Logan House Renovation Part 3

Photo via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

“Dear PoPville,

The house at 4 Logan Circle (John Logan House) was documented in 1973 as being in a “dilapidated condition” (you think?) for the Historic American Buildings Survey. (picture from Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. Not too long after that, part of the house on this side (13th St), collapsed into the street.”

At the end of last week took a look at this great reno and in addition to the cool history above – I got some details on the plans for the building. According to listing agent Michele Topel from TTR Sotheby’s International Realty:

“There will be four two bedroom condominiums, between about 1500-1700 sq ft with high end finishes, outdoor space and parking. They will initially be offered as rentals at prices around $5000-$5800 per month and we are just waiting for occupancy permits to begin tours of the property, which we hope to have in 30 days.”

I asked Michele when she thought the properties might be sold and she replied 3-5 years. I’m def. looking forward to seeing what the inside looks like but in the meantime you can see the floor plans here:


And more history here:


Photo courtesy of Michele Topel, TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

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  • Hot damn, i’ll have to turn tricks just to be able to afford the monthly rent.

  • binpetworth

    Wait, do my eyes deceive me? Did she just say $5000-$5800 a month for two bedrooms?

    • It ain’t all about the bedrooms! Regular old 1500-1700 square foot two-bedroom duplexes with parking + outdoor space in Logan easily go for over $4000/month. Factor in the history of the building and maybe very nice finishes and you’re approaching 5k.

    • Take a look at those floorplans. I think it’s worth that.

  • I love DC, and then some times I hate it. F that amount in rent.

  • Why would anyone in their right mind rent for that amount?

  • Well that price quote just crushed my long time dream of living in that place one day. And I thought my current rent was high. That’s insane.

  • Occupy 4 Logan Circle!

  • Maybe Kagan can get one for her friends and family.

  • jim_ed

    great googly moogly. Im not anywhere close to the tax bracket that can afford an apartment like that, but for reference, I checked the Ashton, which is where a lot of DC based athletes and other ungodly wealthy people rent.


    the 2 bedrooms there start at $4600 for 1781 sq ft, 3 blocks from the heart of Chinatown. Granted, Logan Circle and Chinatown are apples and oranges, but it makes me think these new apartments are comically overpriced.

  • Considering that a basic one-bedroom in this area will run you close to $2000 a month, a gorgeous new two-bedroom in a stunning building for $5000, assuming two people, is not as out of control as one might think at first. No more out of control than the $2000 one-bedrooms, I mean.

  • figby

    But if you have that kind of money, wouldn’t you buy something? I rent because I am mostly broke.

    • I’m guessing that they are counting on rentals by rich people planning on being in DC for only a short period of time (like someone working on a special project for the administration) that already has a home elsewhere. It is also likely that renters will have first right of refusal on the unit if/when it goes condo, and likely at a good price. I agree the quoted prices shock me, but we have some rich folks in this area who clearly are willing to pay it. For comparison, my roommate and I paid $950 for an 1100 square foot apt at 1322 RI AVE (next to the Barrell House) back in 1989. I am guessing with inflation and the high-end nature of these units, the prices aren’t completely crazy.

      Had the I the money, I might be tempted by that cool 1-bedroom with study. That place looks sweet.

  • Why would they paint it that color…

  • What a dream…

  • GREAT picture! Thanks for researching and posting.

  • Those floor plans, particularly the Logan apartment, look unreal. I would kill to see some of the pictures of the inside. Make it happen PoP!

  • First, you don’t need to be rich to afford $5k a month in rent. Unless you think a few $100k a year is rich. But it isn’t.

    Second, renting doesn’t automatically become stupid at a certain price point. There are plenty of good reasons to rent. This may seem obvious, but in return for paying a bunch of rent you get a fabulous place to live in. You aren’t wasting anything. And if you’ve ever bought a home, then you can appreciate the difference between buying a place versus renting a place. Buying a place is a giant pain in the ass, and home ownership entails many additional responsibilities compared to renting.

    • as a homeowner in a decent house in a marginal hood, i can totally understand the value of renting a sweet place in a vibrant area.

      but if you can pay 60,000 a year in rent, you are wealthy in my book.
      if you are not rich and doing this, something is seriously wrong with you.

  • A general rule is that you should not spend more than 25-35% of your gross income on rent, and it will also be used by your landlord to see if you qualify. So, $5,000 x 12 Months = $60,000 at 25% is $240,000 Annual Salary. The question is if you think an individual or household of two making $240,000 is rich?

    Second, a $1,200,000 house/condo with an $1,000,000 mortgage with $200,000 down is about $5,600 a month (5.5% Jumbo mortgage rate).

    Now you may not have $200,000 to put down, and you may not think this is worth $1.2 million, but there are people who do think that and live in this city. Most of the single family row houses in the Dupont area are well over a million dollars, so I guess you all live next to a bunch of rich people then.

    • $240,000/year is like top 2% of income, so yes, that’s rich. Obviously. Similarly, if you are 6’5″ you are probably taller than 98% of Americans, and therefore would be considered ‘tall.’

    • everyone buying a house in my neighborhood these days is rich.

  • Top 2%? Ok, I guess that’s your definition of rich. But next time you meet someone with a houshold income of $240k, ask them if they consider themselves rich.

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