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  • clueless.
    ya get what you vote for.

  • a sea of naivete

  • Nicely done. I am assuming this category is also an homage to Steve Jobs.

  • I love the guy who has the “Bring Our Jobs Home”

    I say that is good, but only if this guy makes as much as the people in other countries make to process steel or make shoes or whatever because I don’t feel like paying triple the price for sneakers so some guy that thought he is “too cool for school” all of a sudden realized he wants a comfortable retirement.

    • Actually you wouldn’t pay triple the price. This topic was just debated on another message board I go to. After a lot of debate the consesus settled on a formula taking in to account pretty much everything you could think of. End result was if you bought a $100 pair of shoes made out of the USA it would cost roughly $114 for it to be made in the USA. I would GLADLY pay $14 per $100 to have products made in the USA and the wages going to US workers.

      • there was a GMA segment on this. Challenging college students to fully furnish their dorm rooms with products made in the USA. The USA rooms actually came out a few dollars less…

        • austindc

          What a fun idea! I like that.

          Hey, if I assemble my crap from IKEA on my kitchen floor, does that count as being made in the USA? The whole experience of sitting in a debris field of hex wrenches, stripped screws, and particle board detritus puts me in a mood to pay any damn price to have someone else make it.

  • Gosh, who knew we had our own PoP branch of the Teabaggers?

  • houseintherear

    I love that “free enterprise” is coupled with “bring our jobs home”.

  • austindc

    Looks like the sign-making industry is booming!

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