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  • Lot’s of good character and vibe inside, but at least the dishes we had were nothing to write home about…

  • I was sitting in there one night and a mouse ran across the floor a few feet from me.

  • I like this place. It has seen better times but there is a good vibe in there.

  • I had an open faced turkey sandwich there in 99′ have not been compelled to go back.

  • Been there a few times after seeing movies at the Avalon.

    It’s OK, but unremarkable.

  • I’ve never heard anything good about the place.

  • Has the same problem as my first girlfriend: Bad taste and expensive

  • The staff wears pins that read, “No Whining!” — I think it’s an attempt to ward off responses to their food and service.

  • This used to be one of my staples in DC when I lived at Van Ness. Loved it so much that we would make trips there every so often from the Hill. Food isn’t incredible, but it is good and cheap. There are very few real diners in DC anymore (somewhere that doesn’t microwave their eggs). I would put this up there with Jimmy T’s on East Cap and that place on Bladensberg NE.

  • Love it. Service is fantastic. Food is normal. Ambiance is nostalgic–I used to hang out at Child’s Play in middle school and fence at CCCC in high school, so American City was our source of nourishment. So now, anytime I buy a game or gift at Child’s Play, I have dinner at American City.

  • This is a real greasy spoon. I’m not saying that this is a good or a bad thing, it’s just what it is. If you come expecting more you will be disappointed.

    If you want a good meal here, keep it simple. Bacon, eggs, toast. done. Black and white milkshakes are nice too.

    They show old movies every night on a projector, and that’s always fun.

    Black and white milkshake is tasty.

  • Awful. Food very bland, even the breakfast wasn’t worth writing home about. Kinda cool though- built in the 80s to look like an old-school diner.

  • If I had a dollar for every time I got diarrhea at this place, I’d have three dollars. I would use that three dollars to get a scrapple sandwich at Pete’s Diner and not get diarrhea.

    • I hate when I get diarrhea after eating IHOP and Chipotle, I am not sure I got diarrhea here though. But like others said it wasn’t anything to write home about. Then again, it’s a DINER, who reviews a diner? Diners are pretty much the same. No one should expect anything out of the ordinary but greasy spoon food. I always marveled at its location though, doesn’t seem like a neighborhood that would have a greasy cheap diner. Chevy Chase that is.

      • I disagree. All diners are NOT the same. The Tastee Diners in Bethesda and Laurel are real diners. The one in Silver Spring is a little too clean for my tastes. The Steak & Egg Kitchen is a loveable cholera epidemic, but they get the basics right. The Silver Diner chain is basically Applebees with a bunch of overpriced, flavorless “heart smart” slop. American City seems to combine the worst aspects of retro dining with sloppy technique and a bathroom that would give Ben’s the “runs” for its money.

  • It seems like a lot of commenters have a high bar for diner food quality. As many have said above, this place is your basic diner. Expecting gourmet fare seems a bit silly. That said, it’s a solid place with decent food. Every place doesn’t have to be trendy or new to be good.

  • I like this place just fine–I’m a big fan of breakfast at basic/classic American diners. But the decor is a bit hubba-hubba cutesy. If I am up that way, it’s by car and on the weekend, so I just make the extra effort and go over to the Tastee Diner in Silver Spring where I can spread the Sunday NYT out in a big booth. (Bethesda’s Tastee, while charming, is not as good for that.) Or, if I want to go hard core and fight elbow-to-elbow for a seat at the counter, the Steak’n Egg Kitchen on Wisconsin Ave. That said, if I lived in the CCDC neighborhood and could walk there, I’d surely be a frequent customer.

    • NOOOOO!!!! YOU DID NOT JUST GIVE PRAISE TO THE “TASTEE DINER”?! The Silver Spring Tastee is the worst diner in the metro area that I at least have dined at. Yuck! Silver Diner is much better in Rockville

  • Once again, file under “All Restaurants on CT Suck”

  • Is that filed next to “Most restaurants on H Street are vastly overrated?”

  • it’s a diner. it’s exactly what you would expect.

    if this was on h or on u or in chinatown you’d never be able to get in.
    maybe you can’t now, i havent been in 10 years. if i’m going to travel for a diner, i’d hit the tastee in silver spring.

  • I grew up on this block, and in 24 years it has never been good. the owner has run for mayor a few times

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