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  • I’ve been once and I think it’s not the best soul food in town, but it’s not bad. My friend ended up trying their soul food fried heart attack buffet and she liked it. I took a bite of her fried pork chop, it wasn’t bad. I got the pulled pork sandwich and I thought it was tasty.

  • I love his fried cat fish.

  • Never been impressed… pretty standard stuff.

  • Honestly, it is pretty good for the price. My husband really likes the fried catfish, and the ribs are tasty. The Carolina style BBQ sauce is good as well.

    However, while the everyday prices are good, beware of getting catering for a large party from here. We tried to place an order for 30-35 people for our rehearsal dinner, and he quoted an amount that was triple the price of what we would have paid had we all just come and eaten in the restaurant. I understand paying a little more per head for catering, but triple the price? A little excessive.

  • If there’s better soul food in DC, I’m all ears. The smothered porkchops rock, as do the mac & cheese and collards. I’m less of a fan of their bbq (too sweet for my taste), but the fried chicken is consistently good, which is more than I can say for certain $40 a plate soul food eateries.

  • I have passed this place many a day and never paid it any attention. It does not scream out “SOUL FOOD” to me from its facade so I never thought to go in there, at least not for soul food. May be I should try it. The name is misleading, with the anvil and “port” and “cafe” in the name, it leaves the average person with more questions than answers and a bit of a surprise when they view the menu.

    • For the longest time, they didn’t even have a menu in the window. Now, they’ve got one, in addition to a “Soul Food and BBQ” banner and a sandwich board with the daily special. Compared to the other food places on the block (Chicken Tortilla and Quiznos), this is the hands down winner.

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