Dear PoPville – looking for residential cleaning company

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“Dear PoPville,

My partner and I are looking for a local, responsible (i.e., fair wage, insured, bonded), dog-friendly (most important) cleaning company. We live in Bloomingdale.”

We talked about some green house cleaners here but does anyone have good recs for Bloomingdale and other recs in general?

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  • I know some great cleaning folks but I am guessing that most aren’t legel or bonded. What do you consider “fair wage”? I found the difference between that type of cleaning service and just an individual ( cash only) to be significantly different in price. I have a row house and my cleaning lady charges $60 but a service I used a few times from $150-$175 depending on what I needed done. Can’t you just provide all green cleaning products yourself?

  • Anon, would you be willing to pass along her information?

  • Avoid The Green Mop–I commented about them in the old post that PoP linked to and have since noticed that they flat-out lied in their response to my review of them on Angie’s List. Really, truly lied, when I have emails to the contrary. They’ve also been removed from Angie’s List for violating terms of service.

  • Sweetdee
    I have been using her for years at several different places I have lived. I can’t tell you if she is legal or not as I have never asked. Its not my business and this isn’t Alabama. Normally, I would be happy to pass on her info. However, I am not comfortable putting her name/email or # on a public site.

    • Could you send to juliarows at yahoo? Or contact her and ask her to get in touch with me if that would be better?

      (I’m not the OP, just jumped on the thread hoping to get a good rec at a reasonable price)

    • I believe if you pay her more than $1,700 in any one year, it becomes your business.

  • I know most people won’t be comfortable putting some contact info on here, But I’m looking for someone too and I can’t pay over $100. Is there anything in the $60-80 range?

  • Avoid the DMV Clean Team. Bought their Living Social coupon back in August and they just came by on Saturday. They did a horrible job and the ad was completely disingenuous in terms of what the service entailed.

    Just curious, has anyone out there ever pursued a refund for a Living Social coupon? Do I complain to the cleaning company or does Living Social stand behind the services?

    • I have read reviews on yelp for cleaning companies with livingsocial deals that say they have gotten a refund from LS for bad/no service. I would pursue that, it is in LS’s interest to make you a repeat customer by giving good service.

  • I rec Filipino House Cleaning Services – locally owned and staffed – enviro/pet safe products – very thorough and reliable. Google for website etc

  • Are you implying that the Old Executive Office Building needs some cleaning with that photo?

  • Watching this thread with interest.

    I don’t think I need a regular cleaning service, but the house I bought used to be a group house with several twentysomethings, and the bathrooms need a thorough cleaning.

    For example, I spent about 45 minutes scrubbing the floor of the shower stall with a scrub brush but STILL couldn’t get all of the gray dirt off the textured surface. (And some stuff I scraped off the bathroom floor appeared to be chewing gum… WTF?)

    Anyone have recommendations on a person or company who could do a thorough deep-cleaning, esp. of bathrooms? I think I could handle it myself from then on.

  • Daphne’s Cleaning Service, (240) 508-8330. It’s owned and operated by Lenin and Rocio Rojas, a husband and wife team. They do all of the jobs themselves (no subs). Very reasonable prices, no crazy chemicals, super dog-friendly, and incredibly thorough. I’m going to be so sad if they get too busy, but they deserve the business.

  • Anon – Your cleaning chic sounds exactly in my price range too, i have a dog and cannot keep up with his hair! I would love it if you could email me or have your cleaning lady email me at ward5resident at gmail dot com. I really need someone that wont charge 150-200 for a 900 sq foot space. Thank you so much!

  • Are there really this many people that are incapable of cleaning their own homes? I had no idea…

    • I don’t think it’s that they’re incapable, but that housecleaning can be a big time drain. We no longer live in the era where women are at home all day keeping the house tidy. It’s not too bad if you scrub a bathroom here or mop a floor there (this is what I try to do), but if you wait to do it all at once you end up losing most of a Saturday or Sunday. For some people it’s worth it to pay for housecleaning so they’re not giving up a big chunk of the weekend.

      • Also in shared living situations it’s much less of a headache to hire a cleaning person than to divide chores.

        • Also in marriages, sometimes it’s much less of a headache to hire a cleaning person than to argue about dividing the chores.

    • i can’t believe we live in a town where people don’t bake their own bread.

    • How very relevant to the question asked.

      But with that being said – factor in the fact that I have a full time job, go to school, and run a farm for fun, yeah, sometimes it’s really nice to have someone else do the cleaning. I’m afraid I don’t really understand why this is surprising or problematic.

  • I recommend contacting Angel at Unique Maid Service. I’ve used them for a year now and they do an amazingly thorough job and are very friendly and responsive. I pay $120 but that is for a large row house. Highly recommended.

  • I live in TC and use Leon at Castle is your Home. He is affordable, takes keys, so I don’t have to be home. He is is local to Bloomingdale if that matters to you.

  • We use The Green Mop and they are honest and do a great job and only charge $65 per hour.

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