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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: FUGIM and sneezing
    Revel: Layering weather

  • Rant: Trickling Springs milk that I bought from the Petworth Yes was sour within 3-4 days of purchase. This is the second or third time that this has happened. I’m going back to non-local, less-expensive producers for milk.

    Rave: Safeway permits going through and a new yoga studio in Petworth!

    • I used to buy the glass bottle milk at that YES market too until I was almost poisoned to death. My room mate had a little milk in his coffee on Sunday and became violently ill, could not get out of bed all day, I had a little bit of the same milk in my coffee on Tuesday and had the same reaction. Will NEVER buy it again, back to mainstream milk that won’t kill me. : )

    • I stay away from ANY milk from YES organic (and their produce as well). I have had three instances of their milk being bad upon purchase or bad within two days of buying it. Not sure what they are doing wrong, but three times was enough for me. I get organic milk at HT or Safeway and avoid YES like the plague.

      • Huh… I’ve bought milk from Yes for the last year (not Trickling Springs) and never had a problem. I get skim… maybe that helps?

        • Rave: Yes is very convenient and their employees are very nice. Also–the $4.99 vinho verde can’t be beat.

          Rant: I’ve had the same problems with their Trickling Springs milk (2 days and the whole bottle was off).

          Extra Super Special Rant: The store is currently infested with kitchen moths–in particular the area around the bulk bins is full of them. I very strongly suspect this is how I ended up with a raging kitchen moth problem that forced me to throw away at least $100 in dry goods.

          • What are kitchen moths?

          • How timely. I experienced by first kitchen moth (aka pantry moth) invasion this weekend. You bring them home in your flour, corn meal, grains from the store where the larvae or eggs hitched a ride. The eggs will hatch in the flour and next thing you know you have the little moths. I threw away everything that was in my cupboard, whether it was open or still sealed. I took the whole cabinet apart to clean every crevice as they can be hard to get rid of. I then spent over $200 on the best containers money can buy and will now immediately store all food in them going forward.

          • what–did you actually get rid of them for good?

            I still have 3-4 of them in my house and no matter how many I kill they keep regenerating somehow.

            I bought new containers (Oxo, vacuum sealed) and put everything in them (only new stuff, threw everything else away).

            Then I find one living in a) a screw top spice jar of sesame seeds and another in a Oxo pop top container of brown rice.

            I’m at the point where I’m storing rice in the refrigerator!

          • Oh god, seriously?? The GA Ave store? We shop there all the time and after dealing with those damn pantry moths at our old place, losing about $400 worth of food, and NOTHING working to get rid of them, I am terrified of those little bastards.

            Is the store aware of the problem?

          • Yes, it’s the GA ave. store. When I noticed them all over the bulk section I pointed it out to the cashier and she was a little bit confused (we were having a hard time understanding each other, partially my fault no doubt), but she did indicate she would pass it on to the management.

            Honestly, I haven’t been back since (it’s been about 9 days) because I am terrified of bringing more home, so I don’t know if it has been addressed.

          • I am so glad you posted this! As I said, I have a deathly (perhaps irrational) fear of them and will go to any lengths necessary, including curbing my Yes visits to avoid bringing them home. We tried for months and months and never got rid of them, even after tossing all food, buying new storage containers, chemically treating the pantry, and more–they were STILL THERE. Fewer, but still there. I still imagine I see the larvae in bags of rice when I take them out. *shudder*

          • I’ve read that if you store everything in the freezer for at least 8 days before putting in the cupboard it should help. But who has that much space in their freezer? When you clean out the pantry after a moth sighting, get rid of EVERYTHING in that cupboard even if it looks like it hasn’t been touched (even pet food). Those moths are sneaky! I even used canned air to blow out the little cracks in the pantry just to be sure no stone was left unturned.

          • You mean eight days as in you buy something, put it in the freezer, and then eight days later put it in the pantry? Seriously, yeah–who’s got that kind of space, but also who has that kind of time? If I buy something I bought it cuz I need it! I can’t wait eight days for my rice! :p That’s really interesting though. And you’re right–they’re sneaky as hell.

          • I try to keep as many dry goods as possible in my refrigerator. I thought they were called Indian meal moths. You can buy those little traps that have a lure and sticky stuff in them, but refrigerating, if you can do it, is more effective, I’ve found.

      • Not sure about the 14th St. location, but the cold cases at the Columbia Rd. one work sporadically. I’ve been in there quite a few times in the past when they were on the fritz and the food in them warm to the touch.

    • Is this like a raw milk type of thing? If so, I warn you…there is very little/ no regulation of it in many states!

    • Yes is convenient and fast, but you really have to watch the meat/dairy/produce. So much of it is on the verge of spoiling, or past the expiration date. I just bought greek yogurt there last week, without checking the date, and realized that it expired in July!!!

  • Rave: I’m moving into my new apartment in 39 days.

    Rave 2: Since signing the apartment application & putting up a security deposit – the rent in my new building has gone up $200.

  • Rant: All the pink. What about the other kinds of cancer?

    Rave: Raising money for cancer research is a good thing.

    • I hear you. people are well aware of breast cancer. we’re hit over the head with it every day. how about lung, blood, skin, and colon cancers????

      it’ll probably take some billionaire to get sick to start a marketing movement.

      • Komen wasn’t started by or because a billionaire got sick. And pancreatic cancer doesn’t seem to be benefiting much from Jobs.

  • Who won the $100 pizza gift certificate? The winner was supposed to be announced on Friday 🙁

  • Rave: Wonderful first anniversary weekend- dinner at Tosca (YUM!), play at Woolly Mammoth, hiking in Shenandoah.
    Rave: Incredible weather all weekend long :-D.
    Rant: 3AM wake up call to drive my husband to the airport- he’s off to China and India for 2 weeks.
    Rave: Husband gets to go see and experience China and India!

  • RANT: They have speed cameras, cameras on cop cars to scan license plates, I think its only fair to bring out jay-walker cameras that use face recognition to cite repeat offenders. Stop crossing the road in traffic and on green lights people, its always dumb.

    • Angry and unreasonable much?

      • Eh, I barely ever drive in the city but I think the rant is reasonable (not sure about jay-walker cameras and face recognition.) I would have no problem if MPD started ticketing the hell out of jaywalkers. It’s dangerous and it contributes to gridlock more than most people realize IMO.

        • how does it contribute to gridlock?

          from my perspective gridlock is caused by

          1. cars making a right on red.
          2. cars not having clearance to cross an intersection and having to stop midway.

          • Pedestrians improperly in crosswalks prevent cars from being able to make turns, which means that the traffic behind those cars is not moving, or it means that cars get stuck in the intersection. This happens at many busy downtown intersections. Pedestrians start crossing before they have the walk signal and continue crossing until after the don’t walk signal comes on – usually this means maybe one car can actually make the turn.

            If this happens when the turning cars actually have a green arrow, it can be worse since the turning car then gets stuck in the middle of the intersection – I see this all the time at the SW corner of Farragut Square (17th & I).

            I’m not saying this is the main cause of gridlock, but it’s not negligible either (again, in my opinion).

            How do cars making a right on red contribute to gridlock?

          • Actually what I am thinking of may not *technically* be jaywalking, but I think it is improper pedestrianism though perhaps not a ticketable offense. Maybe I’ll look it up at some point.

          • gd,

            ah. i see. yeah i agree. and yes it is jaywalking. that intersection is particularly bad.

            cars making right hand turns very often don’t yield to oncoming traffic but treat it as a merge lane. also, when one car is patiently waiting for a clear intersection to cross, the right turning car will take this opportunity to make their turn. this cause people not to wait for the intersection to become clear… .because it never will.

        • the huge difference is that 99.99% of the time, if a pedestrian is jaywalking, they are putting their own life at risk, not the lives of those around them.

    • I think those scanners on top of police cars are used to scan plates for cars that have been stolen or been involved in a crime.

      • Those scanners are used to look up any violations linked to the owner(s) through the registration on the vehicle(s).

        Example: you have a very past due ticket on one car that is parked at home. You’re driving another car, also registered to you. If a cop scans the plate of the car you are driving, the software can flag you as somebody with an outstanding ticket and the cop can pull you over. Now that he has had a reason to pull you over, he can perform his cursory search from the outside for anything suspcious that may allow him to perform a full search. Because as we all know, not paying a ticket means you’re a criminal and you are bound to have some type of illegal drugs within your car.

        And Jack5 – don’t worry, cameras with facial recognition have been in development for years and are now deployed in limited areas. You’ll get your police state soon enough.

  • Rant: I feel like I don’t have any close female friends. I have several great groups of girlfriends that I spend time with often, but I’m not close enough to anyone in particular to ask her to grab dinner or a drink one-on-one. I think my poor boyfriend is getting sick of being my sole source of emotional support. Bleh. 🙁

    Rave: I made the best cleaning-out-the-fridge soup ever! Bacon, potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, onions, and kale. Can’t wait for lunch today…

    • I’ll be a good one-on-one girlfriend if you make me yummy soup like that for our get-togethers…

    • Hey sister, we should be friends. I feel the same way. I’ve got 1 female friend in the city I can call up. When is somebody organizing the PoP HH?

    • I’m in the same boat as you all! The only girls I see on a regular basis are the girlfriends of my boyfriend’s friends. They are great ladies, but I don’t feel comfortable calling them to hang out unless all of our boyfriends are joining.

      • +100 for “girls of PoP” happy hour!

      • I suppose I could “grow some” and actually attempt to make friends as well. I think I have one girl friend…….and I barely know her!
        Can we just make a PoP Sorority so that way we are all thrown into this group and magically make all of these great friends just like college?

        • PoP does have the appropriate amount of letters for a sorority shirt! (rho omicron rho? pi omicron pi?) I’d be up for next Tues – I’ve been finding myself perhaps leaning too much on my best (guy) friend lately, and it would be nice to soak up some estrogen!

    • Are you me? I have one close female friend and that’s it.

    • It is comforting to realize I am not the only one in this boat. My situation is a bit different, I do have a about 3 very good girlfriends, however they each have very active lives and 2 do not even live in the immediate area. It always feels like a blow to my ego when my boyfriend and I are discussing plans for the weekend and he asks “what the girls are doing” and I have to explain that whatever they are doing, they aren’t doing it with me. My boyfriend went to college here and majority of his frat brothers still live here, so he has about 20 very close guy friends he sees reguarly, I’m a bit tired of feeling like a tag-along even if I get along with them all very well…I need some more females in my life!!

      • well yeah. one of my best friends in the world lives in darnestown which means that I never get to see her. may as well live in richmond or philly.

    • Wow, lots of us seem to be the same. I don’t have many girlfriends either. Kinda makes me sad sometimes.

    • I’m in the same boat, too.

  • claire

    Rant: Sick with a fever; was practically delirious from 3am to 5am.
    Rant: At work regardless (don’t want to get people sick but there’s a deadline today for something I’m majorly involved in).
    Rave: I’ll get to go home and sleep eventually…

  • Rant: I got stuck in a storm drain. I must remember not to text and walk.

    Rave: A storm drain is the safest place to avoid a Howard University Shuttle Bus.

    I made the most awesome snack: butter on a cracker. Yum. If anyone wants I can share the recipe!

  • Pretty nice weekend. Duckpin bowling and stripmall bbq in the burbs Saturday. Spent the day yesterday brewing beer in the morning and tasting/serving beer outside all afternoon in beautiful weather. My neighbor fed me dinner. All in all pretty alright.

  • Rant – King and I was closed on Friday at 6:00 pm.

  • rave: mcrib is back. yes, i know how gross it is, but i still love it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Had the best sleep last night.

    Rant: I was completely out so didn’t move my head out of a weird position; thus, my neck is stiff today.

    Rave: Fantastic beef stew for lunch.

  • rant: trying to find a neighborhood that works for both of us.
    rave: in a good position to purchase a home

    • each member of the helpful popville community will be more than happy to suggest that they live in.

      • well, my significant other is averse to living anywhere he doesn’t consider “safe”. so we are only looking at places in “safe” neighborhoods where your money doesn’t exactly get you a whole lot. then we argue because the places we look at are too small and expensive. argh.

  • i’m in my early 20s and paying 1000/mo for a place a bit outside of DC. I think that’s a LOT.

    I’m considering looking at buying a condo in the next year or two. One of these foreclosed properties around Takoma Park or Silver Spring, or a townhouse for 100k in SE DC.

    Do you think this is a good idea? I’ve found some places for 50k. With a 20% downpayment, that’s not that much.

    • What type of place do you have? A studio? If so, 1000/mo is average (in my opinion) for a place a little outside of the city. Of course, some areas will be more (e.g. Bethesda). I know it sucks, but it’s a fact of life here. I have learned to accept it for what it is.

      I don’t have experience with foreclosed homes, but I am looking for condos now. From my understanding, if you have a 20% downpayment you are pretty much good to go. If you have less than that, you may have more trouble getting financing, especially if the condo building is not FHA approved. You can Google this for more information.

      Why are you buying it? So your monthly payment is less? As an investment? Condos may be cheaper upfront but there is no way to get around having to pay money for the upkeep of your living quarters, whether it be a SFH or condo. You will pay an HOA fee, and will get a special assessment if something big needs to be fixed and the building’s reserve fund doesn’t cover the expense. Just something to think about.

      Also, places are cheap for a reason. Do your homework.

    • why do you want to buy so badly? I’d be REALLY wary of any place going for under 250k around DC. not likely to appreciate. plus, if you’re in your early 20s it will just tie you down and it might end up being a money suck in repairs. sure, high rent sucks but buying will be much more of a hardship so enjoy the freedom you have now until you can afford to buy a much nicer place.

      • Especially since you currently live outside of DC. Have you spent much time in SE? I would definitely rent there first to make sure you want to commit to buying there. Depending on what part of Silver Spring you’re talking about, it could be a sketchy area also.

      • $50K sounds suspiciously low for a condo in Takoma Park or Silver Spring. Even if they’re foreclosed, that still sounds below market value… I’d imagine that they’d have to be in very poor shape and/or in sketchy neighborhoods for that price.

        (When I was condo-shopping 10 years ago, I think places I looked at in the larger Silver Spring area and in Takoma Park were at least $80K. Even condos in Prince George’s County were at least $60K.)

        Condo fees are an important cost that many people don’t fully factor in. For example, a condo that costs you $1100 a month for the mortgage plus $200 in condo fees is a better deal than one that’s $1000/month for the mortage plus $300/month in condo fees, even though each is the same $1300/month overall.

        I put together an Excel spreadsheet for a friend a while back to illustrate how a condo costing $380,000 with a $400/month condo fee ends up costing the same per month as a $430,000 fee-simple (i.e., no monthly homeowners’ association fee) house. (This of course does not count the difference in down payment or the cost of making any necessary exterior repairs to the house… but I was a $400/month condo fee was the equivalent of adding $50K to the purchase price.)

  • BIGGEST RAVE EVER: Lez Zeppelin.

    Dragged my ass all the way out to nova for a show and it was the best thing I’ve done all year. They are AMAZING.

    Rant: nova still full of douchebags like I went to h.s. with.

  • Rave: Vacation starts on Saturday!

    Rant: Fussy co-worker responded to an invitation for a pizza/salad lunch (boss asked for those items) by whining that she wanted something else. Last time I ordered sandwiches she held up the line to examine each one and say “EEWW”. It’s free food at the office bitch, if you don’t like it bring something you do like and don’t make a fool of your fussy self.

  • Rant/Rave – Thinking that I just might have to do what I am doing today and every day for another 40+ years really puts the fire under my ass to make me think about my career future.

    Rave – New conditioner makes my hair oh so soft.

    Rant – New conditioner does not alleviate the frizz, and makes it worse somehow.

    Rave – Putting myself out there, and not letting fear get in the way of living my life.

  • Rave: William and Mary Homecoming
    Rant: What the hell is a Griffin?

  • Revel: Had an amazing, fun time in Durham this weekend with my best friend and her roommate. Kind of crushing on the roommate right now.

    Rant: The 7-hour train ride from Durham to DC ended up becoming a 9 hour ride home…not the best with a hangover but I made it.

    • You know there’s no shortage of non-stop DCA-RDU flights, right? And inexpensive if you plan ahead…

      • it’s cheaper to take the train, and less of a hassle, and actually takes the same amount of time if you factor in getting to the airport and the wait time. plus, it’s better for the environment.

        • wait, it’s actually a little bit longer, but still, it puts me within 5 minutes of my sister’s house instead of making her truck all the way to the airport. and the train is FUN!

    • Thomasrufus, take Megabus next time! They launched a D.C.-Durham route late last year.

      It’s cheaper than the train, and when my mom took it recently, it was just under 5 hours.

  • Rave: I’ve actually been keeping up with my running/workout program.
    Rant: My feet HURT so bad in my shoes. I even started doing my home workouts barefoot when possible.

    Can anyone recommend a running store in DC or surrounding area? I need advice and to actually be fitted for shoes. I’ve kept up with it for a month so I reckon I can spend the chunk of change to get some great shoes.

    Some of you commenters my remember my bridesmaid dress ordeal. I have lost 13.8 pounds and have 10 weeks to go until the wedding!

    • I don’t remember it, but a big thumbs up for the weight loss!

    • I’ve had success getting fitted for running shoes at Pacers. There’s one in Arlington on Clarendon Blvd. and I think one in Logan on P Street.

      • There’s also Fleet Feet in Adams Morgan and Pacers in Cleveland Park and Silver Spring.

        Congrats with the weight loss!

      • houseintherear

        Yes. Pacers on P between 14th and 15th helped me find the best pair of running shoes I’ve ever had (and they weren’t super expensive).

    • I just started using the MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper apps to keep track of my food intake and exercise levels. They’re great! Somehow I still managed to gain a pound and a half since I started using the apps a week ago, but I’ve already shed some bad eating habits so I’m sure I’ll be losing weight in the long run.

    • Good for you! On the exercise/health front – not so much for the nasty bride demands. I have been wondering what ever became of this! As for achy feet – have you thought about swimming or water-aerobics? It’s harder to get yourself moving hard enough to burn unless you’re in a class, but it might be at least a good diversion a few days a week.

      • Yea I wish I had the money to join an actual gym but I’m unemployed so that is considered a luxury at the moment.

  • Rant: Housing
    Rant: I’m becoming one of those PoP commenters with the same rant every day.
    Rave: Relaxing weekend during which I didn’t think about housing once and got very good sleep including two naps!

    • Actually, since I ranted about housing, I’ll query the PoP community.

      Does anyone know of a rent-controlled apartment building that allows dogs and is near the metro? Or is this the holy grail of DC apartments?

      • I don’t know about rent controlled. However, I walked by an apartment building on the corner of 11th and W this morning that had a “For Rent” sign up and mentioned “Pets Welcome”. This is of course only a couple of blocks from U St Metro.

      • The View at Waterfront is right next to the Waterfront metro station and allows dogs and I think they are rent controlled. They can be a bit pricey and have their own issues as does every apartment (thin walls, elevator issues) but for the most part it’s a good building and the staff do really try to help.

  • Rant: Came out of the grocery store on Friday night to an uncrowded parking lot, and the kid next to me and parked on such an angle that I couldn’t even open my driver’s side door. Kid came out as I was seeing this, muttered “sorry.” To which I replied “YOU PARKED LIKE AN ASSHOLE.”

    I’m a jerk. He might have parked like an idiot, but I didn’t need to say that. Sending out my apologies to the world in hopes this kid gets it.

  • Bear

    Rave: Good weekend in Philly hanging out with an old friend.

    Rant: My organization is going to start trying to work in Libya. Not that I have anything against us working in Libya, but I personally don’t want to go there right now.

    Rave: I have enough other work on my plate that I can sit this one out.

  • Rant: Insomnia last night.
    Rant: Neighbor girl yelling at her room mate down the hallway at 7:30 a.m. She acts like she lives in dorm rather than a nice apartment building filled with families.
    Rave: Tons of food trucks in Franklin Park today. Tried Basil Thyme’s manicotti. Thumbs up! Still have a cupcake from Sweet Bites to tear into. 🙂

  • Rant: Just glanced out the window and saw a guy drop trou, squat down, and poop in the park.

    Rave: He actually scooped his own poop, picking it up with a plastic bag and depositing it in the trashcan.

  • Rave: I ran a personal-best 5K time in prep for a race next weekend.

    Rant: All of the violence that went down this past week.

  • SouthwestDC

    Rave: My birthday’s this week and my girlfriend’s getting me the camera bag I wanted.

    Rant: My penguin sweater-knitting services are apparently no longer needed.

  • Rave: Installed new drain in my kitchen sink by myself! What a geek.

    Rant: Washington’s professional football team.

    Rave: I LOVE Halloween week. We’re carving pumpkins tomorrow!

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