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  • I’m across the street from pitazzi. Consistently underwhelms.

    I think they serve pre-prepared spreads and frozen gyro meat.

    You gotta think that if u serve gyro, you’d showcase the spinning meat wheel thing…. So it strikes me as odd that they serve this, but there’s no gyro wheel, in the front or the back.

    They do deliver, but if u don’t need delivery, go to Astor Medittaranean across the street

    • Couldn’t agree more.
      I’m essentially across the street and have been underwhelmed the couple of times I’ve gone.
      Everything seemed rather generic and uneventful. Astor has a rather different menu but I’d recommend it a thousand times over Pitazzi.
      Additionally, I would never want to dine-in at that janky basement location.

  • I agree about the basement eating area but for take out I’ve had their sandwiches/wraps several times now and have always found them yum.
    The ingredients always seem fresh and its a decent price.

    I’m happy to have them in the neighbourhood as my sandwich option

  • The do have a good jalepeno hummus – that you can get to go. Much better than the store bought crap.

  • Haven’t been in awhile, but when they opened, their hummus was house-made and about the best I had found in DC.

    Like somebody else said, the gyro meat was frozen strips, which is pretty bleh. Astor has a better gyro sandwich.

  • I live a few blocks over.

    When I first saw this place I was excited. I’m all about a good Pita.

    However after trying it 3 times I’m never going back. The kitchen look dirty, the food is straight out of the sysco truck, you get about 8 oz of meat and a ton of iceberg lettuce on their wraps.

    Perfect Pita should open up a spot in AdMo

  • This seems like a weird one for somoene to request. Unless the food regularly gives people food poisoning, you’re not losing much by trying it.

  • I love chicken hummus veggie sandwich. Gyro is not the best but I like it. I recommend pitazzi for quick serve food.

  • I like this as place as the service is quick and food is healthy, inexpensive and yummy !!

  • Very clean, friendly and delicious sandwiches. Gyro pita is really good but you need to ask for extra gyro meet. Very lovely hummus and fresh pitas. Yummy!!!!

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