Pie Sisters Coming to Georgetown

Pie Sisters will be located at 3421 M St, NW by the entrance to the Key Bridge. Their Web site simply says coming soon but directs us to OBSweet which says:

“O’B.Sweet was created by us three sisters, Alli, Erin and Cat Blakely from Northern Virginia. Homemade pies are and have always been a staple in our family tradition. We grew up canning peaches and putting up fresh fruit pies. Baking was always something that brought everyone together.We learned from our mother at early ages the art of baking pies, using recipes old and new from family and friends. We also learned that anytime was pie time, morning, noon or night!

After living in different cities and pursuing separate careers, a bit of soul searching brought us all back to doing what we love most, baking. Each of us lends our own distinctive talent and touch making our product truly unique. We pride ourselves on our presentation and delicious pies.”

It’ll be fun to compare them to Dangerously Delicious Pies at 1339 H St, NE.

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  • “On the next episode of DC Pies”

    • My reaction exactly. I walked by here a few weeks ago and was excited (PIE!!) until I saw the website – they’re clearly angling for a reality show.

      Plus, Baked & Wired has the best pies in town.

      • I do have to admit, however, that I do like Georgetown Cupcake’s stuff – I pre-ordered mini cupcakes and a dozen “fall flavors” for a BBQ I went to a few weeks ago and they were REALLY good. I definitely don’t get it in terms of waiting in line and all that, but the stuff I pre-ordered was definitely in danger of me eating it en route to their ultimate destination. And they were beautiful, too.

      • I don’t know if they have a show deal yet but they will be filming the whole thing. As long as the line does not block me from getting into Dixie Liquor.

      • SHHHHHHHHHH – I don’t want B&W to get too crowded – my Sunday tradition will be ruined!

  • Are those three ladies on the Pie Sisters website them, or models, cause if the baking thing doesn’t work out, they have a clear career option of butt modeling.

  • Sell by the slice! By the sliiiice!

    Blueberry Pie a la Mode. MMmMmMmm

  • I’m surprised it took this long to get another pie shop in town. I’m partial to DDP, but if this place can undercut them on price (unlikely) I’ll switch in a heartbeat. Only so many $35 pies you can buy in a year.

  • and here i was thinking donuts were the next big thing. who cares about pie?

  • I tried their pies at an event a few weeks ago – good stuff! I particularly enjoyed the chocolate chip pecan. Welcome to DC.

  • Terrible Location. Nobody really walks down that far M Street. Like others have said, sounds like a wannabe Gtown cupcakes.

  • Yeah local girls starting their own business. I went to high school with one of the sisters. She was very nice (and very pretty.) I will try the pie.

  • Oh goodie – something for dessert after my meal of cup cakes.

  • I was able to try some of their pies at a wedding that they catered…..amazing! By far the best apple pie I have ever had.

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