Homicide in Truxton Circle Last Night

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From MPD:

“Monday night, October 17, at about 8:15 pm, Fifth District officers on patrol responded to the 1600 block of Lincoln Road, NE for the sound of gunshots.

When they arrived they found a 22 year old man who had been shot. The victim was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident we ask that you call 727-9099.”

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  • wasn’t this a cyclist that got shot?

  • andy

    Man, wasn’t it less than a week that MPD found somebody else shot in Truxton Circle?

  • It feels like over the past 5 days there have been shootings daily in TC. I think there must be some sort of gang/crew agitation going on. I hope it wasn’t a random commuter on a bike that got wacked!

  • This is the exact location where that kid was shot for trying to help that woman who was being harassed. They even tore up that tiny triangle of cement and put in grass & trees. Of course its now all trampled down by people sitting there getting drunk all day.

  • Neighborhood listserve said it was a cyclist. Have not found any more info yet. Happened around 8pm.

    • I.e., a random person just passing through? I bike this area every day. Might be time to find a new route.

      Anyone want to ask these guys to please stick to killing each other away from huge intersections?

  • This is another tragic event at a very troubled intersection that needs some serious attention. I contacted Harry Thomas Jr. and received a typical non-committal response. Enough is enough.

  • Harry Thomas is too busy stealing from the city coffers to be bothered with constituent concerns.

  • Seriously. This intersection is dangerous because of crime and traffic. It is the biggest encumbrance that is holding this neighborhood back. Between the projects located down by NY Ave, SOME, other social services, the liquor stores that cater to addicts, plus the urban speedways of NY Ave, N Cap, and Florida Ave.

    Its very messy and all that is happening anytime soon are more liquor stores and more social services.

    Sucks. Glad there are good things happening other places in the neighborhood.

  • has anyone heard anything more about the two stabbings at 14th and Fairmont last week at 6pm? Its amazing how little follow up coverage there is (as in NONE) in the paper.

  • Not to splice hairs, but it appears that this really was in Eckington and not Truxton Circle. Truxton Circle technically doesn’t cross North Capitol Street or Florida Avenue.

    • Not that it matters, but it was, I believe, in the unclaimed land that sits between Bloomingdale, Eckington, and Truxton. But it was called into the police as the 1600 block of lincoln, which I beleive is about 15 feet long, but the crime didnt actually happen there, it happened a few feet away.

      That said, there really are few differences between Truxton, Eckington, and Bloomingdale. Its all the same general area and this intersection is a huge problem for all 3. Its just too bad someone else lost their life in this clusterfuck.

  • How do we get on the neighborhood listserv? I live on bates and would like to be more connected.

  • If Harry Thomas is giving a typical non-committal response is there something else we can do to get his attention? This is tragic, and frightening. I walk to and from work ever day through Truxton circle and I want to believe I’m safe, but more and more I feel the need to watch my back. My roommate was jumped last month and I was assaulted a week later. This can’t go on.

    Do we need to petition for more police patrol? What ever happen to the big spot light? How can I get more involved? I’ve lived in Truxton over a year now, and want to help move this community forward. I can’t just sit back and wait to be another victim.

  • Can the North Capitol Main Street organization get more involved in the issues at this intersection? I agree that this is one area that is really holding back progress along North Capitol. It would be nice to see more local businesses prospering here but I think merchants are afraid to open or expand their businesses because of the people hanging around the “park”. Kudos to Revive and Uncle Chips for taking the risk though.

  • Harry Thomas must be doing somehting right: he has a street named after him in that neighborhood. I mean DDOT wouldn’t name a street after a crook…would they?

  • Maybe if we start a rumor that there is a suitcase full of cash hidden in the area Mr. Thomas will come check it out.

    This area is like the clogged drain of 3 surrounding neighborhoods that are trying to improve.

  • @ Anonymous above: Sure they would, this is D.C. afterall.. but actually the street is named after his father. I think he should do a serious neighborhood convening and show a series of visible, concrete take-back-the-streets actions to demonstrate zero tolerance for violence in this area.

    • While instead, during the exact moment of this murder, he was busy defensively politicizing the redistricting of Ward 5 at the Bloomingdale Civic Assocation. It was exhausting to watch.

    • i have no faith that he would know anything about take back the streets strategies.

  • Is there any new intel on the victim?

  • yeah… so this is quite literally, right outside my house. Concerned but not sure what to do.

  • If you go to Homicide Watch and read back through the stories on Eric’s brother, Kwan Kearney, you can draw a pretty clear conclusion. While this could have been random, it really sounds like the result of an ongoing intra-crew beef.

    The whole thing is just really fucking depressing.

  • according to the Bates Area Civic Association report:
    Metropolitan Police – PSA 501 Meeting Summary

    Several Officers from MPD met with concerned community members during the normally scheduled PSA meeting on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at the Harry Thomas Recreation Center . Topics discussed included:

    · Homicide at Lincoln Rd. NE – the victim was a well-known criminal from the Trinidad Area. MPD believes that the victim may had been responsible for some of the robberies that had been taking place in our area. The case is still under investigation and MPD continue to seek our any information from potential witnesses.

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