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  • Improvement over the gas station. Now if they’d only refresh the facades of those Soviet Era looking apartment complexes.

  • It’s better than a boarded up gas station but the real question is – do we need another drug store? There’s already a CVS and Giant across the street. Plus, there are at least 4 more drug stores in a 2 mile radius. What Van Ness really needs is a good pub or bar and some decent restaurants.

    • Walgreens has declared turf war with CVS and you’ll be seeing a lot more drug stores as Walgreens hopes to unseat CVS…then closed losing drug stores. I hope the Walgreens will sell hard liquor at great prices like they do in Illinois

      • Oh please, oh please, oh please Walgreens, drive a stake through the vampire heart of CVS!

        Seriously, I avoid CVS at all costs and currently do my shopping at Rite Aid. CVS is a miserable experience made worse by inventory in the aisles and the couldn’t-care-less staff.

        If Walgreens is willing to take short-term losses to chase CVS out of DC, then hurray!

    • +1 – wish we could get a decent bar/restaurant in the neighborhood instead of yet another pharmacy/office building.

    • Agreed on Van Ness needing a good bar and restaurants, but Walgreens is a gigantic step up from CVS in virtually every regard, and it’s wonderful to be able to take my business somewhere dependable where shelves are stocked, employees are friendly, and I can get what I need. I have to pass a CVS to patronize the closest Walgreens to me, and it’s well worth it.

      • I don’t know what walgreens you’ve been to, but the employees are not likely to be nominated for nobels prizes and/or sainthood. It’s the same universe of people who work at CVS. Employees at either store don’t get out of bed thrilled to face another compelling day behind the counter.

    • Giant doesn’t have a pharmacy, and its drug store-type selection is on par with 7-Eleven.

  • Butt Ugly. Fits right in with the rest of Van Ness…

  • I have to agree, the facade of this new building is hideous. The cinder block is compliments the concrete prison style monstrosities that are the University of DC across the street, tripled with the Soviet Style apartment highrises, Van Ness is really depressing. Also this should have been multi-use, they should have put a few floors of office above it, just seems like a waste of a corner. It almost looks like a Library built in the mid 90s. Walgreens will never unseat CVS, there is simply not enough available real estate that fits Walgreens needs. But it’s nice that another major drug chain is BRAVE enough to try and compete with CVS, a chain that has such a MONOPOLY on DC

  • Unfortunately I have to agree with Johnny and 4:22. The store fronts in the area are not engaging in the way that Cleveland Park is, and this fits right in with that.

  • the borg have landed

  • Very stark. Bit of an eyesore.

    But you folks up there are in for a huge treat when that Walgreens opens up. Walgreens, particularly the pharmacy operation, just rocks.

  • i work across the street and my window is directly facing it… ugliest POS building ever that i have to see daily…


  • Does anybody know if this will be 24hrs? Because that would be ideal. I’m always tempted to ask the construction workers in they know but I don’t think they would…

    And when is this opening? I love Walgreens.

  • The actual removal of a gas station is a pretty remarkable feat, I think.

  • Thumbs down. Low buildings on wide avenues generally make for uninviting streetscapes (and blank facades don’t help.) I’m surprised the developer didn’t build higher – what a waste of air rights!

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