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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

While we take our dog crap debates very seriously, a reader sends word of one that is going to court.

Another reader sends word that it looks like Ray’s The Steaks East of the River is closing.

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  • rant: i miss kissing.

    • houseintherear

      ugh I had the same thought the other day. I haven’t kissed anyone besides my gay male friend for almost 2 YEARS. It’s my own fault, but still. 🙁

      • I miss kissing too, holding hands too, and, shoot, I have a lover! Time to start a flash kiss event, better than speed dating. A new DC halloween tradition. 😉

  • unnoticed hole in my poop-scoop bag… shit

  • Rant: Apparently I missed the “Everyone drive like insane assholes” memo today.

    Rave: Boyfriend comes back from a long work trip tonight! While he was away I was able to appreciate just how much better things are with him around 🙂

  • Rave: Columbia Heights is getting a Tryst/Diner and a new bakery.

    Rant: They aren’t open yet 🙁

  • Rave: Job offer might be on the table of the end of the week, but no guarantees. I am trying not to jump out of my chair for joy if this does occur.

    Rant: Lack of leadership in my office. I realize now that it is super important to have an effective AND inspiring leader in the workplace, not a pretentious narcissist who has had everything handed to him since he was 18.

    • Wait a minute, do you work for my boss, too? Does your boss also take claim for your ideas, by dismissing them and then pretending it was their own when the higher-ups ask for some new ideas?

      • Actually, blittle – it was rather lovely how during our company conference call when he completely dismissed my efforts for a project I completed by attributing to a senior member of staff. This is why I am hoping the company that I had two interviews with in the past month sends me an offer letter by the end of this week! Or else I feel I may end up saying something rash to my employer.

        Also, what is the protocol when your boss assigns you to a project that is completely not related to work? Can I honestly say no? FYI, 1/2 of my job is being this guy’s assistant. I have the distinct impression though, like other ‘assignments’ he has dished out to me in the past, that this relates to his wife’s pregnancy problems and how I need to do research on the matter. Not 100% on that one, just speculation. Is there any way I can say “No!” to this without getting the smackdown?

        • Someone gave some great advice last week in the RRRandR–while posting on this blog may be anonymous, stories with too much detail can get you in a world of trouble at work if someone else recognizes the story, with a possible firing before this new job comes through. Be careful, young grasshopper. Good luck with the new job offer–sounds like you really need it!

          • I just read this morning how 91% of job recruiters use social networks to screen applicants. One of the big reasons to reject someone was trashing a previous employer.


          • I’m a recruiter who hires 5-10 new employees a month. I often google candidate names and check them out on facebook. And I’m an avid reader of PoP!

          • Recruiter101, what would you think of an applicant who was not on FB (mid-40s)?

          • I was really just looking for some advice on when a boss approaches you and gives you a task not related to work in the slightest. Do you say “No” to it, or just do it?

          • I would just do it. In my experience, it doesn’t get you very far to say no to something your boss asks you to do, regardless of what it is. They’re your boss. They assign your work. The only time I’ve ever said no to a boss was in relation to the volume of work. And then I didn’t say no, I simply asked for clarification of priorities if the deadline for the new assignment meant something else wasn’t going to get done on time.

          • I think it depends what it is and how often it is. If he’s asking you to pick out lingerie for his wife, that’s one thing. If it’s to get coffee for a meeting, something else altogether. I’d suck it up a few times, and then talk to him about it, as in “I don’t mind helping out with X every now and again if you’re in a pinch, but my main priority at this job is to do w, y and z and I want to be sure X doesn’t get in the way of me performing my key tasks.”

          • neednewjob,

            you say, yes, i can do that. for tasks not related to my current contract, i charge 150 per hour with a 50 minimum.

  • Rant: Coffee just doesn’t seem to work anymore.
    Rant: Bags under my eyes are yucky.
    Rant: Everthing sucks.
    Rave: Go the hell.

  • rant: pantyhose/stockings/nylons/thigh highs/any sort of other horrible contraption for female leg coverage. i boycotted full-blown panty hose and switched to thigh highs, but they create a muffin top effect which looks ridiculous. I CAN’T WIN!!!!

  • Rave: Counting down the days til Iceland! With yesterday’s Northern Lights explosion, I’m hoping we get some breathtaking views.

    Rave: Pumped about the Portugal. the Man concert tonight!!

    Rant: Roommate and boyfriend are both out of town on work trips–our apartment is just too quiet.

    Rave-ish: The ghost that haunts our apartment hasn’t done anything to me yet while I’m home alone. We think our ghost is female and friendly, but I don’t think my heart or sleep schedule could take a visit this week. (Yes, really!)

    Rave: At least I’m getting caught up on some grad school work. And regular 9-5 work is busy, so the days have been flying by!

    • I’m intrigued by this ghost.. tell me more.

    • I hope you’re kidding about the ghost.

      • Nope, not kidding at all. My roommate and I both noticed certain events we cannot explain.

        We left our apartment to go grocery shopping, and when we came home, a light previously turned off was back on when we get home.

        My roommate experienced some shower curtain movement while getting ready in the morning. Shower curtain closed (so you can’t see inside the shower), and when she walked back into the bathroom minutes later, the shower curtain was completely open (so you can see the bathtub).

        Little things we can’t explain. so we think we’ve got a ghost. We live in a building built in 1941, so it is possible to have a ghost afoot. I think its pretty cool, so long as nothing else more… serious.. happens.

        • Because you can’t explain it does not mean that paranormal activity is the answer. I’m sorry, I should probably let this go, but legitimate belief in superstition is the enemy of reason.

          • Nah, its fun. We have a 4th roommate. You can have reason, and still believe in things paranormal. Hell, religious people do it all the time!

          • I would think that reason too, would also lead one to parallel universes, dark matter, etc. This could easily include ghosts depending on the topic and line of thought.

          • yes, but religion is irrational and superstitious to an insane degree. I lived in an 18th century house in college and we did have fun thinking there was a ghost… so long as you don’t really think “spirits” are out to get you. sleep well. 🙂

          • I don’t think the ghost is “out to get me.” I do entertain the noting that there’s something hanging out in my apartment. More often than not, I just scare myself. Sometimes you’re allowed to be 26 and afraid of what goes bump in the night!

        • try burning a little less herb in your bowl.

  • Rant: the dry cleaners across from the Giant. Good try on trying to just press my pants and not actually clean them. They were still dirty! Grrr.

  • rave: rangers!

    rant: i woke up thinking it was thursday. the worst.

    • RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!
      (Rant: the games don’t start until 8 and I can’s stay up for the whole thing…. 🙁 )

  • Rant: People that block the box ESPECIALLY when Metrobus drivers do it. I literally want to explode on someone (like the idiot that did it with a child in the car). And I am sure you all will say I need to check my temper… But really there is no where that important that anyone has to go where there is a need to pull your car into the intersection thus stopping through traffic and making pedistrians walk in the middle of the street (and if you did/do have somewhere that important to be you would have a police escort or roads shut down for you). I mean seriously does that extra 10 feet you moved into the intersection because you didn’t want to stay at the light on the yellow help you get anywhere faster when you haven’t moved and see that traffic hasn’t moved for the last few minutes? I CAN’T STAND PEOPLE THAT DO THIS AND IF I COULD WRITE A NOTE AND PUT IN ON THEIR CAR IT WOULD INCLUDE MORE THAN ASSHOLE. These people put EVERYONE in danger, themselves, pedestrians, other motorist, bikers, bicyclist and the homeless dude on the corner. I for the life of me, do not understand why they don’t have undercovers/cops or traffic enforcement giving out $100 block the box tickets (like they do in other cities), do you know how much money the city would make just in a couple of days? But no, you want to harass my wife when she is picking me up from work in a legal spot “no parking” spot. Hey stupid meter maid, do you the difference between no parking and no stopping? And trolls please save your leave the city comments because I have been to/lived in many major cities (including DC in the 90’s) and this was never a problem (I wonder what has changed) Why? Because people knew better and did better plus they didn’t want $250 tickets. Lastly, they have cameras for everything else why not use them for these asshats? I mean they are literally sitting in the intersection, it is obvious proof. OK, I am done, off of the soapbox I go.

    Rave: Playing the extended version of “Feels So Good” by Chuck Mangione and thought back to last month when my wife and I were on our honeymoon in Greece and having dinner overlooking the Agean Sea. The extended version of “Feels So Good” came on which is rarely played nowadays because this song wasong popular back in the seventies but it was that much more special because it was the song that she walked out to at our wedding. It was so perfect.

    • Whoa. I remember you.

    • Kam’s back in full effect! Good times.

    • How did those wedding photos turn out?

    • I’m not claiming this is always the case, but sometimes it appears there is plenty of time to get across the intersection– until a pack of slow-moving pedestrians decides to start crossing against the light, and then you’re trapped. This happens a lot downtown.

      • +1, sure a lot of people are just inconsiderate but I will bet you a million bucks that you’ve blocked the box before. more than once. there’s no way it hasn’t happened to everyone.

        • 1. If in reference to me, I do not block the box because I don’t like it done to me, if I am at a yellow light and traffic is not moving I stay there. The people that I am talking about are those that are stopped at the yellow and then pull out before it turns red but end up in the middle of the street.

          2. More often than not, if you are caught out there by a bunch of slow moving pedistrians, that means you likely should not have been in the intersection in the first place.

          3. There are cases when you will get caught during a green light that turns because someone doesn’t know the road or sucks at merging, being that I KNOW how to drive in the city and I have to wearwithall to and common sense not to just sit there but to pull to the side of the car in front of me as not be be in the middle of the damn intersection. I will give you that there are times that this can’t be done but there are many times that I have pulled into a parking spot or open area so I am not that guy and then just merged back in behind the car that was in front of menow on the side of me when it moves up.

          A little common sense people, just a little. It helps.

          • of course you don’t do it on purpose, and whether it justifies your worldview or not, my guess is probably half don’t either. all you probably needed was more practice driving in the city to anticipate how to not block the box. as a non-car owner it obviously irks me too, especially as it means I have to either walk between cars afraid they’re going to pull forward and clip me, or walk out of the crosswalk around them afraid that someone else will clip me… but your rant left no room for the reality that people make mistakes.

          • Well I have been on both sides pedistrian and motorist stuck at the light for multiple lights. I know not everyone does it on purpose, my issue as I said, is with those that feel like they have to make the light when traffic clearly isn’t moving.

            Mistakes happen, that is a given but you are telling me everyday at the same intersections, people are making the same mistake, time and time again? You are telling me that METROBUS drivers are making this mistake over and over again, day after day? They get paid to know how to drive (and yes, I know they are a bad, bad example, not all but some)

          • “but you are telling me everyday at the same intersections, people are making the same mistake, time and time again? You are telling me that METROBUS drivers are making this mistake over and over again, day after day? ”

            I am?

    • now you sound sooo married !

  • Rant – Your rant is too long and I’m not going to read it
    Rave – Boston Creme donuts

  • rant: i’m going to be finding glitter in my apartment for months thanks to the hat i made for the high heel race.

    rave: the hat looks AMAZING!
    rave: high heel race tonight!

    • Rant: Missing the race for the third or forth year in a row– I always have classes that night.

      Rave: The one time I did go it was way too crowded and everyone was way too drunk (or I wasn’t drunk enough) so it wasn’t much fun anyway.

  • houseintherear

    Rave: I dyed my hair *bright* red this past weekend. I love it. It’s funky and artsy, which fits me perfectly. And it makes me feel more like me.

    Rant: Everyone, family/friends/colleagues/students, feel they now have the right to give me their uncensored, often hurtful and insulting, opinion of my body, clothes, and hair. The red hair opened up a can of worms. If you don’t have anything nice to say, SHUT IT.

    • yep. I’ve been there. find some fun/snarky ways to make them feel stupid when they comment. please.

      • houseintherear

        I’m not a quick-wit, unfortunately. I’m the one who thinks of awesome comebacks and yells them to herself in the car later. :/

        • houseintherear

          haHA! A colleague just told me I look like a pumpkin, and I responded with a smile and, “Well you look like an idiot!” BAM!

        • yeah, same here. but I like your response to your college friend. man, people astound me. I once had a business guy come up to me in a coffee shop and say “you’re an attractive woman, why would you do that to your hair?” (it was pretty tame, mind you). I told him it was to keep conservative nutjobs like him from talking to me.

    • Tell me about it. To this day I still finding myself defending my artsy third cousin who used to dye her hair all sorts of interesting shades. I thought it looked great, but my grandmother still likes to complain about it.

  • Rave:
    Finally moved into my awesome newly renovated apartment with brand new appliances, kitchen,etc.

    1. Fridge broken (makes alarm type noise when compressor turns on)
    2. Hot/Cold water switched on washer (shrunk delicate clothes).
    3. Dishwasher installed incorrectly
    4. Promised fence for parking spot not yet finished
    5. Construction fence blocking parking spot meant I had to drive to work for a week ($17/day)
    6. Bars on windows installed late
    7. Bars on windows installed incorrectly (block screen).
    8. Missing screen on front window.
    9. Broken (brand new) side window.
    10. Hot water isn’t hot enough
    11. front deadbolt broken
    12. back deadbolt broken
    13. don’t have key to back door gate (installed after I moved in without notice)
    14. front door gate can be opened by sticking hand through to unlock
    15. Can’t reach mailbox and I’m not THAT short.
    16. Fridge and 12 inches of counter installed in only spot where table seating more than one would fit in my advertised eat in kitchen.

    So I’m justified in being royally pissed and completely out of patience, right? Especially because so far the only thing to actually be fixed in the past 10 days was taking the lock off the construction fence, so now I can at least park in the parking spot I’m paying an extra $50/month for.

    Rave: Leaving for Spain for a month in 2 weeks for work/play

    Rant: See above, plus I’m leaving the country for a month in 2 weeks!

    • Ugh. I know apartment management people save a ton of money by hiring sketchy, cheap labor, but is it really worth it? Sometimes I feel like no one knows what they are doing- it is almost like we need to expect incompetence because things are often not done correctly. My neighbor became very sick when our apartment staff incorrectly installed a gas stove and gas slowly leaked throughout her apartment. Get with it, people!

      • It’s not worth it– sketchy cheap labor almost always ends up costing more in the long run.

        • I think you’re right. I was just thinking of a friend, whose condo building walls were finished by unlicensed and likely illegal workers (hired by the developer). They ran away every time the condo board president would come out to demand their licenses. The work they finally finished was already coming undone within a year- if done correctly, it should have lasted at least 10 years or more. The new condo owners will shoulder that financial burden. What a waste.

    • Note to self: look at apartment before moving in next time

      • Well it looked beautiful and almost finished when I saw it, and when I signed the lease.

        It was just after I moved in that I realized nothing worked correctly.
        I’d recommend checking things like the thermostat, stove and brand of the locks. If they’re the absolute cheapest options (and the kitchen is full of poorly installed/fitted Ikea cabinets), it may not be a good sign.

  • Hey wait, your rant is just too long, I am not going to read it.

    This guy can’t be serious…You can’t fool me “Kam”, you are on here trolling. Don’t feed the trolls people.

    LOL! I love some of the people on here. Well done Jane err I mean “Kam”

    • Kam’s rant was roughly the same number of lines as Jane’s… but Jane’s is much easier to read.

      Kam’s first paragraph was 20 lines long… waaaay too long. Jane had a list of brief items; much easier to follow.

      The longest section of continuous text in Jane’s rant was 3 lines long. Makes for a much easier-to-read rant.

      • With that mindset I should then double-space everything right? Mine was a continuous vigerous flow of thought otherwise known as a RANT!!

        I do however appreciate that you noticed they were roughly the same number of lines. Way too long is relative. I hear you though.

        • Paragraph breaks FTW.

          Overly long paragraphs make people’s eyes glaze over and induce a reaction of “tl;dr” (“too long; didn’t read”).

          • Point well taken but I hardly think that if I would have broken it up it would have been any differnt to most folks. Of course, someone would have said, that I was using paragraph breaks wrong and that I was taking up too much space. It’s whatever though. Cheers.

      • Rant: People who block the box ESPECIALLY when Metrobus drivers do it.

        I literally want to explode on someone like the idiot that who did it with a child in the car!

        I am sure you all will say I need to check my temper but really there is nowhere that important that anyone has to go where there is a need to pull your car into the intersection thus stopping through traffic and making pedestrians walk in the middle of the street!

        These people put EVERYONE in danger, themselves, pedestrians, other motorists, bikers, bicyclist and the homeless dude on the corner.

        For the life of me, I do not understand why they don’t have undercovers/cops or traffic enforcement giving out $100 block the box tickets (like they do in other cities)! Do you know how much money the city would make just in a couple of days? But no, you want to harass my wife when she is picking me up from work in a legal spot “no parking” spot. Hey stupid meter maid, do you know the difference between “no parking” and “no stopping”?

        And trolls please save your leave the city comments because I have lived in many major cities (including DC in the 90′s) and this was never a problem (I wonder what has changed) Why? Because people knew better and did better plus they didn’t want $250 tickets.

        Lastly, they have cameras for everything else why not use them for these asshats? I mean they are literally sitting in the intersection, it is obvious proof. OK, I am done, off of the soapbox I go.

  • Rave: Men who don’t hold back how much they like you in the early stages of dating. The playing it cool thing we all do is just a silly rouse, anyway.

    Rant: The man in question is half way around the globe right now.

  • Rant:

    DC’s residential street parking permit is going to go up from $15 to $35 next year(a 133% increase I think). That’s quite a bit higher than the rate of inflation! The cronies on the DC council can’t keep their hands off our cash.

    • Yeah, it went up as of October 1.

      I wish that the last time I renewed my registration and parking permit, I’d paid for two years instead of just the one. Sigh…

      • This city is expensive and so I appreciate that every little bit hurts, but $35 for parking for a year is still extraordinarily cheap. It would cost exponentially more to park your car anywhere else for a year. I still consider it an extremely good deal at $35.

    • “the cronies on the council just cant keep their hands off our cash”

      Ok, simmer down glen beck. The roads arent free and taking up 100 square feet of road on a semi-permanent basis costs money. If you think that maintenance on 100 square feet of pavement only costs 35/yr over the lifetime of that pavement, you’re wrong.

      I’m so sick of everyone wanting shit, but not wanting to pay anything. Apparently because we’ve got a crappy economy and our national debt is high and we dont like the mayor, we can throw good sense out the window.

      Suck it up and pay the 20 bucks.

  • rant: just when I’m having a good day, something happens to remind me that my health is not as good as I wish that it was. chronic conditions suck.

  • Rave: Got accepted to grad school.

    Rant: Have to get serious about going back to school in January. And I’ve never done a 100% online program before. Hope I can handle it.

    • Oooh, I just enrolled in a 100% online grad program through Drexel! I started last March. It definitely takes a level of motivation and dedication. You have to figure out a way that works for you to stay organized and on top of deadlines and assignments. Good luck! I hope you enjoy your experience.

      • Yayy Drexel! I got my mechanical engineering degree from them (undergrad, not online). Glad to hear of a fellow dragon around PoPville 🙂

        No snarkiness here – seriously curious… Are online grad degrees looked down upon by employers? I would love to get my masters but I don’t think I could commit to going to a classroom – I barely have enough time after work as it is.

  • Rave: Great volunteer session again this morning! Still getting used to being the youngest person in the room by a few decades, but I love having an opportunity to learn. I need to enroll in classes or something to keep this learning energy up! Maybe a language class at USDA?

    Slightly Nervous Rave: Just wrote second largest check of my life, which is scary, but its insurance money and to a contractor that we know and trust to install our new roof, among other things! Woo hoo for not having to break out the buckets every rain storm!

    Rave: Gorgeous day!

  • Rave: Leaving for Ireland in 8 days!! First big trip with my boyfriend and my first vacation in almost 5 years, we are going for two full weeks!! Can’t wait to travel around with him and spend a night in a castle that he booked for his anniverary gift to me!!

    Rant: Still have to come back to my job after…

    • What part of Ireland? I did a semester abroad in Cork and I loved it. I’ve been dying to get back for a visit, especially lately.

      • We are going all over, my boyfriend studied abroad in Ireland during college too. We are flying into Dublin, spending a few days there (including going to a Rugby match) and then renting a car and driving to the West Coast, down to the south and eventually back up to Dublin. We are anticipating stops in Cork, Galway, Kilerny (probably butchered the spelling of that!) and a few other places but we are doing our best to just plan it day by day and not follow a set schedule!

        • That sounds great! Consider me jealous. Maybe I’ll get my act together and get back over there one of these days.

        • Ireland is a super trip! Don’t miss the Dingle peninsula – as good or better and way less crowded than the Ring of Kerry.

  • Rant: Commenters all over PoP have been really grumpy today.

    Rave: This delicious root beer I’m having with my lunch.

  • Rant: Crabby people that bring their bile to their neighborhood blog. Apparently a honeymoon in Greece wears off really quickly.
    Rant: Don’t have the deal with them in person, except when they drive.
    Rave: Halloween is coming, trick or treat!
    Rant: 2 year old already figuring out how to spy on Mommy when she is trying to hide the bag of Kit Kats.

    • He usually comes and goes in a day or so. There’s are others like him, too (e.g., crazy pink dog lady, Jonesy), and they don’t stick around for more than a few days, thankfully. Otherwise, I’d stop reading this thread. And I really enjoy PoP having this thread open.

      Thanks for everything you do for this blog, PoP!

  • Rave: cuddling on a cold day
    Rant: lack of coffee is killing me

  • Rant: Can’t believe they just arrested a guy named Vincent Gray for murder down in Florida.

    Rant: There is way to much gun violence in America.

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