New Thai Restaurant – DC Thai Restaurant and Bakery Opens Downtown

Bucking the clever name trend in Thai restaurants (Beau Thai, Thai Phoon Thai Tanic etc.) a new Thai restaurant aptly named – DC Thai Restaurant has opened up at 1018 Vermont Ave, NW (above the recently opened King of Kabob).

I’ll be honest – I’m particularly curious about the bakery part – anyone happen to check them out yet? If not, we’ll revisit for a proper judging after they’ve been open for a bit. You can see their menu here:

DC Thai Restaurant Menu

The lunch special could be pretty good for those that work nearby:

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  • I’ve never heard of a Thai bakery before, but it sounds interesting.

    The names for some of the dishes are also pretty hilarious!

  • Loving the menu — I rarely see my favorite Thai dishes on menus here in DC.

    • i’m not all that knowledgable of thai as i’ve only had it here in the dc area. what dishes do you like and are glad to see?

  • I was disappointed! The food was bland, and oily. There are many other Thai restaurants that can have my money over this place. I will gladly walk a few blocks more to Thai Tanic for some Thai food with flavor.

  • I love how one of their dishes is named “MCI Center.”

    At least it proves their old-school credentials.

    Although DC purists would argue they should have gone for “Capital Center.” (Although that would make them Landover Purists…)

  • I work right there and we’re lacking anything exciting for a quick lunc. The food was decent (better pad thai than Bangkok One around the corner) and you get a cupcake at the end of the meal (maybe that’s the bakery part?).
    The ambience, however, is severely lacking. That’s okay for an $8.95 lunch though!

  • I love Thai bakery!

  • I like how they have a section of the menu written in Thai. I definitely want to try this place out now!

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