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Since we were talking about the former Cities space in Adams Morgan, I figured it was time to judge the newly reopened location at 919 19th St, NW downtown. Their Web site says:

“Welcome to Cities – where getting away is just steps away from the outside world. A restaurant and lounge experience like non other, Cities offers a unique approach to international dining – guests are transported to exotic and far away destinations through eclectic and meticulously crafted menus and a stunning setting that is beyond compare in Washington, D.C. Located at 919 19th Street, NW, in the heart of mid-town, our 140 seat dining room and 100 seat outdoor patio and lounge beckon for lunch, dinner, drinks, brunch, private parties or casual gatherings with friends. On the menu, small plates provide an array of flavors and fresh options for lunch or dinner, late night or lite fare. Great service and attention to detail are the priority, to help transport you to a different place – from the far reaches of China, to the rich culture of Cuba – and from the ancient magnificence of Athens to the truly international city of Washington, D.C. – each element brings you closer to an experience that is at once inviting and exciting. Enjoy an extensive and finely crafted menu for a unique dining experience, for lunch or for dinner. Our small small plates menu celebrates distinctive and fulfilling flavors from great culinary and cultural destinations.”

You can see their menus here. Anyone check them out yet?

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  • is that in dc?

    • It’s near GWU. I’ve been and wasn’t impressed. It’s on the expensive side for HH, and they charge cover for absolutely no reason on weekday evenings. Won’t be going back.

  • I never went to the old one when it was open, but judging from the menu of the new one, with such exotic dishes as Crab & Spinach Stuffed Chicken, Shrimp Scampi and NY Strip Steak, it certainly doesn’t sound very worldly.

  • I have not been although I walk past it quite often after work. It seems a bit pretentious for my taste – if I wanted to eat, drink, or socialize on that block I would choose E&C across the street every time.

  • It’s the only alternative around that area for an after work drink that isn’t a sport bar. It’s welcoming and laid back. I like.

  • Expensive and so hard to find a seat whenever i’ve attempted to go. It appears to cater to tourist/travelers whenever i’ve walked by.

  • sounds like an upscale Sizz Ex

  • small plates are so early aughts.

  • Seems to be the go-to hangout for Asians and Indians on Friday and Saturday nights.

  • I have not been there many times but have tried quite a bit of their dishes. The menu started promising but has changed quite a bit. Most plates are very good, with a few that are not as good. The look of the restaurant is very impressive and clearly they went all out with the design. I wish it did not get so loud after midnight though because it looses that relaxed atmosphere.

  • It’s a good place to get drinks after work, especially when it’s warm out and you can sit outside. Not a pretentious atmosphere at all. The weekends are a completely different story though. The food is ok, nothing to write home about.

  • Are they associated with the old Cities from Adams Morgan, from back in the 90s?

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