Good Deal or Not? “including a fully self sufficient English basement” edition

This house is located at 1654 Newton St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Classic Mt. Pleasant gem! Inviting front porch, 5 bedroom, 3.5 baths on 4 levels including a fully self sufficient English basement with 2nd full kitchen. Huge master suite with sitting room, walk in closet. High ceilings, original moldings, hardwood floors & lovely back deck. Granite countertops & stainless steel appliances. Close to metro, zoo, shops & dining.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

$799,000 sound right for this 5 bed/3.5 bath?

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  • Blah. The marble fireplace is tacky looking and the kitchen is just…..blah.

  • Watch out, this was on Housing Complex today, too. You might get a snarky comment from a certain housing reporter.

  • If it weren’t for the house being almost smack up against a brick wall in the back, this might be a good deal.

    Given that at least two bedrooms have depressing “views” of a brick wall and that there’s no off-street parking, I don’t think this is such a good deal.

    Not very keen on the columns in the living room, marble hither and thither, some of the bathroom fixtures, etc. either.

  • Too bad they removed the nice wood trim from most of the windows. Mt. P houses have such nice trim. And the atrocious mirrored closet doors. Blech! Seriously, does anyone ever use those monstrous jacuzzi tubs? I would think it would take forever to fill. The private deck is a joke. You can do a lot better for 800K.

    • I read somewhere that a jacuzzi tub is one of the top 5 worst return on investment items to put in your home. My parents put one in and have only used it a handfull of times for their grandkids to play in. I also have one in my apartment here and have used it once.

      Also glad that someone else noticed the horrible mirrored closet doors….brass mirrored closet doors at that!

      • I totally believe that about the tub. I prefer a bath to a shower, but would never go to the trouble to use a tub that size.

        • I was having trouble figuring out from the photos what size/shape the Jacuzzi tub actually was. In one photo it looked rectangular; in another, it looked square.

          Obviously it can’t be both.

          Having a regular-ish-sized tub with Jacuzzi jets sounds reasonable, but having an enormous “garden tub” seems like a poor use of space.

  • I liked how the upstairs was staged but the lower apt was free form!
    Staging – this place must be really dark. You can see the shadows cast by set-up photography lights.

  • This seems like a good investment property for either someone who wants to live in the top and rent the bottom, or a landlord who wants to rent the whole thing. I’ve lived in a group house in Mount Pleasant and know people who own rentals there, and I think you could get about $5,000 total rent for the basement and the upper portion.

  • This should be called GDoN “brick wall view” edition.

  • Most of my old furniture is in the basement anyways, I feel like I should get a discount. (Friend lives there, beware of some heating issues in the bsaement.)

  • I looked at this house when I was looking 4 years ago. It has no living space. The first floor is really tiny, odd shaped and affords no room to escape other family members. The kitchen and bathrooms are cheap, builder grade or below and very taste specific to boot. The location is the only thing going for it.

  • I would not pay 800k for this…. it was assessed (for what that’s worth) at 700k, which is likely closer to what they will actually get for it. A little updating would go a long way in this place…..

  • That brick wall “view” happens to be of the side of my house. We have almost as much square footage, a backyard and paid A LOT less than this. Took a look over the weekend. It seemed overpriced for what it is, and the basement smells like it has a water issue. I hope the sellers decide to do some serious updating, or drop the asking price. I would love to see a single family move in, and not a group house. We have enough of them at that corner already.

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