Good Deal or Not? “front door opens to Lincoln Park” edition

This condo is located at 106 Tennessee St, NE:

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The flier says:

“Hurry !!! This is a must see. Located on a great block. Your front door opens to Lincoln Park. Blocks from Eastern Market, Capitol Building, Barracks Row, Union Station, RFK Stadium, H St. NE Atlas District and Metro. This home is GREEN from end to end with Bamboo & Tile Floors, Stainless Steel Appliances, W/ D and a whole lot more !!!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

$374,900 ($290 monthly condo fee) sound right for this 2 bed/1 bath?

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  • Pros: Good neighborhood and some nice finishes and appliances.

    Cons: It’s a basement unit with low ceilings. Having to keep the lights on all day takes away some of the green appeal.

  • To the owner: You’ve got to be kidding! nearly $400k for an English basement with low ceilings and small bedrooms? Not close to a metro at all. Yes, Lincoln Park is a nice place to visit, but…

    • It’s really not that far from the Eastern Market metro– a very pleasant 15-minute walk down North Carolina Avenue and 8th Street. And this block in particular is absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorites on the Hill. I’m not an expert on condo prices, but I believe above ground starts at around $550k or so for a 2-bedroom. So this seems about right.

    • I would agree with you that it is overpriced.

      However, I think the metro issue with Capitol Hill is overblown. As a Cap Hill resident, 10th and D NE, I really love the fact that metro stops aren’t all over the neighborhood. And from my house, its really only about a 12 min walk to Eastern Market Metro. Union Station is about 15 mins.

      In my opinion it keeps the neighborhood more insulated from riff-raff and makes Cap Hill more of a community because you generally only see your neighbors.

      Definitely understand that some folks aren’t looking for that, but for us its great!

      • Plus the area’s a lot more walkable than a lot of other neighborhoods. No major hills or extremely dangerous areas, and certain routes (like 8th Street and North Carolina) are very well-lit and have a lot of foot traffic even at odd hours.

      • That’s such an interesting perspective. I know for a lot of people Metro makes no difference, but I’ve never heard anyone consider it a negative. “Keeps out the riff-raff” sounds so retro. 🙂

        Personally, I think depending on what area of town you work on it can be a great benefit to have the Metro nearby.

        • I live 2 blocks from the Eastern Market metro but this location would actually be more convenient for me for getting to work. It just depends. Despite my proximity, I only use the metro if I’m going to the Smithsonian museums or something. Otherwise it’s more convenient to walk, bike, or take the bus.

        • That was the argument used when the red line was created and was intentionally not run through Georgetown. Didn’t want riff-raff, which I think was a euphemism for black people. HOwever, I thought the area known as the West End was a working-class black neighborhood back in the day.

      • I don’t think the metro stations are spaced any further apart here than they are in other neighborhoods.

        • yes there are. the east side of the city is very underserved by metro.

          • not talking about east of the river

          • uh… me either.

          • I’m pretty sure the distance from Eastern Market to Potomac Avenue, or Potomac Avenue to RFK, is about the same as the distance from Columbia Heights to U Street (having lived at both locations).

          • you pick two in nw that are pretty far apart to gauge the closest three in NE. sure, you’re right.

            just look at a map, you’ll see what i mean.

          • I think you need to look at a map as well. The three he/she mentioned are in SE.

          • That’s an interesting point. I always thought the metro stations were more or less spaced equally apart the line, within the city. Of course, you have areas at the core of the system where you might have a ten-minute walk between stations on different lines, but is there any place where it’s 10 minutes or less to get from one station to another on the same line?

          • hahaha. true. my bad.

            but my point was that the east side of the city has less access to the trains. am i wrong in thinking that?

            i’ve lived in NE, SE and NW so i have a decent sense of the transit options.

          • @ 4:47, I think it’s pretty close to that for the Green Line b/t Gallery Pl & Petworth.

          • A, how the hell do you walk from Petworth to Gallery Place in ten minutes? Isn’t that like three and a half miles?

      • My wife and I live a block east of Lincoln Park, and often comment on how its nice the Metro is a 15-20 minute walk away. Eminently usable, but its distance keeps the neighborhood nice and quite. //Shakes fist at meddlesome kids, grumbles, goes inside to watch his stories.//

        • And absolutely no issues with parking.

        • I kind of like the <5 minute walk to Eastern Market that I enjoy every day. That's a 20-30 minute daily roundtrip savings vs. north or east of Lincoln Park. Have never once in many years had issues with "riff raff"

          parking is so not a big deal on the Hill beyond a block or two from any of the commercial hubs

    • “Not close to the Metro at all.”

      Spoken like someone who has never once set foot in this neighborhood.

  • MsNesbitt

    I love that the “dining room” is just the kitchen bar.

  • WAY WAY WAY too much. But as usual, some idiot will pay it.

  • I don’t know what property in this area usually goes for, but a bunch of things struck me as drawbacks.

    – It’s a basement unit with low ceilings and bars over the windows. Looks dark and dreary. (Better photography and taking photos during the daytime might’ve helped some of this.)
    – Busy tile backsplash in the kitchen. I don’t like it.
    – The refrigerator ought to open in the other direction. Not sure if this is a model where the opening side and handle can be reversed.
    – The green tile behind the bathtub and the sink. Looks like a brick pattern… except going vertically.

    This unit also would have profited from better staging. The coffee table looks like one that I bought for $10 at a yard sale when I was just out of college, and which I sold (for probably the same amount) when I finished graduate school.

  • It sold for nearly as much– $355k– in 2006. The area’s gotten a lot more desirable and property values have gone up a lot since then.

  • This unit in the same building sold for $355k in June … I can’t really find any differences between them that would justify this one being $20,000 higher.

    • $20k’s really not much of a difference. Esepcially if you plan on giving the buyer a little bit of room to negotiate.

      • True, it’s not like the seller is totally crazy not in the ballpark, but they ARE listing it above the comps. Which I suppose is fine if they’re not in a hurry to sell.

        • I’m not sure it’s being listed above the comps. Even if you compare it to another English basement in the vicinity, you have to acknowledge that being right on top of the park adds to the value of the property.

    • That comp appears to be on the first floor – so someone is asking 20,000 to live in the BASEMENT?

      • Haha, no, I think that one’s in the basement too (windows are in the same location) but they just have much better photography.

        • Definitely better photography… but possibly the unit has better exposures too (facing south and/or east or something). In the unit shown in the FranklyMLS link, you can see light STREAMING through the windows!

  • NUTS! It’s a BASEMENT! With 10% down you are paying around $2113.00 a month to live in a small dark basement. Thinking about appreciation? If the city ever gets our shit together, five years from now, you could be competing with great houses in improved neighborhoods for the same price. This is crazy plus ultra.

  • The vertical subway tile makes the small bathroom look so tall and spacious.

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