Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Bloomingdale

This rental is located at 1st and V St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“1 bedroom basement apartment in Victorian rowhouse. New appliances include microwave & dishwasher. Glass tile backsplash. Extra storage area. Full size washer & dryer.

Great block, great neighbors. Easy access to Shaw Metro station (7 blocks), U Street, Howard University/Ledroit Park, Catholic University.
Located in the heart of Bloomingdale – DC’s best neighborhood. Neighborhood features: 2 new restaurants, an award winning coffeehouse, organic markets, wine shops, yoga studio and more.

$1300 plus utilities (electric & water).
Available now. Minimum lease term is 1 year.
No dogs allowed.”

$1300 plus utilities sound right?

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  • Nice looking apartment, $1300 sounds about right to me.

  • More like an easy 10 blocks to the metro.

  • That backsplash! My eyes!!

    Looks like a nice enough place, but isn’t that some kind of electric baseboard heater in pic #4? I’m surprised the heating isn’t central.

  • I think it’s $100/150 too high given location and the rather long distance to Metro.

    • Haha…comments still about the distance to the metro from Bloomingdale?!

    • I dissagree. My innitial reaction was that they could get much more for their 1br in Bloomingdale. I’m renting a basement in the neighborhood for $1550. It is much larger than compareable prices that I was getting in other parts of Northwest in appartment buildings.

  • Based on what other English basements are going for in the neighborhood recently, I’d say it is around average price.

  • Other English basements — if nice — go for about $1400-$1700. I’m surprised this is so low.

  • Now that I look at the pictures, the lower price is likely due to the low ceiling and lack of windows. Many of the English basements that I’ve been in in Bdale have high ceilings (the floor was dug out) and windows in the front and back.

    • dang…I was going to look at this until you pointed out the windows! I didn’t notice it initially but I know it would really bother me.

  • I was looking at above ground, duplex 2 bedroom, 2 baths on that block in August and September. They were around $1800-2000.
    So it feels a little high to me. But the demand for the 2 bedrooms was so intense that I couldn’t rent one. So maybe it’s right.

    And yes, despite being an awesome neighborhood, it’s a little farther to the metro than I’d like. I have the same complaint about parts of Mount Pleasant. It doesn’t change the fact that they’re great places to live, it’s just a factor in the decision. No need to be so defensive, CA.

  • $1300 sounds about right. Being close to a metro stop in the city is very overrated.

  • I know others in the neighborhood that are renting out for over $1,600 for something similar (seems too high for me, but, its what people are doing). Are utilities included bc they cannot separate them due to the rental being an illegal unit? Love the neighborhood and am happy to be a home owner here – beyond annoyed by those coming in and ripping off renters/cutting corners on these units. Renovations cost A LOT, don’t be cheap and careless by not tying up the loose ends for a legal unit. You will be adding much more worth to your house and the neighborhood if you follow through on this. If this basement is legal, my apologies, apply to this comment to all the other rental highlights that are illegal.

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