Mellow Mushroom Opens Today in Adams Morgan – Win $100 Gift Certificate

Back in Jan. ’11 we learned that mellow mushroom pizzeria would be coming to the old 18th and Red space at 2436 18th St, NW in Adams Morgan. I’ve been getting requests for updates ever since – and I’m happy to say that today is the day!

More great news – the owners have been kind enough to give one PoP reader a $100 gift certificate. As with all contests like this just let us know why you want to win in the comments. I’ll pick a winner Friday.

In the meantime – following are a few shots of the inside (though finishing touches were ongoing when I took these shots.) But I will tell you- the roof deck has some pretty sweet views.

Some photos of the inside after the jump.

While there will be 24 taps they just got their liquor license Friday – below is what you can taste today, lots more coming soon:

Upstairs open space:

Murals throughout:

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  • Because I miss the Mellow Mushroom in Lexington, KY something fierce!

  • Because I still can’t find a favorite, go-to pizza in town…

  • Because I <3 the Mellow Mushroom in Durham, NC! & would like to suggest the new one incorporate a giant round table in the middle of a mushroom, too.

  • because i once bonded with someone entirely based on the fact that we missed the mellow mushrooms in our hometowns

  • Because I haven’t had a good pizza in a long long while!

  • Half of my office went to UVA and loved Mellow Mushroom there. They were thrilled when I told them the news back in January, even more thrilled today!.

  • Because Mellow Mushroom came to DC and my hometown in the same week, and I don’t know which one I’ll get to visit first!

  • because Mellow Mushroom was a staple of my summers growing up in North Carolina, a favorite rendezvous spot for after a long day of skateboarding, and a great place to grab a beer at the end of the day. And because i’ll wear my Mellow Mushroom shirt if i win. KEEP ON SHROOMIN’

  • because i need a new reason to go to Admo! I have officially graduated from tom tom

  • because i’ve heard it’s amaaaazing!!

  • Because I moved to DC from Vermont and a mellow mushroom sounds pretty good right now.

  • because i miss mellow mushroom in raleigh, nc!

  • I would love to re-live my college experience in Gainesville eating pizza and drinking one of the many amazing beers on tap!

  • Because I could use a little more mellow time in my life. (AdMo could stand to mellow out a bit too).

  • Haven’t had Mellow Mushroom since I was in Charleston. Can’t wait to rekindle an old friendship!

  • Because my friends and I started a bi-weekly pizza club and we’ve been excited about trying this place for months!

  • Because we’re soon expecting our first kid and

    A. Mama loves pizza
    B. Daddy loves beer
    C. We need to get out as much as we can before the little booger is born.

  • Because I’ve never been to one, but I’ve heard only great things!

  • I love Mellow Mushroom! The only time I get to have it is when I visit my grandma in Florida and Florida is awful so I’d love to have it here.

  • 1. Because I grew up LOVING mellow mushroom in Florida.. Seriously ADDICTING! I have been starved of DC pizza awaiting the MM grand opening.

    2. Because everytime I go home to florida my parents take me there.

    3. Because I can’t go home to Florida for Thanksgiving and this will be a lil’ slice of home!

    4. and most importantly.. because I would document my visit for the PoP world and make unbiased recommendations.

  • I want to win to support a new local business in my neighborhood!

  • This is like the second coming. It can’t be thaaat good, can it? Better than Pete’s?

  • a. the one in C-ville is amazing and I can’t wait to hit up this one.

    b. QUALITY pizza dough!

    c. I volunteer to personally DJ any Tuesday night dance parties. Pants optional.

    d. QUALITY pizza dough!

    p.s. the roof deck looks fantastic. well done!

  • Because if we win, we’ll treat PoP and Bride of PoP to pizza and beer.

  • When I was 15, I rescued a family of 5 who were trapped in a burning house in a subdivision in rural Ohio. I’m a doctor at the Children’s National Medical Center, and I moonlight as an architect designing environmentally friendly homeless shelters and soup kitchens in the DC area. In my entire life, I’ve raised my voice only once and that was when I (successfully) negotiated an intense hostage situation in a convenient store just outside of Jacksonville, Florida. I have 6 dogs, all of them rescued. I haven’t owned a vehicle in 18 years– I bike or sprint everywhere. I’ve also never broken up with anyone I’ve ever dated.

  • Because I once drove 2 hours (each way) through dark mountain roads in South Western VA to reach the Mellow Mushroom in Charlottesville.

  • Because I used to live off of Mellow Mushroom in college down at UF in Florida. I would like to relive that constantly drunk, irresponsible time in my life.

    It’s been way too long!

  • Because I am a (relatively) young, hungry, and poor graduate student who has darkened the doorstep of many a mellow mushroom since my undergraduate days in S. Carolina and more recently at conferences throughout the South. Now I am looking forward to hunkering down at MM right in my own backyard.

  • Bear

    This is most awesome news, I miss the old school Mellow Mushroom on Lavista Road in Atlanta!

  • because i have super happy memories of listening to bluegrass, eating delicious pizza, and sipping craft brews at mellow mushroom in chapel hill!

  • Because my jumbo slice days are (mostly) over, and with a Mellow Mushroom in town, I won’t be missing those days at all.

  • Because I used to go to UVA and I miss my Mellow! We used to get the calzones delivered to our dorm during first year back when we had no car to take us there, and it was glorious.

    Thank goodness I already live in Adams Morgan, or else I would be seriously considering moving there from whatever other neighborhood I lived in.

  • Miss eating at Mellow Mushroom in NC! Their Kosmic Karma pizza is to die for. Looking forward to having it again soon!!

  • I feel in love with the Mellow Mushroom when I was working in Asheville, NC; also coincidentally where Obama is speaking today, Asheville that is, not the Mellow Mushroom. Asheville is an amazing town and we used to love going to the Mellow Mushroom after a long day of work out on the farm. Great food, great beer, and great atmosphere. They used to have live music on occasion and I hope the AdMo location adopts the idea of inviting local artist to play in-house. I love this place so much I even contacted them once about franchise opportunities, yeah, I am pretty serious about MM. I have no doubt that I will be a regular here and if I win a $100 gift certificate I promise to use it to treat my friends and spread the good word of the Mellow Mushroom. Stay Groovy!

  • The Hoos won this weekend and the only way to celebrate a big UVA win is with some yummy, delicious, Mellow and beer.

    Just like we used to do back down in Charlottesville!

  • Because I have fond memories of pizza and trivia night at Mellow Mushroom at UVA. I MISS, I WANT! can’t wait πŸ™‚

  • Because…

    1) I live two blocks away from this location and can’t wait to make it my new hang-out

    2) I recently graduated and moved to DC (hence, no $$$)

    3) Newly single, I can’t think of a better way to swoon prospective love interests than with mouth-watering pizza and truly fantastic beer.

    Best wishes to the Mellow Mushroom owners and staff…proud to be an Adams Morgan resident.

  • Because I want to eat yummy pizza on that awesome roof deck!

  • Because the last mushrooms I had weren’t so mellow.

  • I will be there, gift certificate or not, because of 21st Amendment and Blue Point beer ON TAP. Thank you, wonderful restaurant owners, thank you πŸ™‚

  • Because Mellow Mushroom is delish and that roof deck looks awesome!

  • I LOVE mellow mushroom, especially the one in Raleigh, and have been anxiously waiting for the chain to come to DC! The roof deck looks awesome.

  • I would love to win a $100 gift certificate because I have been missing Mellow Mushroom since I graduated from UVA in 2004. There is nothing like their jerk chicken pizza and did I mention I have been craving it for SEVEN YEARS?!

  • Because the summer I met and fell in love with my wife we ate Mellow Mushroom pizza and break-and-bake cookies at least twice a week.

    Because we went to Asheville on our honeymoon and ate at the Mellow Mushroom there three times.

    And, incidentally, because my mother-in-law worked at the original location in Atlanta, which is kind of awesome.

  • Because I am the 99% (that absolutely freaking love pizza)

  • Because we LOVE mellow mushroom and have a 6 month baby and always have difficulty finding a family friendly place, not to mention our going out budget has been significantly reduced since our little munchkin has arrived.

  • I was actually just at a Mellow Mushroom in Tennessee last week and got to try one of their seasonal pizzas — the Holy Shiitake — mushrooms, caramelized onions, cheese, garlic aioli, black truffle oil = So so good. Would love to have another!

  • because Adams Morgan deserves a memorable experience instead of all the times there i don’t remember?

  • Because I want to eat pizza on that awesome roof deck!

  • janie4

    I would also love to win the gift certificate – I am a displaced New Yorker who moved to Durham for grad school, and who is greatly depressed by the quality of pizza in DC. Mellow Mushroom was the highlight of my Durham food experience, and whenever I go with friends to Durham, I end up insisting on eating there at least once. Did I also mention I am the sole support of three cats (one of which is on a special diet) and a 96 year old house?

  • Because I transcend both space and time.

  • This is such good news. I’d love to win the gift certificate, since it gives me some serious hometown pride.

    I’ve been going to the Mellow Mushroom in Atlanta (where it started!) since the early 90s. So Mellow Mushroom to me means high school dates, college beer tastings, and all sorts of other awesome memories.

    My favorite pizza place. I’m so glad it’s opening up in DC.

  • claire

    Unlike many of the other posters on here, I’ve never gotten to try Mellow Mushroom pizza – so I need the added incentive to go check it out! Also, the Holy Shiitake pizza described above sounds amazing . . .

  • Because I think it’s stupid for another pizza place to open up in Adams Morgan, but since my husband is from North Carolina and loves Mellow Mushroom, I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and go try it with the help of $100.

  • I love to be entered in for the $100 gift certificate. I love the mellow mushroom
    s meatball and ricotta cheese pizza. I am looking forward to eating here because it brings back fond memories with friends and family in Ashville, NC and Delray Beach.


  • I want to win because some of my best friends up here LOVE Mellow Mushroom and I’d love to take them πŸ˜€

  • because i like pizza and circus performers and beers and bricks and admo!

  • because i need a new mushroom hookup…oh wait…pizza you say? oh well that’s fine too.

  • i’ve done a lot of mellow mushrooms in my life, but i’ve never had pizza at this establishment before. except maybe once in asheville. but it’s a hazy memory at best. oh and one at the beach in south carolina. but that was a bit hazy too. i’d love to try this place mildly sober.

  • Because as a kid, I always used to visit my relatives in Atlanta, and would drive by the Mellow Mushroom on the way to their house, but never got to stop there. And they kept kosher, so we could never eat there with said relatives.

    And now I live 2 blocks from this one and I want to try it!

  • Because my birthday is on Friday and I was planning on going there with all my friends since I miss the Mellow Mushroom in Columbia, SC so much.

  • Because eating at Jumbo Slice has taken far too many years off of my life as it is.

  • Because the last time I craved Mellow Mushroom I made an impromptu Amtrak ride to Charlottesville to get some!

    Because I would share the Mellow Mushroom love with all my friends and family (especially the ones who love it as much as I do!)

    Because I’ve eatebn pizza all over the East Coast and I can’t find anything that compares πŸ™‚

    So excited it’s open & thanks for the updates!!

  • Because:
    – The rooftop deck looks awesome
    – I’ve only been once (in North Carolina) but remember loving it and thinking at the time ‘Adams Morgan needs a place like this. A place with relatively cheap food, a dinner-friendly place that could serve as a low-key bar (in particular to watch the games) to continue the night (especially watching those west coast games and not have to compete with a dance floor).’
    – And if they have trivia this place will likely be my go-to place in AMo
    – And lastly, we’re supposed to be doing a bday dinner there this week and a lil’ money would go a long way towards a large tab.

  • Because I am looking for the best pizza in dc for our pizza nights on Thursdays and have found nothing worthy thus far.

  • Because my vote is for pizza over politics

  • When I was 5, my parents threw me my first birthday party at a Pizza Hut–back in Scranton, PA, that’s where all the cool kids had their birthday parties. But since that Pizza Hut has since burned down, I need to find a suitable replacement to celebrate the 21st anniversary of my first birthday party. My parents are coming to town, and I need to impress them. Help me PoP, you are my only hope!

    Also, uhm… the house special!?

  • I hate mushrooms, but I love the Mellow Mushroom!!!

  • Mellow Mushroom is the pizza that a grew up with in Asheville, NC. There is nothing better than the Kosmic Karma! Pesto + Crust = Awesome!

    • Now if they could only add some of the AWESOME Asheville beers to that huge beer list! I could use some Highland Gaelic Ale in this city! πŸ˜‰

  • because I’m pregnant and have tripled my pizza intake in the last 8 months. It’s the ONLY craving I’ve had the entire time and the thought of having it satiated with mellow mushroom pizza, that I miss dearly, is literally making me drool. No doubt we will spend $100 there in the next month alone… and once the little man arrives, we’ll need even more options for easily picked up/delivered delicious food coming our way. Please, please, please!!

  • Because in the summer of 1998, the Mellow Mushroom in a remote south Georgia locale had a “$9 a pitcher” drink special mid-week. “Pitchers of what?” you might ask. “Pitchers of anything.” I would respond. And in all my early 20s wisdom, I’d order pitchers of Long Island Ice Teas. From what I remember of those nights, I still feel like the Mellow Mushroom owes me one for my dedicated and entirely ill-advised patronage.

    (And I don’t hold it against them, btw … like many posters above, I hold a special place in my heart for the C’ville/UVA MM, in which I spent many great nights, including once seeing Gheorge Muresan — all 7’7″ of him — seated uncomfortably at a bar-top table, making it seem like my kid’s play table in scale.)

  • You can’t beat pizza with pesto in the crust! Can’t wait to have a location in DC

  • I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.

  • So I can take Jim Graham there and show him that pizza places do NOT cause violent crime.

  • rockcreekrunner

    Because the first thing I do when I go back to Boone is order up a Kosmic Karma!

  • Because I am smarter, better educated, better looking, and make more money than the rest of your commenters. And I saved not one, but THREE burning families from buildings in a rural subdivision of Mississippi.

    And I love pizza.

  • Hello Mellow!

  • Because I am Italian and have yet to find good pizza in DC

  • Because I’ve heard great things about it

  • I’ve only been to one Mellow Mushroom, but I remember loving it, so I’d definitely jump at the chance to check it out and confirm my memory with $100.

  • Because I could really, really use some yummy pizza nearby and I really hope Mellow Mushroom is it!

  • Because it’s delicious, and I’d treat my fellow northerners / Mellow Mushroom virgin friends!

  • Because I live behind here and had to deal with their construction parking… and hunger pangs of anticipation!

  • Judging by all of the comments…I must visit this place soon!

  • Because I spent the summer of 1978 working at the Mellow Mushroom in Sandy Springs (Atlanta). The kitchen had no A/C and only two small fans and if you’ve ever spent a summer in Atlanta you know what that means.
    It was pretty much a two person operation – one pizza maker and one sandwich/counter person/waiter/dishwasher. On the weekends we’d have a third person on the schedule. One really busy weekend one of our recent hires figured it would be cool to eat some magic mushrooms before his shift. Of course we got slammed that night and our tripping employee was not very helpful. We stuck him on dishes for the rest of the night and he was fired shortly thereafter.
    In short I want the gift certificate because I’ve paid my dues!

  • Can somebody who’s had both this and Ian’s Pizza in Madison, WI, please offer a comparison? I’m on a quest…

    • i’m pretty sure nearly everyone thinks the pizza they grew up with is the best.

      unless they’ve moved to brooklyn.

  • Because I miss Mellow Mushrooms across the south and I could really go for a Kosmic Karma pizza (I bet it tastes even better with a gift card from PoP).

  • To all the people from NC or people that lived in NC, I love you. I will go to MM just to be with my fellow North Carolinians!

  • When I wake up, roses smell me.
    I am the life of parties that I have never attended.
    If I punched you in the face, you would have to fight off the strong urge to thank me.

    I am the most interesting teacher in the District, and I don’t always eat pizza…But when I do, I eat at Mellow Mushroom.

  • I have been crushing on this co-worker of mine for a year now. I have only worked up the courage to ask her out a couple times to no avail. I know she loves this place, and I think this might be my one shot to show her that I can be fun outside of the office.

  • My girlfriend worked at a MM back home and she’s been in love with it ever since. We both love the food and the beer selection and the general vibe of the place. I’d like to take her out to the new MM with a crisp 100!

  • Because Adams Morgan doesnt have a good pizza place to go to. Everything is over-sized, over-greased and over-processed! Hope this place is better!

  • We love the MM down in Georgia and can’t wait to get some more!

  • Because I miss the ‘shroom on Peachtree by the Brookhaven metro; the original one on Roswell by the perimeter; the one near Citrus Park mall in Tampa; the one opened in the Vista in Columbia; the random one we stopped at in Winder, Ga., during a road trip; and every other one that seems to follow me wherever I move!

  • Because I have $21.17 in my bank account, and my $19.99 Planet Fitness bill comes in this week. A girl’s gotta eat, and this girl loves pizza.

    • If ‘girl’ loves pizza so much, I’m glad she has priority #2 in order … a membership at Planet Fitness.
      Because my guess is she needs it.
      Just kidding.

  • Because I fell in love with Mellow Mushroom long ago and am so psyched they have finally migrated to DC!

  • Because I’m poor. I have been to the MM from Charleston, SC to Charlottesville, VA and always have great food and drinks!

  • Because it’s my girlfriend’s birthday next week, and this was her favorite place to eat in Florida; she’s been talking to me about for months now.

  • Because I’ve been in DC since it was impossible to find good beer and good pizza, and now you can get both in the same place. Also I LOVE the BBQ Chicken pizza at MM!

  • …because I will patronize this place regularly — I can walk there from home, love the NC State location, and I LOVE roof decks! πŸ™‚

  • Because I used to consume my body weight in their pizza in Chapel Hill, NC and I miss decent pizza around here.

  • Because in a dark moment in college I pilfered my roommate’s leftover Mellow Mushroom calzone without his consent. I was tired and hungry and down on my luck (I had spent hours trying to defeat Mike Tyson’s punchout without getting hit but was unable to succeed). The leftover calzone was the only edible thing in the entire apartment. When he came home to a calzone-less apartment, he became enraged. I can sometimes hear his screams in my head late at night. Calzone-gate took place more than ten years ago, but I still think about it every day.

    If I am chosen, I will use the gift certificate to replace the stolen calzone. This will require me to FedEx food to Los Angeles, but that is but a small detail.

    It is time to make amends. Richard Hewett, I am sorry.

  • Because a $100 gift certificate is probably the only thing that will convince me to go to such a suspiciously hippy sounding establishment. I request the certificate be delivered inside a Slayer album and if there is a gluten-free whole wheat crust or a single cube of tofu on my free pizzas I swear to god I will BURN THIS MOTHER DOWN!

  • Because finally a pizza place that will deliver to my house in Woodley Park!

  • Because I’m riding my bike 65 miles Saturday and will be REALLY hungry!

  • Because I need to mellow out and I can’t have mushrooms since I’m a government employee?

    • I’m pretty sure mushrooms are out of your system within a few days. Wait for your next test and take them the weekend after. What are the chances they will test you twice within a week?

  • Because I have never tried to before and my friend says that it is delicious!

  • Because I need some of that delicious dough to help me successfully hibernate this winter.

  • Because I’m trying to see if Walter Reed has a program to get some of those wounded warriors off campus for weekends or something. I’d use the gift certificate to help in entertaining one or more of them. Hopefully, now that DADT is gone, I can specifically ask for a gay soldier to get them away! If all of that didn’t happen, I’d return the certificate to PoP.

  • I’d like to win for the following reasons:

    1) My friends are annoyed that I always want to order Papa Johns

    2) My girlfriend (also a Papa Johns lover) has a Mellow Mushroom in her home town and says it blows any “chain” out of the water.

    3)We read PoP every day and check it every week for more news on this opening (finally here!)

    4)There are few better things in the world than a pint and a slice. In the satirical words of Yogi Berra “You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six.”

    Thanks PoP!

  • Because my boyfriend has been laid off twice in the past year and a half, and I’d love to take him out without stressing over the bill! Also, as adams morgan residents, we love supporting our neighborhood and hope this becomes a go-to spot to grab a great beer and low key meal.

  • Because if chosen I’ll use the gift card to order a bit of everything on the menu and write a review for PoPville.

  • Because – at the beginning of my brother’s bachelor party in Asheville, NC, in ’08 – we ate dinner (sort of ate…it was mostly ingesting copious drafts of beer) at Mellow Mushroom; and I – as a then-minor and then-wholly illegitimate (and, thus, girly) drinker – snuck a flask of vodka into the restaurant and poured its entire contents into a lemonade I ordered (which drew very strange looks from the waitress in my all-male and almost all-beer centric group) and proceeded to enjoy the bachelor party along with those of “legal” age. (Also: the Mellow in Asheville attracts a near identical clientele to those of Bob Marley concerts. I should get this gift card simply for surviving the experience with no contact high.)

  • Gimme Pizza! P-I-Z-Z-A!

    Please let me win the $100 gift certificate to delicious Mellow Mushroom, because I want to keep my pregnant wife happy who is CRAVING it, and has forced me to enter this competition. She has indicated that the gift certificate can be used as her birthday present, which is huge, because from what I’m learning, having children is expensive.

    Plus, I have just introduced you to the Mary Kate and Ashley “Gimme Pizza” slow mo… which is hilarious!

  • Mellow Mushroom is the best. I went to college & law school in HotLanta and Mellow Mushroom was a weekly staple. I am so excited one is opening in AM – I recruited another law school friend to join me for dinner this evening for opening night. Can’t wait for some pretzels, salad and pizza to wash down the beer. I already know I’ll be a regular customer.

  • I would like to win because:

    1) I have heard it is some of the best pizza ever;

    2) Pizza is a staple of my diet;

    3) Pizza and beer is my favorite meal;

    4) My birthday is in two weeks;

    5) My boyfriend recently lost his job so he can’t take me out to dinner for my birthday; and

    6) This way we can go out, eat amazing pizza and wish happy birthday to me without any of us being upset over the cost of it all!

  • Because butternut squash pizza sounds delicious and is perfect for fall.

  • Because everyone is so excited about Mellow Mushroom, and I want to know what all the cool kids are talking about.

  • I’ve never had it. So it’s good? Please pick me so I can taste for myself.

    Plus, I live in the neighborhood and can walk there so that was be awesome.

  • Because I’ve always wanted the caviar pizza, but never the funds.

  • saf

    Because I had never even heard of it before, but it sounds awesome, and I want to go out to try it out!

  • pizza is my boyfriend.

  • I’ve had it before, and it’s not so good. Please pick me, so I can buy pizza for some homeless people since I wouldn’t eat MM again if you paid me.

  • I need a new place after Adms Mill closed- This looks way better than 18th and red ever did.

  • Because. Why not?

  • Because Mellow Mushroom pizza is my God. N’uff said.

  • i used to eat mellow mushroom all the time when i lived in north carolina. i’ve missed it desparately since i moved to dc.

  • Because the Mellow Mushroom near Blowing Rock, NC was one of the first places I went on a date with my wife. That was 8 years ago. We’re now expecting a kid and this could be our last night out for a while!

  • Because my boyfriend just got a great new job and wants to hit up Mellow Mushroom, a college favorite, to celebrate!

  • Because otherwise I might just pick those tempting ‘shrooms in the backyard (:

  • Because, while I’ve never been to a Mellow Mushroom, a friend of mine who lived near one in college has been talking this place up for months. If I got the gift certificate, I’d take her and the rest of my dodgeball team out to pizza to put it to the test!

  • Because I live across the street and I want to frequent this place enough that they start to know my nae and order by heart.

  • I should get it because I am the 1%. Bite me ya dirty hippies!

  • Because my brother and sister-in-law met at the Magic Mushroom in Raleigh, and DC needs a little love, too.

  • I just moved to VA. I was a single mom in Atlanta and on every other weekend my son was with his father, I would go for a run and have my Mellow Mushroom small cheese pizza and cinnamon pretzels as a prize to myself. I was at MM every other Friday and I miss my date night.

  • Because now I won’t have to move back to Atlanta, whew.

  • Because I’ve been waiting for a Mellow Mushroom to come to DC my whole life!

  • Because my daughter prefers to eat the crust… So I get the yummy middle part of the pizza, although I am sure your crusts are lovely

  • Atlanta’s best pizza which means that it’s comparable to what would have been considered DC’s best 10-15 years ago. Compared with Radial, Pete’s or even a good basic place like Poccoli’s, it’s a step backward.

  • because i have a blog dedicated to pizza in DC!

  • because there are several people who I need to take there because they have never experienced the mellow wonder

  • because my boyfriend and i got into a fight at adams morgan day when he won a t-shirt at the mellow mushroom tent and almost didn’t give it to me! HE’S NEVER EVEN BEEN TO A MELLOW MUSHROOM!

  • Because my girlfriend took me to my first Mellow Mushroom in her home town of Nashville, Indiana. We live in AdMo and when I told her it was about to open this week she said “You better not go w/ out me!”. She’s in South Sudan for work till the 27th, and she will freak the hell out on some pie upon her return!

  • Because I’m hungry…

  • I have good memories of hanging out at an NC location with close friends of mine and I’d love to try to recreate them here.

  • Now that there will be a Mellow Mushroom in DC, I won’t have to fly back to Atlanta just to get whiff at one of my all time favorite eateries. Oh how I miss the tempeh hoagie!

  • I am happy it is here now!

  • Because a) It’s now the only reason I can see to make the trip into Adams Morgan and b) It’s a great place that I had thought I could only visit when in the (much deeper than DC) South.

  • Because I’ve never been
    I’d love to go
    and I rarely get over
    to AdamsMo

  • Because I just moved into a VERY noisy apartment right across the street and need a reason to feel good about the move…

  • Because I’m MM’s biggest fan!

  • Because everyone who went to UVA in the Mellow Mushroom era misses it – still go in for pizza every time I visit!

  • I would like $100 to Mellow Mushroom because I’m a hungry non-profit entry level worker (read= low salary), I love food, especially pizza and LOVE mushrooms. I looked at the menu just today and was salivating! I’ve never tried it before either!

  • Just throwing this out there….my vote is if anyone mentions Charlottesville, they automatically lose.

  • Nobody does pizza like Mellow! Haven’t had it since I’ve moved to DC and no where I’ve found even comes close!

  • Because I once got a beej at a Mellow Mushroom (location: somewhere in the Heart of Dixie). After hours party hosted there by one of my friends back when I was in High School. Would be a great way to reminisce with friends over a great memory.

  • I want it for Moira who commented two above me! She introduced me to the place near UVA and I think it would be a good Welcome to DC gift! Also im pretty sure she is obsessed, every time I visited her we went there. We even went twice in one day.

  • Sunday is my birthday and I haven’t been to a Mellow Mushroom since I moved away from Asheville a couple years ago. I love their Sandwiches. Just seeing this made me a little home sick.

  • Because I will use the $100 I would have spent on pizza anyways in Mellow Mushroom to buy this pizza themed dress, which I will wear to Mellow Mushroom when i redeem the certificate!

  • I want to win because, unlike Herman Cain, I simply can’t imagine there’s no pizza

  • Because 99% of my friends and myself included would like nothing more than to occupy Mellow Mushroom to enjoy a few slices of pizza and maybe beat on some bongo drums. We probably won’t want to leave.

  • Mellow Mushroom brings me back to my college days in Atlanta, GA. The fact that there’s one down the street from me makes me feel 21 again. I love that.

  • because this homesick southern belle would love to share the joy of the mm beer club & jerk tofu pizza with a few, more skeptical friends β™₯

  • because i’ve never experienced mellow mushroom & peeking in the windows, it looks like they have an epic beer selection!

  • I’ve been waiting so eagerly for the Adams Morgan MM to open that my friends are getting sick of hearing about it. I want to take all of them there so that they can understand why I’m so excited. I can’t wait to make it my new neighborhood place!

  • Because if I were on a dessert island and could only have one type of food it would be Mellow Mushroom pizza.

  • I want to win this giftcard because I have so many great memories from Mellow Mushroom Charleston, SC and I literally told everyone I know in Maryland how Mellow is the best pizza in the world! I went on a very special date at mellow, went to mellow every time my parents visited me at school, celebrated my roommates’ 21 birthday at Mellow, ate at Mellow after running a 10k race, ate at Mellow a few times when I was feeling down – and basically I’m obsessed!

  • I want to win because I know that Mellow Mushroom is the only place that will make you a pizza with tempeh and hummus on it and no cheese. They don’t care what anyone thinks when they stare at your unusual pizza, because they understand how delicious it is and go out of their way to make sure customers are happy. I mean seriously, where else can you get a pizza with Tempeh and hummus on it? ONLY at Mellow Mushroom!!!

    If I win this gift card I’m buying $100 worth of tempeh hummus pizzas (with other toppings of course! haha)

  • Because now my friends and I won’t have to drive to Charlottesville for lunch to relive our college days in Atlanta.

  • I miss going to visit my daughters at college at Florida State in Tallahassee Florida and going every time to the mellow there! Pizza is awesome and I have been writing to Mellow headquarters for several years to please open one in the Md/DC area and finally (!!!!)they listened!!! Cannot wait to go to this new highly anticipated Mellow!!!

  • I am obsessed with Mellow Mushroom since my first visit in Asheville, NC. I’m thrilled such an awesome chain is taking residence in DC. I have been stalking the MM Adams Morgan Facebook page and can’t wait to go and enjoy with my newbie east coast crew!

  • Because there are numerous lifesaving, caring, gorgeous pediatric nurses who have been talking endlessly (through our 12 hour shifts, I might add) about our deep love and passion for Mellow Mushroom and how we soooooooooooo can’t wait to dig into the Parmesan pretzels (and all the other yummy food @ MM)!

  • I want to win this contest because it is really difficult to put into words how excited I am for this restaurant to open. I know everyone does, but I really really love pizza. When I first moved to DC several years ago, I felt there were not any really good pizza places. I rarely cook, but out of complete desperation, I started making my own pizza (to varying, usually disappointing results). Thankfully, that has changed over the last few years, but there still is not that one place that is absolutely the best – the one place where I take any visitor from out of town. But from first reading about Mellow Mushroom, I think I may just have found the place to be The Place for pizza. The taste will be the final judge of that, but I am beyond excited to go, and will be getting there as soon as I possible can (and likely very frequently after that).

  • There are so many reasons to why I would love to win this gift card. First off, I was able to share my first date with the love of my life at Mellow Mushroom in Destin, FL. We spend endless hours throughout our time in Florida enjoying pizza and sipping on a variety of beers at this restaurant. After recently moving to Maryland, we couldn’t go to the restaurant that allowed so much of our lives enjoyment! Now that one has opened up, we can go and reminisce on all the wonderful times we had at MM, even though it may be over a thousand miles away from our “original” meeting spot!


  • Because I will take people who have never been to a Mellow Mushroom and convert them into fanatics!

  • Because 2nd grade teachers (who teach in Petworth) really could use some Mellow pizza and beer time. Seriously, one of my students told me my hair looked tired today.

  • I LOVE Mellow Mushroom! I went to college in Asheville, NC, where Mellow Mushroom was always at the top of my list when it came to awesome pizzas, calzones, and BEER! I’ve lived in DC for close to two years now and have yet to find a pizza place that is slightly comparable to the AWESOMENESS and quality of Mellow Mushroom. I’ll be hitting up the Adams Morgan location this week and in the weeks to come!

  • A town can’t be a college town without a Mellow Mushroom, AFAIC. This brings back fond memories of Baton Rouge, Better than Ezra, cold beer & hot pizza.

  • I love pizza, and my boyfriend lives around the corner from MM and won’t stop talking about how excited he is for it to open. We may spend the whole $100 in the first week!

  • Obviously, because I will spend it there!

  • I have favorite pizza places in every city I visit, but I haven’t been able to find one in my own hometown of Washington, DC. With the $100 gift certificate, I can finally treat my family and friends to Mellow Mushroom’s pizza, which is sure to be my favorite and theirs!

  • I live right around the corner, finally an alternative to jumbo slice, which definitely causes acne.

  • Because I went there every Wednesday while I lived in Cville for trivia night, and it makes me nostalgic to think of my awesome college roomies! We recently had a reunion at the one in Austin, TX. I looooove the pizza and atmosphere there! If I get the gift certificate I will spread the love to my new roomies πŸ™‚

  • Because I loved Mellow Mushroom when I was a student at Emory in Atlanta, and I’m a little sad that Mellow Mushroom is coming to Adams Morgan only now — I’ve been living in Adams Morgan for nine years, and am about to move to another D.C. neighborhood. I didn’t think I’d have any reason to go back to Adams Morgan after moving, but now that Mellow Mushroom is there, I will!

  • Because I am broke and I want to drink my problems away! Also it’s my birthday in 2 weeks.

  • Because I’m really curious to know what makes their mushrooms mellow, and if that translates into an extraordinary pizza or not.

    I love the artwork, the beautify brick walls, the proximity to MtP, and hopefully I’ll love their food as well!


  • Because I’ve always yearned for a pizza place to open on 18th Street in Adams Morgan.

  • Ugh…I hope you drew the winner’s name out of a hat, or are at least sleeping w/ this Hanna, because that was so not the best answer!

    Congrats though, enjoy the pizza!

  • the rooftop looks awesome! I have had many memorable mellow mushroom meals… particularly at the jacksonville florida location… yummers.

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