Howard Homecoming this Weekend, Sean Diddy Combs will host the official Howard University Stepshow Afterparty

From MPD:

“The Howard University Homecoming major events that can impact parking and traffic are occurring this Friday October 21, 2011, and on Saturday October 22, 2011. Listed below are the authorized “street closures/no parking” areas during this event (open for emergency vehicles):

Yard Fest will take place on Friday, October 21, 2011 on the Main Yard of the campus

Street Closures:

Howard Place between Georgia Ave & 6th Street –DPS Officer Assigned
6th Street between Howard Place & Girard Street – DPS Officer Assigned
Girard Street between Georgia Ave & 6th Street – DPS Officer Assigned

*** Large crowds attending/leaving Yard-Fest may congregate between the intersection of Georgia Avenue & Bryant Street, and the 2600 Block of Georgia Avenue.

Homecoming will take place on Saturday, October 22, 2011. This event will consist of the Homecoming Parade, which begins at 10:00am, and the Football Game which begins at 1:00pm.

4th Street between W Street & Harvard Street – 4th Street controlled by MPD
College Street between 4th & 6th Street – DPS Officer Assigned
4th & Howard Place – DPS Officer Assigned
5th & Harvard Street – DPS Officer Assigned with MPD to identify University personnel
Georgia Ave & Harvard controlled by MPD (DPS Officer assigned to identify university personnel)
6th Street NW between Girard Street & W Street – DPS Officer Assigned.
Bryant Street NW between Georgia Ave and 2nd Street (MPD controls access)
Howard Place NW between Georgia Ave & 6th Street – (DPS Officer Assigned)
Fairmont Street between Georgia Ave & 6th Street (DPS Officers Assigned) (Parade exits campus)
Girard Street NW between Georgia Ave & 6th Street- DPS Officer Assigned.
2668 – 2699 5th Street NW-Closed by MPD during the parade.

For a complete listing of all events on and off campus please visit the Homecoming 2011 website at:″

Photo via flickr user Sade Council Taylor Strategy

From a press release:

“On Saturday, October 22 American rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs will host the official Howard University Stepshow Afterparty during Howard Homecoming weekend at Love Nightclub.

• October 22, Saturday – Sean “Diddy” Combs Hosts Howard University Stepshow Afterparty
o Combs, a Howard University alumnus, will host the official after party at Love Nightclub sponsored by Ciroc Vodka.
o Notable guest in attendance will be AJ Calloway, former “106 and Park” host, and “Extra” Correspondent.

• Love Nightclub
1350 Okie St. NE

To purchase tickets, visit: “

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  • Gonna be awesome. I’ll actually be going to #1000bottles though.

  • I wonder if students will visit Love’s “infamous Italian marble bathroom featuring five-person shower”?

  • Is the photo of that house recent?

    I could’ve sworn that when I drove by the other night, the windows were all gone and it was under construction or something.

  • I think Puff Daddy and his five person shower fetish are pretty well played out, but it’s pretty awesome that Cab Calloway is going to be there.

    • Cab Calloway died in 1994. AJ is his son, and while he is not quite the dancer his father was, he’s a good emcee.

  • What is the parade route? does it go down Florida avenue past 6th and 5th street?

  • I went to the stepshow in 1999 when I was a freshman at GW. It was awesome. Definitely a great spectacle to see and I got a lot of love for being one of the few white people there.

  • To Do:
    Get home early tonight so I can find a good parking space on my street.

    Love HU Homecoming but HATE HATE HATE the hunt for parking. Good thing im off tomorrow. I wont have to deal with rush hour traffic AND HU foot traffic and parking space jackers.

  • ahhhh HU Homecoming…. so many memories! I was actually on the Iota Phi Theta Step team that won the Step Show in 02′! The Que’s were NOT happy lol… we had a total of 20 brothers and fans in the crowd, and the 10 of us on stage, but we killed the show! then we were in the locker/dress room with about 20 Que’s all of them pissed at how the crowd loved the bro’s of the Brown n Gold! That was awsome, we ripped the crowd on their home turf! YEAAAA BOI….OW-OW!!!!!!!! To bad the show now sux. too many insider “arrangements” plus greek life just sux at the local schools (HU, UMD, GW). Too many kids now are skating their way into the frats, nobody is earing anything anymore. There nothing wrong witha lil blood sweat n tears. STOP SKATIN’!

  • My memories of HU homecoming from when I lived in LeDroit Park were of lots of litter being tossed from cars. The rudest students/alumni on the face of the earth.

  • I LOVE Homecoming. I hate that some interlopers (non students / non-alum) come and give it a bad name. I always thought Howard students were conservative. You don’t see keg stands and random making out (I learned at other events that both are awesome, beer pong too) Homecoming is more about looking nice on the ‘Yard’ and getting in the biggest / hottest party that night without sitting in traffic for 2 hours, standing in line another hour all before paying $40 – $100+ cover to get in a club you normally pay no more than $20 to get in. Then it is too crowded to dance.

    I loved every minute of it.

  • We weren’t rude, we were drunk. Kidding…not kidding. But seriously how do you know they were students? All black people around Howard don’t actually go to Howard. Rudest on earth? How many colleges have you actually lived around? If you want to be mean, be realistic. Now back to my red wine. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

    • my experience with Howard is that the students are far more respectful than any college i’ve ever been around.

      i’ve lived close by for 10 years. homecoming, however, sucks.

      • @anonymous 9:51 That’s fair…to that I will say what big event does not ‘suck’ when you are not an active participant and it happens in your neighborhood and you are inconvenienced. Try and remember your were once a college student. Also with the shi%%y job market college graduates will face I hope they enjoy and appreciate their college years.

  • I am super excited to watch the homecoming parade – I saw it last year and it was awesome! It’s nice to have some music and life in this quiet neighborhood. As for Howard students, many of them live here and in my experience they have been nothing but respectful and polite. Homecoming is once a year – not that big of a deal for us residents.
    Now don’t get me started on the Georgetown students who share the row house behind me – thanks for the beer bottle thrown into my garden and vomit in the alley!

  • Wonder how many people will get shot this weekend?

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