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West End Cinema opened up back in Oct. ’10. They are located at 2301 M Street NW. You can see what movies are showing here. Since we often pine for new movie theaters – now that they’ve been around exactly a year – what do you think of West End Cinema? Do you like the films they show? Do you like the fact that you can also buy a beer or glass of wine there? I have to admit – it often falls off my radar – how does it compare to E Street Cinema?

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  • I like the idea of West End Cinema, but their lobby area is too small. There’s no organization when waiting to get into a theater, and the seating inside some of the theaters is awkward–I can’t explain it, you just need to see it for yourself. I am glad, however, that they serve beer, wine, and liquor! I needed a stiff drink to sit through the film “Life in a Day”

    E Street > West End Cinema. Hands down.

  • The film selection is really good. Unfortunately, the theaters themselves (and the screens) are very small — I think exactly the same as when this place was the Cineplex Odeon Inner Circle.

    West End tends to get films that are less mainstream than those at E Street, and also frequently gets films that have just closed at E Street.

    I’m glad that West End is in existence (especially as the Landmark theaters seem to be departing slightly from their original art-house mission and showing some fairly mainstream films alongside the artier stuff). I just wish West End’s screens weren’t so small.

  • Interesting place. I’m glad it’s there because they show movies you don’t get to see elsewhere. The theaters are super tiny – 30 seats maybe – and the screens are also small but proportional. E street is a lot more plush but it’s nice to have a choice.

  • I value having a choice as well and am glad that this place exists. I especially appreciate their commitment to film festivals. The location is a bit off the beaten path, and they don’t have a marquee or much else to draw people in. And the screens are miniscule. Then again, the movies they show aren’t exactly full of special effects. Overall, I’m glad they’re around to pick up the slack on the independent film front.

  • I like it and since I don’t have a huge TV at home, the screen sizes seem fine to me. The theatres are tiny, but the cinema screens films that you’re not going to see at the local multiplex.

    I do agree that the lobby could use some better organization. The ticket sellers are the same as the popcorn sellers and I think they all use the same cash register. When I was waiting in line to get my ticket I found it irritating to have the ticket guy bounce back-and-forth to the various lines.

  • Went once because of a Living Social and enjoyed it. I’d probably go again if they show something I want to see. The theaters are small, but I prefer to think of them as “cozy.” I think it’s a better experience than the huge auditoriums at most modern megaplexes.

  • I’ve been there once and thought it was great. It’s spunky and cozy and a place to show things that wouldn’t get screen time elsewhere. Reminds me of other cool alternative theaters in other cities I’ve lived in.

    Plus, you MUST try the ridiculous sea-salt chocolate-covered marshmallows. The absurdity of the adjectives in the description meant that I had to try them, and they were worth it.

  • Love it.

  • I can deal with the size of the screen – it’s almost expected- but I have a harder time with the folding (Stella Artois) chairs. It was very hard to stay comfortable over the course of two hours. Additionally, the theater was VERY hot which was a downer.

    That said, this fan of documentary films is happy to see this theater back in action with great options to choose from. I just wish they kept “Shut Up Little Man” there longer than a week!

    PS: Their popcorn rocks!

  • The theaters and lobby are rather tiny, but as others have said, I like having an alternative to E Street. That said, I tend to go to E Street more often (simply because they tend to have a wider selection of movies).

  • I love WestEnd. It always shocked me that a big city like DC lacked good movie theaters. I love that they show films that even E Street won’t carry. The staff is super friendly, their prices are reasonable, and I really like supporting a local business.

    That said, I hesitate to go here for a big blockbuster-type movie if I want that kind of experience. Fortunately, I’m more of the indie movie type and am used to watching movies on my laptop, so I’m just fine with the screen size. Again, supporting a local business and helping them stick around trumps most else.

    Definitely recommend!

  • I’ve been to West End for two or three films – Howl, Submarine, and I think something else. I’m not a fan of the seats nor of the small screens, and really I only go because their fare is often playing nowhere else. I still would echo other commenters in noting that there should be separate persons operating concessions and ticket sales.

    Moreover, tickets bought online should be able to be picked up with a credit card regardless of the sales site. I showed up for one film without a printed copy of my confirmation from movietickets.com and discovered the hard way that their systems weren’t integrated – an absolute disgrace, especially since the ticket seller had no idea that they even sold tickets through movietickets.com!

    All in all, it’s an okay theater for hard to find fare, but a bit too annoying for me to seek films out there regularly.

  • cool ass. saw expoiting raymond and santa there luved evere since

  • Thanks Craig you read my mind. I remember back in the day (90s) when there was a vast selection of independent films to choose from in dc

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