg. School kids don’t have time for history, what with the math and reading scores and not meeting AYP.

            At my school, there’s a morning math block for 2 hours, then lunch and recess and maybe art/music/p.e., then a reading block for 2 hours. Talk about a wholesome education. :/

    • Berkeley, CA clebrates Indigenous People Day on Monday – much more appropriate.

    • I celebrate by making Indian curries – madras, korma and roganjosh. What Columbus would have enjoyed had he been right.

  • rant: cancer. fuck the fuck off and stop terrorizing us!!!!!!

    rave: that we had steve jobs for the time we did. my life is quite significantly better because of his work.

  • houseintherear

    Rant: I’m a nervous wreck about flying to Germany next month. It’s all I can think about. I fly all the time, but it has been a while since I’ve been on a flight longer than 3 hours… I hope I don’t have a panic attack. 🙁

    Rave: This weather. My students, who are doing so well right now and make me smile. My new neighborhood friends. My ability to finally make comfortable small talk at the age of 30.

    • If it makes you feel better, I can be an extremely anxious flyer, and long-distance flights in large planes are way less scary than smaller domestic flights, in my opinion. They are much more stable and you will forget you are on a plane after a while.

      Consume something sleep inducing, curl up under and blanket, and get cozy.

      • houseintherear

        That’s a good point, actually. I hadn’t thought of it that way, with it being more stable. I think for me it’s the idea of not being able to escape the small space- claustrophobia.

        I have some xanax so that’ll at least put me to sleep.

    • can you get a pill?

      • +1 million for Xanax. I am the WORST on a plane and it has helped me infinitely. I’m still not happy I have to get on a plane, but at least I’m not freaking out at every single noise or bit of turbulence.

        • Xanax is the best. Take one about an hour before take off and then have a drink or two once you get on the plane. You’ll sleep through the whole flight.

          • My grandmother used to carry her liquor on the plane in one of those small bottles. She said “hell, I want to have my drink BEFORE the plane takes off.” She called it her “little drinky-poo”

    • I sympathize with you and agree with what everyone else is saying (especially the Xanax/glass of wine remedy — my wife is a strict believer to that one).

      I travel a lot for work (75+ flights last year), and maybe I can offer some words of encouragement:

      -From what I’ve read, most people who say they fear flying actually fear having an uncontrollable panic attack on the plane, not the flying itself. You said as much in your post. Knowing this helps, as you can somewhat control this through medication or meditation or something, as opposed to the totally uncontrollable things like size of plane, turbulence, etc.

      -I think Malcom Gladwell pointed out once that aircraft technology is at the point now where planes are pretty much mechanically failure-proof. He’s right.

      – Transatlantic flights usually fly well above the weather that those of us who fly up and down the East Coast deal with. Long flights are generally more stable turbulence-wise. Also, you’ll be in a bigger, more spacious airplane.

      – International flight usually = free wine with dinner and sometimes free booze altogether. Take advantage of this.

      – Germany’s great. You’ll forget all about the flight shortly after landing.

      Good luck!

    • austindc

      Also, hopefully the flight will have free movies! It’s a great way to distract yourself from the flight. If the movies suck, just sit back and think about all the people on PoP who are jealous that you’re going to Germany.

  • Rant: my Macbook died on Tuesday. I am thinking in solidarity.

    Rant: losing anyone at anytime to cancer.

    Rave: did spend the morning reading inspiring Steve Jobs’ quotes and speeches. My favorite: “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

    Rant: what am I doing with my life?!

    • Yeah, I never realized how badass Steve Jobs was until I started reading about him last night. His 2005 Standford was incredible. Then I got weepy thinking of learning to use the internet on an early 90’s Macintosh and the thousands of miles I’ve run with my iPod. Cancer is just so horrifically awful. 🙁

    • That is my favorite quote. And sadly, I do not love what I do. Clearly I need to take that quote to heart and remedy that…

      Steve Jobs was so rad on so many levels. I can’t imagine my life without my ipod or iphone or imac. He’s going to be missed.

    • okay, while I agree with all those “love what you do” thoughts, I also think it’s the source of unhappiness for a lot of people. not everyone can be a visionary. not everyone can be an artist or a pilot or a dancer. how can all bathroom cleaners, divorce court employees, telemarketers, underpaid office minions, fast food employees, etc. have a passion for what they do? there are so many more jobs that are required than there are people that have a passion for them. but people need to work. it’s just not realistic to think that everyone can “follow their bliss” or whatever other catch phrase we’re using this month. your job should not necessarily be your life fulfillment. it’s wonderful that jobs’s was, but this individualistic/narcissistic bent we all seem to have leads people further away from what really matters: people. if you can’t work with or for wonderful people towards some amazing goal, then your life is still meaningful. you should still cultivate meaningful relationships which are more important than the time you spend earning the means to live. sorry for the rant!

      • much appreciated insight. it’s not all touchy feely, but it’s the truth

      • Don’t apologize! It is the rant/rave post. Rants totally allowed.

        I think much behind this is that if work is something that is important to you and defines you then this type of thought process is essential (which is me). We each have priorities. I totally agree a meaningful life can come from anywhere and personal relationships are always important.

        For the record though, there are many people who perform so-called “menial jobs” who love and take great pride in what they do. I wouldn’t write them off so quickly.

        • you’re right that it’s a good kick in the butt for people who do have the luxury of making a meaningful change. I happen to have a creative job in a field that I believe is doing good in the world, but I get really down sometimes thinking about all the people that struggle their whole lives.

          I tried to make sure I said “how can all” because I certainly am aquainted w/ people who have jobs that don’t require much skill, but they are happy people who are making the world (and my life!) much better and they know it. I just can’t imagine that everyone can have a wonderful attitude about doing some of the things they have to.

          • maybe I’m mostly defending my parents’ choices. but sometimes the harsh reality is that they lived the cushy middle-class life they did because my father gave up all his passions. I think I harbor some guilt because if he didn’t have kids his life would’ve been very very different.

      • +1

        Unfortunately, these words ring hollow for 99% of the workforce. His speech was absolutely inspirational, but even among those Stanford grads, who have been afforded an excellent education and countless opportunities that few others have, how many of them have the luxury of following his advice?

      • Eh, I think his point in a lot of these quotes was to trust yourself. If what you are doing feels wrong to you, then that is a sign that perhaps it is time to look for a change. I don’t think that means you have to be a visionary or that you need a super inspiring job. Just means that there is no point making yourself miserable if you have other possible options.

        And yeah, of course entire concept is a “first world problems” situation.

      • I totally get what you are saying and I agree to an extent. I guess what I get from his quote is that you should at the very least like what you do – whether it’s being the CEO of Apple or being a taxi driver. I get zero fulfillment from my job, but I don’t leave because I don’t have the balls to leave, so that’s my fault and I accept responsibility for that. But I like the quote because it kind of gives me a push to start figuring out a way to, at the very least, either find a way to make my job fulfilling, or getting the courage to branch out and find something that I enjoy. My personal relationships are a big part of my life and very fulfilling, but the reality is that I also spend minimum 60+ hours a week at work, which inevitably finds its way into my personal life, like working late or needing extra sleep or being stressed. I don’t need to be a visionary, but honestly, if I’m happier working at Subway, then that’s what I should do.

        • It sounds like you’re on the right path. Sometimes it takes the thought of death to push us to make the most of life – that’s what prompted me to reconsider how I was spending my waking hours and, 6 years and a career change later, I’m the better for it.

      • My job is so draining, I don’t have time to spend with loved ones, let alone cultivate meaningful relationships.

        I’ve been looking for a new job for over four years. Out of the hundreds of tailored resumes I’ve sent out, I’ve had only three interviews. I’m going to pay someone to re-write the resumes…probably should have done it earlier, but I’m a writer! I guess I’m just not a seller.

        Four years is a long time to have no friends.

        • My job is OK, but I like my coworkers and the stability that my workplace provides. After a breakup and a lay-off, it feels really good to be in a stable place even if it’s not the most creative, inspirational or transformational position.

      • Well put, anonymous from 10:58 AM!

      • “how can all bathroom cleaners, divorce court employees, telemarketers, underpaid office minions, fast food employees, etc. have a passion for what they do?”

        In some cultures they do. Japan, for example, has a strong service tradition, so there are a lot of people with jobs like opening doors for other people. In America, these would be considered menial jobs, and the people doing them would be disgruntled and envious of the people that are doing more prestigious work. But in Japan a door-opener will typically like what he does, find meaning in his work, and strive to do it exquisitely. Here there is this constant pressure to be doing something better with your life, even if you’d otherwise be happy with where you are.

        • that’s wonderful. and kind of why I mentioned our individualistic/narcissistic nature here in the west. it’s a problem. I think there’s a happy ground somewhere between an individual and collective society.

  • claire

    Rant: Trying to submit a conference paper with a deadline at the end of next week, and my boss keeps making it a moving target and changing her mind on what she thinks we should try to include in the paper. I can already tell this is going to end up with everyone working ridiculously long days next week.

    Rave: As many others on here, I have a four day weekend starting tomorrow!

    • me

      I hear you on the boss thing. I have a client that asks for stuff to be written up, then he adds paragraphs. Then a week later, he wants it changed again and points out a paragraph that he specifically says he hates- which is, of course, the one he wrote. Granted, that only happened once, but I’m still pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down.

  • Revel: Mom in town for the weekend.

    Rant: Yellow line metro closures. Looks like she is going to learn all about the bus…

    Rant: I hope we don’t get into a fight.

  • rant- work sucks but at least our contract was renewed

    rave- going check out its vintage darling sale afterwork

  • Rave: Brought in a dozen bagels and cream cheese to work today.

    Rave: Coworkers were super excited and thanked me profusely.

    Rave: A partner sent me an e-mail and told me to put it on an expense report, and whenever I feel like bringing in bagels, to expense it!

    Rant: Still not the weekend.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Mariinsky ballet tickets went on sale yesterday at the Kennedy Center.

    Rant: No clue which night the ballerina I want to see will perform, if she will perform at all.

    Rave: Called the Kennedy Center and they gave me some tips on how to make sure I see the performance I want. Yay ticket exchanges.

  • Rant: Trying to get out there and date, have managed to set up a few dates w/ guys from OK Cupid. But why do they always make plans and then don’t respond in a timely manner. Oi! Juggling 2 guys who say “let’s do something” and then don’t respond to my email for another day or so…making the dates suggeste a moot point.

    Rave: the great weather…have great plans for the long weekend. Pay day is tomorrow.

    • good luck. i’ve always had lots of chats with guys from there who never want to meet in real life.

    • Get out there and meet people in real life… One of the top reasons I don’t get on any of these dating sites is because they’re so impersonal. I prefer to meet someone on the street, so I can see and feel vybes in reality before creating all sorts of expectations about each date I go out on. People are losing touch on how to communicate and whats really important by relying on sites for dating recommendations. Relationships should center around a bit of compromise rather than compatibility. No offense.

  • Rant: People crying over Steve Jobs…

    I feel sorry and sad for the loss of life, but the man had 8 BILLION DOLLARS in his bank account, and he created jobs, in CHINA. That wealth is too much for one person to have in a healthy society. I don’t think its greed, but its fairly selfish to hold onto that much personal wealth in a society where there’s starvation and illness.

    He lived his short life well but many don’t get to live as long as me, and I’m 37 so he was blessed. The man created your phone, the doesn’t mean he was your father because he charged dearly for his inventions. The news media is so reactionary. It makes me want to turn TV off forever. I’m also turned off by how quickly people turn to making jokes in disrespect of him and his family. Society is declining.

    • Rant – People that judge “rich” people for the money they have.

      This is the problem with people today. Who are you to judge how much money he should or should not have. He worked hard and provided inventions and services around those inventions and made a LOT of money, so what?

      He didn’t just create my phone. He literally changed the way we communicate. All the information that is available at our fingertips with a couple of taps to a screen.

      Society is not declining because he had a lot of money and people make jokes about his death. Society is declining because you think it is normal to “rant” about someone you know little about and judge him because you think he had too much wealth.

      Oh and you that other thing that Apple has? You know, Apple retail stores? Have you seen people working there? Those are American jobs.

      • I used to play Pac-Man in the 80s at arcades on a touch screen. I used to carry music around in the 90s on a Sony Walkman. I was typing documents and sending email on a 286 PC in 1995. Life began waaay before Steve Jobs and Apple dude, and it will continue long after its gone. I’ve seen plenty of sparse stores with tiny expensive gadgets in them on prime real estate in the city, they don’t impress me either. I know plenty about Steve Jobs, all I need to know, mostly that I don’t enjoy talking to iAddicts. Sorry if I come across as a jerk, but there’s other stuff out there in the world that costs less, try using it.

        • who cares

        • Wow, this is quite possibly the worst argument about anything, by anyone ever. You’d think by 37 one would have a better more rational understanding of how the world works. I kind of feel sorry for you in a way

    • “the man had 8 BILLION DOLLARS in his bank account”

      1. this is a ridiculous and totally false statement. there’s a huge difference between owning that amount of stock in a company YOU CREATED and having it sitting around in your checking account doing nothing.

      2. I understand your frustration that he brought a lot to china, but in all honesty, his company and products never would have amounted to anything if he didn’t. do you think he could create and market a phone that costs $5,000? blame the world economy, blame the u.s. gov’t, but don’t blame him that he found a way to make great products affordable to many.

      3. you have NO IDEA what the man did/will do with his money so just back off.

      • Back off? LOL. What is this? A SteetCar Named Desire? I have a right to rant. Did you read my first post? I was showing respect for the man, but some people think he is “Mother Theresa” when all they did was buy his company’s devices, a company that’s now righer than the US government, a monopoly that’s suing other companies to stay on top, hindering growth, unless THEY want it to happen. He also made tons of money off of his business by charging very high prices, and then depreciating older models so much that people couldn’t sell them second hand to recover cost in the worst economy ever. he also never contributed to charities of any notable kind… Cry because of the Horrible Ills of Cancer, NOT because he made a phone you use by combining pre-existing technologies and ideas.

        • Steve Jobs vs. Mother Theresa – who did more real good for the world – discuss.

        • Jack, I agree with you. Steve Jobs excelled at promoting his products, and making them look good, but they were hardly revolutionary.

  • Rave: Had a job interview today that went well. Working for a professor who’s basically guaranteed me the job, and excited to get back to work as I finish my MA.
    Rant: While walking home caught the heel of my favorite shoe in a grate and it’s pretty much ruined, with no way to get a replacement pair. Minor, I know, but kills the happy interview buzz a bit.

    • Same thing happened to me. Try a cobbler – they often can repair the shoe. Even if a replacement pair was an option, getting the shoe fixed is usually cheaper. I think my repair cost less than $15.

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