Keep Your Eyes Peeled for a Felt F95 Team Edition Stolen Bike

Dear PoPville,

My boyfriend and I are new to the DC area – we moved to 12th and U about 2 months ago from Miami. On Friday, my boyfriend’s bike got stolen between 11am and 5pm from the bike rack in front of the Dupont metro station on Q Street. We are so bummed! People had warned us about bike theft in DC so we bought a crazy Kryptonite lock. The thief still got it 🙁

If anyone happens to spot the bike please send me an email (princeofpetworth at gmail) with the location and I’ll forward it to the reader.

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  • Ouch…tough lesson learned…there is NO lock that will keep a thief from stealing that bike…that is like parking a Porsche in a lot of beaters…every other bike on the rack could have been unlocked and your’s would still be stolen. I will keep an eye out…you might even look to send out photos/email to all the bike shops and pawn shops in the area since it is such a distinct bike.

    My advice is get a beater to ride to the metro and keep the nice bike for your sunday ride.

    Welcome to DC!

  • Wow. $1000 bikes locked up at a Metro stop for the better part of a day is just not done here – sorry you had to learn that the hard way. As Ocoee said, a beater for the commute [or Capital Bikeshare if you have a station nearby] are a better option.

    In the interest of preventing others from a similar fate, what model of ‘crazy Kryptonite lock’ was used/cut and was it fully locked through the frame and at least one wheel?

    • That bike is worth alot more than $1,000.

      I use a kryptonite chain around the frame and front wheel and a small U lock to lock the rear wheel to the frame. If you lock there frequently, in the future I suggest locking in various places. A bike that repeatedly appears in the exact same spot for the same period day after day is more likely to be spotted and eventually stolen.

      • That’s an $800-$1000 bike. “Team Edition” means team colors, this is not the bike the Garmin guys rode.

  • Sorry that this is your introduction to DC: it’s really a great city for the most part. As above commentators have noted, though, if leaving a bicycle outside at a metro stop is a necessary part of your daily commute, I’d highly recommend you only use a bike you won’t be distraught if stolen. Of course, that makes theft far less likely in the first place.

  • Yeah, we def learned the hard way. When we filed the police report, the cops told us that this is where most of the theft occurs…outside metro stations. We are really bummed but what can you do. Not sure what model of Kryptonite lock but it was about $50 and came with an extra wire for the tire.

    • Did you register the lock with Kryptonite? They often come with a guarantee and a promise of $ for replacement if the lock is defeated.

  • Apparently one option for the crooks — spray a chemical on the lock which freezes them in 30 seconds, and they can then smash it with a hammer. They can also unbolt the bottom of the U bar used at metro, and then just slide the bike off. I am going to start a bike security company, imbed each bike with a GPS unit, kind of like On Star for bikes! Bike Star (trademark).

  • Helpful vid on proper bike locking from an NYC pro.


    Sorry to hear about your bike, I will keep my eyes open. In the meantime I going to scrap my ulock in favor of this new bike lock. I can’t wait to get on.

    • I wouldn’t touch a lock that hasn’t passed ART and SoldSecure testing. All locks by OnGuard,Krypto,and Abus have.

  • sorry your bike was stolen. the $50 kryptonite lock isn’t really the best. the $100 lock is a lot better (though heavier and still not guaranteeing you 100% safety). either way, they may offer a refund for your bike if you still have the lock and show them how it failed. hopefully you registered with them.

  • Sorry about your bike. Many of us have lost at least one bike from Dupont Circle. I’ve lost two.

    I just bought a nice new Specialized and replaced the quick-release part of the wheels with wheel locks. Mostly, I don’t lock up outside though. My office has a bike room for bikers. When you replace your bike, be sure to take a picture of it for your insurance company.

  • Sorry to hear about that. Unfortunately, thefts can and do happen anywhere. I guess that bike locks are like anti-theft devices for cars in the sense that no matter how elaborate or secure the device is, a determined thief will figure out a way to steal what you are trying to protect. The only thing you can do is make it more effort than a thief may be willing to put in.

    Maybe MPD could purchase or rent a couple of these super expensive bikes and use them for a sting operation. Have a “commuter” ride the bike to whatever station these thefts occur at, park and lock it, and go down to the train. Then scope it out until someone tries to steal it.

  • MSRP for that bike is $849 but many online retailers discount the price of the bike to under $800. Not a cheap bike, but definitely not an expensive bike.

    • Exactly. Let’s put this into perspective. My bike cost me $10,000 brand new, and it’s not even a top of the line model.

  • Agree with the general idea that you should get a beater for commuting. Keep the fancy-ish bike for home. I have the Litespeed at home for long weekend rides and a sigle speed beater for daily use. No quick releases on the wheels, etc.

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