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Vidalia is located at 1990 M Street, NW. Their Web site says:

You can see their menus here.

I know they used to be very popular. But with all the great restaurants that have opened up, I don’t hear them mentioned as often as I used to. Anyone still a fan? Any must order items?

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  • I have planned several work dinners here and they have always been great–although I was never paying out of my own pocket so it was a lot easier to say it was worth it. The lunch special 3-course prix-fixe menu ($20) is a more affordable way to try the food.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeh

  • Emmaleigh504

    Ack! I restaurant devoted to the most evil of all veggies! I’m a little horrified.

    • whaaaaaat! Greatest of all you mean 😉 haha

      Onions seem to be a great dividing line amongst people’s palette’s. I find it’s usually very LOVE or HATE.

      • I neither love nor hate them. Though, I do typically enjoy them, I do not actively seek them out nor do I find myself drawn to them. They’re just like plenty of other ingredients.

      • I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered anyone who hates onions! A few who can’t have them, but no one who hates them.

        Don’t think I could cook without onions. They form the basis of so many of my dishes.

  • I manage to eat there about once a year. Never had a bad meal. Vidalia is consistently great.

  • I think its lost its lustre because, as PoP notes, it used to be one of the best in the city, but since they opened, a whole host of great restaurants, some at significantly lower price points, have opened. I’ve only been there twice and I liked it a lot, but its not one of the most desirable places anymore.

    Plus, its in a basement.

  • A little lost and forgotten some time but I give A+ for service, excellent food, pricey so save for a special occasion or charge it to the office.

  • Good joint, but it’s been around so long that it suffers from its own success, I think. I used to eat there a few times a year (on the company dime, of course) and never had a bad meal, but I also never walked away raving about what I’d just eaten, either. Just overall a very solid, if expensive, dining option that now probably gets lost in the shuffle because it’s not the new, hot thing.

    BTW, my pet peeve about this place is always how its name is pronounced. It’s named after the onion, which is named after a city in Georgia, which is pronounced “Vie-Day-Lee-Uh.” (If you really wanted, you could take the last two syllables and make them a “Yuh,” but that’s optional.)

  • Actually, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Vidalia. My fiance proposed to me here almost two months ago. He walked in off the street, told them his basic plan, and they brought out an events planner to get the whole things planned down to the tiniest detail. We ate the tasting menu with the wine pairings, and the general manager brought out each wine and told us where it was from, significant/interesting details, and why he picked it. When my fiance proposed over desert, they had a special desert created, and the GM followed our waiter up the stairs to our table to snap pictures as my fiance asked me to marry him. Then, unbidden, they brought us champagne. The food was fantastic, and their service was impeccable. I don’t care if they’re not “the hot new place” to grab dinner. Clearly, their sense of service is impeccable, and their food was amazing.

  • Like! Good job, Vidalia (and Mr. Fiance) 🙂

  • They have a pretty nice little happy hour in the lounge too!

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