Latino Restaurant Coming to Former Tegeste Space in Columbia Heights

Back in August Tegeste Ethiopian Restaurant abruptly closed at 3521 14th St, NW. I noticed some workers there last weekend and although there was a bit of a language barrier they said that a new Latino restaurant would be opening up in about 2 weeks. I’ll post an exact opening date when it is announced.

Ed. Note: this space was previously home to Catti Mexican Restaurant.

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  • Sorry to see Tegeste go.

    I’m curious – so many of the Latino restaurants in the area seem empty. Is the local Latino community growing to sustain these businesses?

    • No. The area there is gentrifying like all of CH/Petworth.

      • I’m not sure you’re right about this. White people might be increasing as a percentage of the population, but I’m not so sure that the actual number of Latinos in upper CH is decreasing.

        Anyone have a link to numbers?

        • Lived there, trust me.

          • I live very close to Tegeste presently, and you can trust me that my Latin neighbors often have dozens of little kids running around. They’re creating more than 2.1 people per couple, that’s for sure. Whether they’re moving out faster than they procreate? I don’t trust anecdotal evidence.

  • There is a rumor that Fernando who was a partner with Sissys restaurant located in 14th street after Randolph St., is openning a new bar/club in that location. I wish him look with the owner who is famous for being a very bad landlord.

  • I saw them doing construction last night but wow, they must be miracle workers if they plan on turning that space into something presentable in two weeks.

    Seriously wishing them luck though!

  • Grrrr, I want Tegeste back!

  • Looking forward to some upscale dining after hitting Peggy’s North of the Border and Chickass.

  • Out: Tegeste

    In: Tecate

  • Oy. Great. Like we don’t have enough Latino restaurants on this stretch of 14th already.

  • forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is latino cuisine? I could be completely off (which is why I ask), but it strikes me as a lazy catch-all to include central & south american.

    I like these types of places focus on particular styles, you know, haydee’s for salvadoran, taqueria df for mexican, etc.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      hahaha. as I said above there was a language barrier so it wasn’t possible to get further details. When they open I hope to have more details.

  • i was just saying the other day “you know what that strip of 14th st really needs? another latino restaurant.”

    • or another second hand used clothing store for people who like their clothes of the “bedazzled” variety.

  • Time to study some Spanish, Dan!

  • I know, an Ethiopian Taqueria! You can call it Senior Tibbs!

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