Stitch DC Moves from Barracks Row to Tenleytown

Stitch DC was formerly located at 731 8th Street SE in Barracks Row. They’re now located across from the Tenleytown metro. From their Web site:

“Stitch DC offers the most unique knitting, crochet, and quilting classes in the Washington, DC area. Take classes in our new Tenley Town location. Other classes can be taken at inspiring locations around town.

Learn to knit, crochet, purl, make your first scarf, socks, shawl, lace, blanket, hat and so much more with Stitch DC experts.

located just across the street from the Tenley Town Metro (Red Line)

4000 Albemarle Street NW, Suite 409/410”

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  • This is GREAT news for me! I love quilting stores and could always use lessons. And I live nearby. Goodie!

    • SouthwestDC

      Terrible news for me! I remember when I first started working in the area, before development really started to pick up on Barracks Row. It was always my go-to store for special yarns. The owner was kind enough to let me use her ball winder once, on a massive quantity of laceweight yarn that I’d purchased online. Four years and several failed projects later, I’m finally using the yarn to make a sweater that is turning out great.

      It was a shock to see that sign up a couple weeks ago– it figures that they’d move out shortly after I moved to the neighborhood. I wish them the best of luck in their new location but I honestly don’t think I’ll ever make it out there.

  • Hope whatever replaces this is not another restaurant.

  • Hmmm — I wonder if they’ll be less flaky and unreliable in the new location? I used to shop there out of desperation because it was the only yarn store in the District . . . but I never darkened Stitch’s door again once Looped opened, despite living a whole lot closer to Barracks Row than Dupont.

    • I had problems too – would go there and they’d be out of certain sized needles and have at most one or two skeins of yarn. Fibre Space in Old Town is another great yarn shop.

      • A Tangled Skein in Hyattsville is also nice. It’s a bit of a pain to get to without a car (you can take a bus from College Park) but you can stop in for a beer and burger at Franklin’s General Store and Brewery right across the street which makes it more worth the trip.

  • i would like a real craft store in the city.
    east of the park.

  • I hope it’s a wine bar.

  • Great news…times change…locations change too. Let’s not always hate on the small business owner. If YOU can do it better, do it! Good luck on the new space Stitch DC!

    • the point is that some of us would rather purchase the supplies that we do buy in a local store instead of ordering them online. we don’t wish to sell supplies. it’s not about hating on small business owners. it’s about demands not being met locally.

      is that difficult to understand?

    • I’m not hating on them at all — but they really do have problems with keeping up their inventory. I still shop their regularly.

  • I really hope they succeed. It seems to me that the craft store business has low margins, so in a hot area like Barracks Row, it is difficult to keep the kind of inventory that satisfies everyone. I hope that by moving up to Tenleytown, they can have a larger space and keep even more in stock. I live closer to Looped, but I will definitely support both stores.

  • Business was very slow on Barracks Row for them. The owner lives up in the Tenleytown area, so it makes sense for them to live and work there. They were a great addition to Barracks Row over the years and will be missed.

    • Also, they were having major issues with the landlord. The owner of the building has been putting in a new third(?) story, and their heat was off all last winter — they had to use space heaters — and then their A/C was spotty at best this summer. I think they finally had enough.

  • Dear anonymous, not difficult to understand but any small business owner can experience difficulties in flow of product. And yes, complaining, commenting, however you wish to spin it, can cast a negative spin. Competition is important in business, I don’t deny that. I just wish some patience can bring civility to our “I want it now” culture.

  • Agree with other posters who’ve been disappointed with Stitch DC. Every experience I’ve had with them has been maddening: from being out of the most basic knitting items (size 6 needles, for example) to promising to special order things for me but never following through to not being open during their normal business hours. Looped, on the other hand, has always been terrific. The owner might complain that the location of Stitch DC hasn’t served her well, but I think she should look at her own business practices.

    • SouthwestDC

      I’ve always thought of them more as a yarn store than a knitting supplies store. You’d think they’d have some basic-sized needles on hand, though.

  • Echoing the disappointment others share over StitchDC’s services. Yes, they are very friendly, and no, I don’t expect them to have everything in stock, but their supplies for needles were always so low I’d find myself having to go out to VA. It got to the point where I didn’t even try them any more. I liked their knitting classes, the intro one, but the sewing one I took was a bit of a disorganized mess, partially due to space issues, I think. Still, I hope the new location works out and they can serve their customers better.

  • They also used to have a Georgetown location, but I believe that got turned into a spice and tea shop. I felt the staff was decent when I used to shop there, but I agree about the inconsistency in supplies.

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