Gillian Clark’s Kitchen on K Street No Longer Coming to NoMa

The DC NoMa blog shares the sad news:

“Chef Gillian Clark’s Kitchen on K Street will not open on the ground floor of the Loree Grand as planned. Cooked up as the “second-generation” Colorado Kitchen, the venue’s arrival was much-anticipated in a neighborhood with only one full-service restaurant to boast.”

This obviously also doesn’t bode well for any who still held out hope that Chef Clark’s Petworth project would be coming anytime soon (or at all)…

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  • andy

    Give credit to Gillian Clark for trying locations that others aren’t serving, but man, not very good luck. Good food though, in my opinion.

  • jim_ed

    Gillian Clark should team with Roberto Donna and open a restaurant in outer space.

  • too bad, I was looking forward to eating there. Anyone know what happened?

  • Big surprise. I’m pretty sure that I won a bet with this. I think everything she’s done has failed.

  • Sounds like not so much of a loss for NOMA, maybe the Shaws Tavern/Engine Company 12 team can come in and show the ‘hood what a real screw up looks like.

  • I’ll go ahead and make believe that this isn’t happening because she’s prioritizing the Petworth project.

    • Ha! Would anyone be the slightest bit surprised if the Park Place restaurant never even gets close to a build-out?

  • tonyr

    And Louis’ Rogue seems to be making a go of things in that area.

  • Clark wrote a column for Huffington Post DC a few weeks ago stating she now works two jobs, one as a limo driver and another as a line cook in a steakhouse, to make ends meet. (Yet, she still felt compelled to complain about her clients/customers!) I doubt she will be opening any new establishments any time soon unless a financial angel comes forward, and somehow convinces her to stick with executive chef duties. Customer relations and finances do not appear to be her forte.

  • Wow thanks for noting that Huffington Post please. Clark clearly lacks any sense of irony; otherwise why would someone notorious for treating customers and staff badly write a screed bitching about client attitudes? Yes, there are lots of jerks out there, but you also reap what you sow and in the service industry, being inherently hostile towards and suspicious of your clientelle is not a wise strategy. Some people learn from failures and come back stronger; others become embittered and point the finger at everyone but themselves. It’s a shame that a talented chef lacks the perspective needed to have a chance to get back in the game.

    • Actually, my read of the article is that she seems pretty content where she is. I don’t get the sense she has any strong desire to go back to being a restaurant owner. If her talents do in fact lie elsewhere and she has recognized that, kudos to her.
      And she’s absolutely right – some people are only happy when it rains and can’t wait to share every insult, real or imagined, with the world.

  • Meant, Huffington Post piece. The chutzpah! But of course, that is nothing new for Clark who, as this article notes, has mixed it up with critics on this blog before, among numerous other places:

    Personally, I don’t feel a need to talk to a chef at a restaurant, but to the extent some customers might be so inclined, suggesting that makes them racist is pretty f’ing inane. People usually get bad reputations for a reason. Fairly or unfairly, those reputations can take years to repair. But posting videos and Huffington Post columns making fun of your customers is hardly the way to repair a reputation for being a jerk.

    When you are in a brutally tough business with little margin for error, which relies in large part on word of mouth and reviews (Yelp, Zagat, etc.) from customers, you simply can’t afford to alienate a substantial portion of those customers, even the ones who — gasp — may be unhappy with their experience (hardly a rare occurrence at any restaurant). Because Clark hasn’t internalized this lesson, it is no real shock that her business empire is not thriving notwithstanding her talents as a chef.

  • What is happening with the retail space at the Park Place building? How much taxpayer money has the developer received and how many more years do we have to wait for the remaining empty spaces to be filled? The developer should have to pay penalty fees for the vacant spaces.

    If the developer is waiting on Gilian Clarke for the NH Ave space they should move on at this point. How many more examples do we need to see that she has serious problems running and managing a restaurant? Even if she does open a restaurant there eventually, I am unfortunately doubtful that it will stay open for any length of time.

  • This woman and her partner are lacking social skills. I would never patronize any establishment own by these two. They weren’t friendly to customers at the old Colorado Kitchen.

  • Yay for Gillian Clark, she has no respect for anyone but herself. Karma!

  • I was just talking about her and her restaurants on Friday. And I predicted that it would fail. Not so much mind reading, but just predicable.

    Anyone who goes into partnership with her is a fool, as they are sure to lose any money they put in.

  • I loved colorado kitchen-went there for years and never had a bad experience. Great food and Chef and Robin were always friendly, but clearly busy. I wish them the best and hope that they are able to open the restaurant in petworth.

    • +1. Never had an issue at the old Colorado Kitchen. We still miss it, especially when I look at the ugly, boring and still unfinished building that destroyed its charming old digs. Shameful how this city destroys the very things that make it appealing and special.

  • PoP, can you find out anything on the space in Petworth? its a great end space and perfect for a restaurant. My fear is that her total ineptitude will jeopardize that space in the future. I am just waiting for the landlord to put a bank or a another cell phone store in there just to avoid dealing with restaurant hassles.

  • Maturity does not always come with age. Chef Clark is obviously emotionally immature. All who hold out hope that she will come back with a great neighborhood restaurant need to get a life. Poor customer treatment has no place in the restaurant industry.

  • What happened to her restaurant in Silver Spring?

  • PoP-I would just be curious if there is another restaurant planned for that corner space. Its clean Clark is never going to get her act together and I hope that she and the landlord aren’t going back and forth in useless negotiations over something she can’t manage. I feel like GA avenue is at a real turning point now. As soon as DC Reynolds and Chez Billy open and then safeway starts demolition (early 2012 hopefully) and now talk of streetcar coming….this really could be an amazing place.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      At the moment there is not another restaurant planned for that space. Having said that – if someone wants to open up a restaurant in that space and is willing to sign a lease I’m fairly certain they could have it.

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