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  • This place is awesome after a night out. The combo is a huge amount of food, sandwich fries and drink for under ten bucks, and I always leave beyond stuffed.

    It has been several months since I have been in but the service has always been very friendly, and the owner is often behind the grill or working the fryer. He obviously takes pride in his shop and comes around to make sure everything is satisfactory.

    A big thumbs up.

  • ledroittiger

    Sadly, one of the better cheesesteak spots in the city.

  • Their fries are so good when they hot.

  • i’ve wanted to like these every time i’ve been, but they are terrible (i haven’t gone in well over a year, so maybe they’ve improved).

    there is way too much bread, and it just seemed to me like there was very little taste. bland all around…

    • Seconded. Went prior to a show at the Black Cat. Bread was wrong, meat was tasteless as was the cheese…not worth your time or $$.

  • I lived for several years in Philly and learned to be wary of anyone outside Philly climing to make a cheesesteak – usually they “fancy it up” when a cheesesteak is anything BUT fancy – you don’t use Kobe beef or exotic cheese or artisinal breads. These guys have the basics right – they make a good solid C+/B-cheesesteak. These are not great cheesesteaks – authentic but definitely middle of the road; tend to be very greasy. No worse that what you can get at lots of places in Philly, but nowhere near as good as the best – the Pat’s, Geno’s, or Jim’s. (I refuse to take sides in that war – all great.) I live only a few blocks away; I wouldn’t travel much further to eat at JJs

  • Admittedly, it doesn’t take a lot to please me at 2 am, but this is my late night food spot of choice. I think I kept this place in business during its formative months on the scene.

  • Been there a couple of times and left disappointed each time. Place blows.

  • Pretty average. Better than Yums but that’s not setting the bar very high.

  • Impostor!

    A real Philly native would have professed their undying hatred for those tourist traps while claiming that the only real cheesesteak is the one that just happens to be at the corner next to their building.

  • Had the Ben Franklin (tasteless) and the Capitol (tasteless with Ragu sauce). Really wanted to like this place. I have gotten better phillies from Boli’s.

  • I dig this place – the monument is where it’s at.

  • I’ve never had a good sandwich from JJ’s nor will I waste my money there again.

  • Cheesteak equivalent of jumbo slice; only good as a substitute for getting your stomach pumped.

  • I think I had the Ben Franklin when I went there once. Meh. Good enough for 2 am and starving. But the fries… they were delicious! Hot, crunchy, and a nice greek (?) spice on top. I would go back for those fries.

  • I can’t believe the negative reviews of this place. It’s awesome, sober or not. Granted the Ben Franklin and some of the more plain cheesesteak orders a little flavorless, order up the Firehouse 14. It is unreal good. The bread is Amoroso rolls which are chewy deliciousness. The staff is awesome also. All you Philly purest can shove it. I’ve been to Geno’s, Pat’s and Jim’s. Geno’s/Pat’s are overrated. Jim’s is the best I’ve had, but if you’re in DC and want a Cheesesteak that debate is irrelevant, hit up JJ’s and order a Firehouse 14.

    • Geno’s, Pat’s and Jim’s all suck.

      You need to go to the Italian Market, to Tony Luke’s for a steak Italian (sharp provolone and broccoli rabe) or, ideally, to a crappy little pizza place or food truck. That’s where you get the good, everyday cheese steaks.

  • Wanted to like this place and it was awful.

    I’m a Philly native and we don’t go to Jim’s, Pat’s or Geno’s. They are the equivalent of the big slice in Adams Morgan — where you go when you’re drunk in the middle of the night. To me, Jim’s is a small step above Pat’s and Geno’s, but after going there, your clothes will smell like grease for days. There are much better cheesesteaks to be had in Philly.

  • Like others, I’ve desperately tried to like this place. Food is extremely bland, takes forever to be made, and generally leaves me unsatisfied. Thumbs down.

  • Above average steak sandwich for sure! When the bread is fresh, and you get the right guy making your sandwich this place is pretty darn good. Owner is very nice. Give them a try.

  • Being a Philly guy as well, I can’t say these live up to my ridiculously high cheesesteak standards. I’ll head to Jumbo Slice instead after a long night out on the U.

  • I went once and it was awful. The meat was pre-cooked and then reheated when I ordered. It ended up chewy and rubbery with crappy fries. I have no intentions of going back.

  • I like steak sandwiches and they are hard to find. I love Ledo’s steak and cheese. Also, I went to the place on 14/U (LOst Society?) on the 2d floor and they had a decent steak and cheese (with brie and mushrooms) for like $15 (their fries are really good too). I know that is a little off-topic of philly S&C, but throwing it out there as FYI

    • ledroittiger

      Look – there is a Steak & Cheese and there is a Cheesesteak. If you are ordering the former, it has absolutely nothing to do with Philadelphia.

  • I’ve only eaten there after having drank a considerable amount, but it has always done the job.

  • Agreed… no good. This place is WAY too expensive for what you get. Fast Gourmet is SO much better

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