Raid at Capitol Hemp in Adams Morgan Last Night?

“Dear PoPville,

What do you know about the raid at Capitol Hemp in Adams Morgan last night? I was walking on Adams Mill around 7pm last night when I saw about 15 cops in bulletproof vests. I later saw the cops pulling people out of the store in handcuffs. At one point there was a helicopter flying above with the spotlight on the back of the store. The word on the street was that it was a drug raid of sorts… Do you know anything more about this?”

Capitol Hemp’s Adams Morgan location is located at 1802 Adams Mill Rd, NW. Their Web site says:

“Capitol Hemp is proud offer unique clothing and accessories for women and men made from earth’s greatest natural fiber, industrial hemp.

In addition to clothing, Capitol Hemp offers a wide variety of products made from hemp including soaps, lotions, paper, non-dairy milk, shoes, original works of art, and much much more.

Capitol Hemp also sells orignal works of art by local numerous artists as well as hand blown glass tobacco pipes and vaporizers. If you would like to view photographs of these products, please click here to certify that you are at least 18 years old.”

I have confirmed that an arrest was made but I’m trying to get more details of what actually happened. I’m told that the investigation is ongoing so very little info is available at the moment.


“There were search warrants served at 2 area Capitol Hemp Stores

1800 block of Adams Mill Road
4 arrests and drugs and drug paraphernalia recovered

500 block of H St NW
3 arrests and drugs and drug paraphernalia recovered”

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  • An absolute waste of taxpayers dollars. Tend to the roving robbing thugs and not the docile stoners.

    • We have no idea why/for what arrests were made so it’s a bit premature to say it was a waste of taxpayers money.

      • Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia. I’m pretty sure it is never too premature to speculate on the reasons for a raid at a hemp store.

        • Or they could have been harboring a fugitive. Truth is, you dont know.

          And, maybe if people stopped wasting so much time smoking weed, the police would stop wasting so much time chasing them.

          Many on this blog live in a world where a driver should be thrown in jail for speeding, but the police are absolute scum for going after marijuana offenses.

          Get it together.

          • Speeding can harm people/others, Marijuana can’t. I think you should get it together lol.

          • You think marijuana doesnt harm anyone? You must be in a haze. Not only is the illegal drug trade connected to international terrorism, it has put Mexico into a state of near civil war. And you can scream “legalize it” all you want, I happen to agree. But it doesnt matter, it is illegal and the police cant change that.

          • You’re confusing the harmful effects of marijuana with the harmful effects of marijuana prohibition. Consumption of marijuana correlates with a slightly increased risk of psychosis amongst a small section of the population who may already be at risk of psychosis. If smoked with tobacco, there are risks associated with tobacco use.

            Marijuana prohibition is associated with risk of violence, civil instability, corruption of the judiciary and increased trade in illegal guns.

          • 12:12 Anon – Marijuana doesn’t kill. Economics do.

          • Befuzzled and Plag: Prohibition is a reality, so all marijuana users should realize that if they purchase marijuana from certain sources they are personally funding violence. Whether it should be legalized or not is worth debating as we need to find a solution, but the only guaranteed way for each individual to have an impact is to not buy their marijuana from Central and South American sources. If you want to get high and blame the violence on the government, you need to take a look at your self first as you know what the cost of your high is.

          • Yes, and your iPads and iPods are made by people working in slave labor conditions who have to sign contracts pledging not to kill themselves.

            Your clothes are made by children being abused.

            Products made from oil are the result of genocide, civil war and colonialism.

            Those are all legal. Why are they not being condemned with such fervor?

          • Only an irresponsible user (one who clearly doesn’t care about quality) would source their ganja from Central or South America. That’s where you go for the white…let’s keep our drugs straight people.

          • Reality check – do you eat chocolate? Buy or wear diamonds? Save your preaching for an issue where you have a modicum of integrity.

          • Longley, Plag: I don’t wear diamonds or own a car although clearly I can only reduce my use of fossil fuels. I do have a laptop. I think about everything I purchase, but obviously can’t avoid everything with a negative impact.

            It’s impossible to live a life that doesn’t negatively effect others, but some product choices have a more harmful impact than others (murder, corruption, terrorism, fear throughout whole regions-I lived in one). My goal is to reduce those products as much as possible. You trying to justify purchasing drugs by talking about the harmful effects of other products is sad. Feeling guilty and need to point fingers rather than look at yourself? And Early Times, although you may be a discerning customer, weed is a big time funder of drug cartels.

        • paraphernalia in a head shop? you don’t say…

    • They were going to hide the stuff… But they forgot maaan!

  • I am totally shocked. Overlap between the hemp and marijuana cultures? Say it ain’t so. Maybe selling pipes and vaporizers was too obvious….

    “The whole country back then was getting high. Let me tell you man. He was on to something man. He knew that it would be a good cash crop for the southern states man. So he grew fields of it man. But you know what? Behind every good man there’s a woman. And that woman was Martha Washington man. And every day George would come home. She’d have a big fat bowl waiting for him man when he’d come in the door man. She was hip, hip, hip lady man.And she was real cool too. She’d harvest the crops man.”

  • Stupid raid. Waste of money. Seriously, this store as a lot of really cool clothes and accessories. We need to stop wasting money on prosecuting something that harms no one, Hemp. I am curious as to what the raid was about since this store is VERY cautious to follow laws and be on the straight and narrow, unlike most head shops in other cities.

    • Actually not. There have been one or two incidents of general sketchiness. Times where something jsut seems a little off. A hint of illegal activity, that might be in conflict with several district laws that are in the books, however, it certainly was not dangerous. Furthermore it is the level of harm/danger which we should use to prioritize our police activity. However, the headline BIG TIME DRUG BUST, is sexy.

  • Does mean they are closed? =/

  • I would much rather them arrest the teenagers that sell crack and smoke weed in the middle of my street. They’d get lots more than “drugs and drug paraphernalia recovered”

    And yes, I do call the police all the time, so don’t bother asking.

  • Screaming “get off my lawn!” and angrily flailing your cane does wonders for dispersing troublesome youth.

  • The drug war is the biggest failure and waste of money. I strongly recommend watching the History Channel’s recent documentary about the history of drugs, “The Stoned Ages”. It’s available in 6 parts on youtube. Learn something about the history of drugs going all the way back to the prehistoric times when cavemen discovered magic mushrooms and then how Christianity was the first to declare a war on drugs because people using drugs was a threat to their religion – you can’t find God through the use of drugs, you can ONLY find God through Jesus. There is so much to learn about before making judgements!

  • how do you make non-dairy milk out of hemp?

  • I think drug laws, especially pot laws, are ridiculous and agree with much of the above, but that these guys had drugs in their freaking hemp store makes them enormous idiots. If you run one of these places, rule #1 has to be NO DRUGS. Or else you get this. Shouldn’t be a surprise.

  • You can buy drug paraphernalia at every other store in Adams Morgan. I bet they did some sting operations and knew there would be actual drugs there if they went to all this trouble.

  • maybe they should raid B & K news stand in Adams Morgan for having over priced, poor quality drug paraphernalia, an outdated porn selection, and a multitude of knives and various pepper sprays. seems like that might be a little more productive of a raid.

  • snoogins. get the real scum out of our neighborhood

  • It is possible to both favor ending prohibition and perceive the harm done by the drug and its users.


  • Hmm… maybe Capitol Hemp’s hipsters were cutting into someone’s street trade.

  • Any more details on what they were after/found?

    Hope they don’t bust me for selling Cheech and Chong records!

  • either you fuel the drug culture or you don’t.

    currently many drugs are illegal and if you engage in that business at all, your’e enabling a very ugly business and culture.

    until the laws change( and they should) , stay away from drugs. man.

    • Yeah, you should abstain from putting gas in your car too. Oil supplies created from neocolonialism and corporate oligarchies enable a very ugly business and culture.

      • Plag, you are using such faulty logical reasoning that it can only be attributed to your habit.

        • The reason seems to be “hey, if you do this, you are contributing to crime and a bad culture.” While that may be true, there are very few things people in the first world enjoy that don’t come from someone else’s blood and suffering. Someone walking down the street listening to their iPod should feel just as much guilt and reprehension and questioning of what went into putting that product in their hands.

          • so does that mean we shouldn’t care about the effects that drugs have on our city?

          • Anon 1:35 – It means people should not be on a high horse about abstaining from drugs when more likely than not the things they purchase and consume are the result of the same immoral, if not illegal, practices.

            Also, “the effect of drugs on this city” would best be phrased “the effect of addiction on this city.” I find it extremely unlikely that people here are vandalizing and mugging to feed a cannabis addiction.

            Lumping cannabis in with all drugs, and excluding the effects of alcohol and prescription drugs, is a great testament to the propaganda used by the government and corporations to stigmatize a relatively harmless plant.

          • +1 Plag is right.

          • plag,
            i’m talking about the illegal sales and distribution. Are you unaware of the market and the results?

          • Yes, I am aware of the effects. As someone else mentioned, illegality is the issue. Not the drug. Look at the spike in crime during Prohibition. I’m not saying that if marijuana is legalized, all of society’s problems are going to be solved. I’m saying, after decades of a War on Drugs, erosion of civil liberties, the expansion of for-profit prisons, and racist mandatory minimum laws, we are no closer to fixing the addiction problems of DC, or society at large. So clearly more arrests and laws and restrictions are not going to abate the problem.

          • Yeah but 10 bucks says you listen to your ipod while you smoke a joint.

      • i agree plag. and i strive everyday to make my lifestyle footprint as light as possible.

        but i also don’t see everyday the horrible effects that corporate have created. but every single day i see the effects that drug culture has had, so i am driven by this.

        i’m of the opinion that we need to fix things that we can affect on a daily basis and in our immediate neighborhoods first and foremost.
        thankfully there are also people like you that act globally. maybe we can all accomplish things to a less violent and destructive world.

      • way to not face the issue at hand!

  • OH NO, where am I gonna cop my Dr. Bronner’s now?!?!

  • Emmaleigh504

    I can’t believe I missed all the action.

  • From DCist: “Some of those arrested were found to have small amounts of marijuana on them, but the raids seem to have been motivated by the sale of drug paraphernalia. (Selling water pipes in the District is not illegal, and other stores in Adams Morgan similarly sell them; police have to prove that intent existed to use such paraphernalia for illegal purposes.)”

    Yep. Totally worth it.

    • Agreed, what a great use of police resources when there are kids out there shooting each other and mugging people.

  • Now I keep thinking about that Reno 911 episode where Clementine goes undercover to bust a head shop.

    Anyway, marijuana prohibition is a dismal failure; and busting places for drug paraphernalia when the actual hardware itself could be legal, depending on how you THINK the buyer is going to use it makes no sense to me.

    That being said, you have to be all kinds of stupid to keep even a small amount of pot on you when you’re in a store like that. Must be all the drugs.

  • Bravo folks… This is one of the most entertaining Post in a long time.

    Keep smiling, smoke on folks.

    It really should be called the Drug War Industry.

  • Who’s got the herb now?

  • Explain to me how a search of a person who is a CUSTOMER in store that sells legal items is in any way a legally allowed search? The employees, maybe I can understand searching, but a customer? Meanwhile there have been 400% burglaries in Ad-mo/Mt Pleasant this month. Keep up the good work MPD.

  • This has been an excruciatingly painful thread to read. FREE THE WEED. Don’t hate…PROCREATE

  • Medical marijuana is placed on the DC ballot but Republican Congressmen step in and bar the certification of the ballots after polling indicated passage. Talk about democracy and illegality.

  • Of all these people who want to end the ‘war on [some] drugs’… how many do you suppose actually vote for a smaller less powerful government?

    Of all the people who say it’s harmless, how many would vote to cut funding for treatment programs?

  • I’ve always wondered how stores can legally sell items that CLEARLY are meant for marijuana usage. But I also wonder the legality of Police Officers who search customers who are legally purchasing items at an upstanding business. It’s almost like following a person whose carrying a legal water bong home, then breaking into their home and finding pounds of marijuana. Probable Cause? Kind of makes some people not want to shop at such places. If only we were more like Amsterdam. So can cops just constantly raid a bunch of hemp stores while declaring probable cause? This is fascinating. Meanwhile people purchase alcohol all over the place and kill each other behind the wheel. Not to say Prohibition should return, rather, weed should be legalized because it all comes down to, RESPONSIBLE USAGE.

  • As easy as it is to be upset with the little players in this event–lets see who else had a role in tonight’s events…..

    DC city council/Congress:Legislative power in DC (until Congress spanks them and tells them no) the make the laws that make things illegal if something is not illegal the police will not be able to arrest a person for the act or obtain a search warrant

    DC Mayor: Hires the Chief Of Police and was on city council See above

    Ward Residents who vote and call in to bug all the people above: call them old fashion but the older residents of the NW area do not like alot of things in their neighborhoods. One of these things that is often voiced in meetings, list serves etc. is ” drug shops” if these few but very active and vocal citizens did not care about the stores along with the stop signs and the person who walks with their dog of the leash then the police, mayor, city council would not care either

    DC citizens: voted in the current administration or stood by while others voted them in and in a overwhelmingly shortsighted manner express frustration on those who are not in a power position to change law. Further they state ludicrous things like well there are real crimes going on over there but then fail to educate themselves on the way a city, department, or District is run so that they could actually be a part of the solution instead of the problem

    Focusing on just the warrant…. this “raid” has to be approved first by a MPD official then has to go to a high ranking US attorney and then to a Superior Court judge… I do not know all the facts that MPD might know but I am going to say that it is not likely that they all were wrong about the legality of the search.

  • Owner Adam Eidinger claims the raids were due to his opposition to a planned Marriott hotel (which I hadn’t heard of). The developer will be given a $48 million tax abatement. Jim Graham supports it, here’s what he had to say in a terrible quote:

    Ward 1 Councilmember, Jim Graham supports the hotel.
    He says, “It’s not that there’s money that’s actually being used. We’re saying if you open a hotel, you won’t have to pay taxes.”

    umm, what the fuck?

    Read more:

  • 2 other businesses on 18th Street were raided on Friday, including BK Newsstand. Was this an afterthought by MPD to counter Capitol Hemp owner’s claim of political retaliation? Or is this a conspiracy by MPD to crack down on anything remotely marijuana related, in anticipation of the implementation of the Medical Marijuana statutes? If they put these businesses out of business, they’re going to lose a lot of local business taxes.

    When will they ever get smart and end the war on it and start taxing the substance?

  • Guess what.

    Marijuana is a medicine.

    Don’t you know your own country?

    Or is your country cut in half?

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