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  • I hope this means they will have a new, more affordable, menu. As it is, Komi is a once every very special occasion for me.

    • Yeah but at the same time, I really hope this doesn’t detract from the traditional Komi experience. It really is a very special place, probably the most interesting and adventurous dining experience in DC.

  • Yeah so is this

    1) Komi Lite? And if so, similar menu or totally different?

    2) A bar area — like Palena?

    3) A totally different concept?

    4) Just extra seating for Komi overall?

  • hmm, if this is indeed almost finished it looks way too cheap to even be a komi-lite. not feeling it.

  • Definitely the best meal I ate in DC, even if it is a once-a-year super special occasion type of deal. It would be great to have a more affordable version of some of the same foods / cooking inventiveness, I’d be super down — if I could ever get in, as I imagine it will ALWAYS be packed if they can provide even 70 percent of the caliber of food at an affordable price point.

  • WTF? This looks crummy even for a fro-yo shop. I love the interior of the original Komi.

  • I wouldn’t judge from this crappy photo. Perhaps wait for more intel and a better picture.

  • Jail cafeteria chic?

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