New Designer women’s Clothes Coming to 2818 Georgia Ave NW

“Dear PoPville,

This place is at the corner of Georgia and Gresham NW. I’ll try to summarize an email from the owner:

She’s selling designer womens clothes that haven’t moved from her boutique up in Potomac, MD priced at / below cost. Also, she bought the building and plans to rent out the second floor as a 1BR apartment.

It looks like this is her store in MD”

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  • so, like, actual, genuine retail on lower georgia? a place someone might consider a destination? well I never!

    best of luck! there is so much potential for that corridor.

  • Definitely an improvement over Cricket space. I would shop there to show support for a new vision of that section (my section) of Georgia.

  • oooooooo. well that’s a cool thing to have on the corner. is it open now? is it going to have regular hours?

  • gotryit

    It is open now I think until about 6 pm.

  • One less empty store front on Georgia Ave. Nice!

  • Other than that orange sweater & necklace, there is no merchandise on her website.

  • austindc

    Awesome! Looks like a cool shop. I probably won’t shop there because I’m a dude, but I am excited to see some retail here. Welcome to Georgia Ave!

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