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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Just Re-financed to a 3.875% 30 yr fixed loan…WOOT WOOT!!!

    Rave #2: October Weather!!

  • Rave: My keurig decided to start working again.
    Rant: The new direct loan servicing site from the US ED Department blows.
    Rave 2: Approved for a new high rise apartment.

    • +100000000000 to your second rant. I have been calling them about their sucky website that won’t accept USAA payments online, when they finally answered the phone, they told me that I must be entering the information wrong. Epic fail.

  • Anyone know why parts of Maryland Ave NE were closed off this morning? I couldn’t cross near 8th & E NE.

  • Rant: losing 3 points on an assignment for using the word “zip” instead of “ZIP.” Really? Three points? That’s a bit stiff.

  • Rant: This city is so expensive to buy property in, so we’re holding off on buying for the time being. (Yes, yes, I know there are areas that are more affordable and that some of them are lovely places to live, but they don’t work for us for various reasons.)

    Rave: I am already in the process of devising a plan to save enough money over the next 1-2 years to be able to afford what we want.

    Rave: Feeling good about the decision not to compromise too much on what we buy just to buy.

  • Rant: Feeling depressed, reclusive, anxious about everything and don’t know what to do about it. I don’t like taking anti-depressants cause they make me feel too loopy

    Rave: Weather?!?

    I wish I felt better and had a better rave. I am sure there are plenty of things I can rave about but can’t seem to see them right now. Dammit! I really hate this feeling.

    Do other people get like that for an extended period of time and then snap out of it? I have been dealing with depression issues off and on for many years. The anti-depressants make me feel much much better but is there anything else that anyone thinks might help, without the side effects?

    • Exercise/Socialize.

    • Exercise. I know when you’re feeling depressed it’s hard to motivate to do it, but there’s nothing like a really long power walk or a good run (especially in this kind of awesome weather) to get those endorphins flowing AND to make you feel like you accomplished something.

    • I would say to make sure that you approach the meds as a temporary fix. Use them to make it thru the day to day, but also talk with a doc to find the source of the depression and how to work thru those underlying issues. Things will get better. Keep your head up!

    • I suggest regular exercise. Work up a sweat. You’ll feel great. I know it sounds simple but it’s really the best thing for depression and anxiety.

    • Therapy. You can even talk through your reluctance to go back on medication and decide with the help of a trained professional whether you really need to or not. Exercise does help, but having been there, I know it’s not always going to work and if you’re in a really bad place it’s just wishful thinking that it will happen, just one more thing to beat yourself up about not doing.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I like a combo of exercise and a light machine to keep my mood balanced. I hate the exercise but the light box is easy.

      Hang in there!

      • + 4,558,000! I can’t recommend a light box enough – also the comments below about therapy are right – if it’s mild to moderate depression, therapy without meds will probably help – call around to find a therapist you like and trust your gut.

        But if it’s moderate to severe, you need a good therapist and a good psychiatrist or psycho-pharmacologist who’s willing to work with you on finding a med or combo of meds that works for you. It took me a while, but a combo of meds, supplements, and a light box in the winter keeps me feeling great.

    • I hated meds, too. I found a good support network and keeping myself busy with fun activities and hobbies worked for me.

    • Try therapy and new medications. I’ve tried various anti-depressants before I found the ones that worked well for me. Also, as much as I HATE exercise I do notice that afterwards I feel much better. But, getting me to actually exercise, especially when depressed is the hardest part. Signing up & paying for & scheduling exercise classes has helped as I’m less likely to procrastinate if I’ve already shelled out money for a class.

    • claire

      A little late on the response here so you might not see it, but I highly recommend vitamin D supplements (especially if you tend to get more depressed in the winter). I initially started taking them because of a deficiency (noticed by a routine blood test) and do very well taking 5000 IUs a day (a pretty large dose but it’s done well by me for the past year or so).

    • First, a rigorous 16-week course of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Shell out for the expensive, well-trained kind. I went to the Capital Institute of Cognitive Therapy: http://cognitivetherapydc.com/.

      Second, DAILY routines are essential: 30 mins of aerobic exercise, meditate 5-10 mins, and journal using your cognitive therapy techniques.

      Third, sleep enough every night. (this is the one I’m still working on!)

      • All of the above – plus think about a pet. You can’t get too down or sit around too long with a creature to care for. If you can’t have one of your own, volunteer to walk dogs for a sick person or shelter.

  • Rave – GWAR Thursday, the Damned Sunday
    Rant – Thankful that I have a job, but that excuse is getting tougher and tougher to fall back on. A year and a half after I began the search, nothing has panned out.
    Rave – I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.

    • +100000 on GWAR….

      RAVE PT 2…. Has Friday after GWAR off 🙂

      • I have meetings all day friday, and thus, will be scrubbing the gwar-fluid off of my person until 3 am so i don’t look like a technicolor zombie friday morning.

      • Everytime I Die is one of the openers. They really rock live too! Very energetic show. Be prepared to have your clothes destroyed at GWAR however (and your face during ETID potentially) lol As a Richmond native I can highly reccomend a GWAR show to anyone who has never been. Also, check out their side project sans costumes…Mensrea.

        • I’m embarrassed to ask. What is GWAR?

          • GWAR Is:

            “THE EPIC TALE OF GWAREons ago, there existed an elite group of chaos warriors who ravaged the galaxy with a boundless hatred of all things alive. They were called the Scumdogs of the Universe, and they grew in might and fury, the greatest weapon in the arsenal of their cosmic Master.

            But they became too powerful, and too defiant, and for their cosmic crimes were banished to the most insignificant planet in the universe…the seething mudball known as Earth.

            Millions of years passed, and they slumbered, until the pollution of your world de-thawed these creatures from their ageless coma…and now they stride the Earth, living gods, dedicated to one goal, the destruction of the human race, and the eradication of existence itself! Wait- that’s two goals!

            Hark to the hideous majesty of your MASTERS, rulers of Earth, the MIGHTY GWAR!!!

            It is I, ODERUS URUNGUS, lead singer of the sickest band in metal history, Earth’s only openly extra-terrestrial rock band, and the destined destroyers of not only the human race but also reality itself. GWAR! Hulking, heaving, dribbling WAR-GOD’s who like nothing better than putting hordes of our sniveling fans to the sword while playing the marauding mutant metal that we are famous for! Star’s of stage and screen, carvers of stem and spleen! GWAR LIVES! ”

            but check them out on wikipedia to learn about their stage/live show!

    • Ha! I saw Gwar on Halloween last year for the first time. Fun show! We wore super cheap costumes that we didn’t mind getting fake blood on. 🙂

    • tonyr

      Easy to pass on GWAR, but I am going to see the Damned. I’m in two minds about it because I went to see the Stiff Little Fingers reunion and they were rubbish. Still nice to hear Capt. Sensible on the radio yesterday.

  • Rave: The Red Line isn’t always very civil during rush hour but this morning a number of people went out of their way to assist a woman who was sight-impaired and had a guide dog. This makes me very happy.

    Rant: Found myself using shampoo on face by accident in the shower. More coffee please.

    • WOW! Did the opposite this morning. I started putting body wash in my hair after I had shampooed already. I hate mornings…

    • That reminds me of my other rave!

      Rave: On a crowded red line train during rush hour yesterday evening, two 10-12 year old boys offered me a seat.

      Rant: The late 30-something man in the same crowded car who was taking up two seats with his bag and himself and didn’t even flinch when I was standing next to him.

      • Simple solution: Ask him to move the bag.

        • I didn’t actually want to sit down, but I’m sure there was someone else on the train who did. It was more the contrast between two young boys offering the seat and the grown man that didn’t.

      • When someone has a bag on a seat next to them, I’ll make a point of sitting there. I don’t know why people are reluctant to ask someone to move their bag so they can sit.

  • Rave: Rail-Volution yesterday! Received a one-day scholarship from Mayor Gray to attend. Loved it!

    Rave: When talking about how attendees would likely meet with their congressmen while here, he asked to please plug DC, and how it is about damn time we have full democracy here.

    Rant: Training today. For HUD no less.

    Rave: Get to take the day off tomorrow for a firm-sponsored volunteer event.

    Rant: Volunteering at 8am in Fairfax.

  • Just took Metro’s survey about the last week’s meltdown on the Orange line. What an enormous waste of time–guaranteed to ensure that Metro learns absolutely nothing about the things that really went wrong.

    Wrote about it on my blog.

    • I think it’s pretty damn commendable that they even took the time to create a survey. Metro just needs a little love.

      • and accountability.

      • I hope you’re kidding.

        Metro doesn’t need love. Metro needs to pull their collective heads out of their collective a**es, and a survey that address none of the acute issues from the meltdown is just a waste of tax-payer money. Some of those issues included: Lack of shuttles for thousands of inbound and outbound passengers stranded at Rossyln and Ballston; aggressive, and mis-informed, metro managers who refused to let DC-bound passengers into the station at Rossyln despite the fact that those commuters were told (sometimes ordered) to exit inbound buses at Rossyln.

        Metro is a mess, and much of it is due to willful neglect and ignorance on the part of management and the Metro board.

    • You should head over to the Unsuck DC Metro blog if you haven’t already.

  • rant: metro bus ate my $10 bill this morning!! nothing to be done except give my info to a bus driver already managing morning rush hour. especially salty because its been a tough budgeting month.

    rave: it’s a tough budgeting month because i will be spending a week in spain next month.

    • They’re actually really good about giving your money back – call and tell them all about it! happened to me once with a 20.

      • Really? happened to me with a 10 on a metro bus. I filled out the sheet, gave it to the bus driver and never heard back.

        • Me too. Filled out the form, waited 2 weeks, then called every week for 10 weeks (it was a 20 and I was unemployed).

  • Rant: I joined match.com, there are not any straight attractive men in DC (at least not on match). Yes, looks matter to me – I’m shallow.

    Rave: New window office at work! I can finally see outside!

    • That’s because it’s match.com. OK Cupid is the site to use in DC!

      • Rant: Haven’t seen alleged lookers on OKCupid

        Rant: Tired of all those stupid “Keep Calm and Carry On” spoofs.

        Rant: Crazy expensive trip to the dry cleaners. Should have opened a dry clean shop instead of gotten a masters.

        Rave: Love my outfit today.

        Rave: Glorious sunrise witnessed from the gym (win-win)

        Rave: Miami this weekend, India next month, Thailand the following.
        Rant: As much as I love the time off, would love a job that actually employed me full time.

        • I read too fast, and thought you wrote “glorious surprise witnessed at the gym…” I’d like to belong to that gym!

      • Try eHarmony. I found that the men were much more educated and attractive. Oddly enough, I met my boyfriend on Plenty of Fish and we were both never matched on eHarmony.

    • me

      Don’t call yourself shallow. Looks matter to everyone to some degree. It’s just that YOU admit it. 🙂

    • You aren’t shallow, looks matter to everyone but man do you think highly of yourself to say that not one of the what…10,000 straight guys on Match inside the beltway are attractive?

    • When you say “straight attractive men” I assume you mean unreasonably hot, plus relatively affluent, tall, professional, young, and interested in a relationship. It’s probably just that those types of men do not need to resort to match.com. However, the equivalent caliber of woman also certainly does not need to either. Perhaps it’s time to lower those standards.

      • I’ve only been on the site for 2 days so I haven’t had the chance to wade through all 10,000+ profiles. As far as affluent & young go, no way! I’ve always been uncomfortable around people with money and as a rule I don’t date anyone too much younger than me. But yes, I do think highly of myself and no, its not time to settle or lower my standards.

      • yeow, sounds like mike has had a streak of rejection. just a heads up, women like positive, confident men.

  • Rave:
    Refinancing with Wells Fargo, 3.5% for a 15 year fixed. Sweet.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Dream Theater’s concert last night
    Rant: Ears ringing from concert last night.
    Rave: My band playing tomorrow night
    Rant: More ear ringing

  • Rave: Found several potential jobs to apply to back in my hometown that are actually the kinds of jobs I’m looking for, as well as being around the appropriate level!

    Rant: Might be getting sick- woke up with the strangest symptom- my eyeballs are actually aching, and I’m totally mentally fuzzy today.

    Colleagues- Now that cold & flu season are here, PLEASE STAY HOME!! I am already having to sit next to coughing, sniffling people in meetings!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Pretty a ok day today.

    Rave: Can’t think of any rants.

  • Rant: Forgot the honey gives me headaches. Put some in my tea this morning and now my head is throbbing.

    Rave: Filling out secondary applications for school. Happy I passed the first round of screenings and got secondaries. One step closer to becoming Dr. PunnyPrinter!

  • revel: beautiful weather, organizing and decorating new apartment, amsterdam on friday!

    rant: feeling a little lonely these days

  • Rant: Knee feels worse now than right after the knee surgery. Supposed to start swimming today but alas not sure if I should with the knee feeling so bad.
    Rave: Rasika tonight with my husband (with a gift certificate from a very nice friend!!):-D. Yum!!
    Rave: Reading a great book and will meet the author tomorrow night and chat with her over dinner with my book club.

  • Rave: New Tom Waits album to listen to online before buying.

    Rant: Streaming doesn’t work on my browser. AARRGH.

  • Rant: A bug crawling down my back woke me up. I squashed/pulverized it so much that I can’t tell what type of creepy crawler it was. Do I really want to know?
    I still have the sensation of it…YUCK!

    Rave: Finding my ancestors birth/marriage records online.

    RANT: DANG! Bug. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

  • Rant: My house was broken into for the second time in eight months and a neighbor was killed in a motorcycle wreck yesterday.

    Would really like to find a rave…

  • Rave: Rode my new bike (Specialized Tricross) to work today for the first time.

    Rave: Great riding weather. (to the depressed person above, it took a lot of energy for me to do this, but I feel a lot better.)

    Rant: son dropped his phone and lost his battery in the leaves in the dark last night in Mt. P.

    Rave: I went to look for it this morning and found it!

  • houseintherear

    Rant: “Hail to the V”
    Rant 2: Feeling ill. tummy yuckiness, headache, aches all over.
    Rave: Cancelled all of my evening activities so that I can hang out at home and go to bed at 8:00.

    • houseintherear

      Rave2: My small dog loves effing around and peeing in piles of leaves, and last night he walked straight off a curb into one and sunk below his head. Made me laugh out loud in the middle of Florida Ave at rush hour.

  • Hey my friends lost their dog, thanks to PoP for tweeting this link, if you guys see a black and white Aussie Shepard in Cleveland Park/Van Ness here is the way to get her back to her owners:


  • I’m sure your friends know this already, but on the off-chance they don’t… hang fliers all over the neighborhood with a photo of the pup and a cell phone number to call (assuming they’ll be out looking for the pup). Check all local shelters, not just DC. Someone might think they are doing the pup a favor by not bringing it to the DC shelter. When out searching, bring with them pre-printed small cards/sheets of paper with the same information. A friend of mine used to help many local rescue groups with finding their lost pups, said they were able to find about 28 of 30 dogs they went looking for. Good luck to them!!!

  • Rave: so in love with our cute new puppy.
    Rant: Horribly inconsiderate people in Shaw who throw their chicken bones on the ground instead of in the trash can. Legitimately have had to finagle no less than 20 out of the pup’s mouth in the last two weeks. What is wrong with these people??

    • thats not people…its rats!

      rave: closed on re-fi yesterday at 4%, saving 230$/month!
      rave: started yoga a week ago and its great
      rave: finishing physical therapy for back
      rant: waiting on surgery for ankle and therapy on knees, im not even 30 yet! WTF!

  • Rave #1: Got a nice mountain bike free off free cycle last night.

    Rave #2: Going on vacation Thursday – Sonoma, CA (and wine!) here I come!

    Semi-rant/semi-rave: Now that I have a bike, I have to ride the 10 miles to work occasionally. I’m thinking I’ll start in the spring…

    • That’s about how far I ride—from near Upshur Park to Crystal City! Mostly downhill. Coming home, I ride to 14th and U, and if I’m tired, put the bike on the bus for the ride up the hill.

  • rant: coworkers who are unhappy and spread their misery to everyone around them
    rant: coworkers who show up to work sick, and hang out in my cubicle several times before informing me they are sick
    rant: my immune system isn’t up to the challenge and it’s only October, boo. can I work from home until May?

  • rant: people who expect me to make their decisions for them. “should I do this? should I do that?”. I don’t care. choose something. anything.

  • I asked a women last week on the metro to move her bag so I could sit next to her. She said, no, my bag is too big. (It was a medium size purse.) I said, ma’m, please put it on your lap I’m very pregnant and I could really use a seat right now. She said Sorry, No. And they guy behind me said F U lady. You are a bitch! And he offered me his seat. Then the lady in front of us said, You Suck Lady! It was so nice to have strangers stick up for me. When I got off the metro I told her that karma is going to get her. I hope she gets stuck in an elevator, misses a flight, and has sloppy poos for a week. BOOOYA.

    • That is so incredibly rude and inconsiderate! I hate that lady so much right now!

      So sorry you had to go through that. And here’s to karma kicking her in the ass!

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