Georgia Avenue/Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail Signs Go Up

I love these signs. From the Shaw listserv:

“11 out of the 19 signs for the Georgia Avenue/Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail are being installed today! The trail begins at 7th and S and ends at Georgia and New Hampshire Ave. Work on this trail began in 2007 and is now coming to fruition.

Save the date of Saturday October 15th at 11am for the official launch of the Trail on the grounds of Howard University Hospital.”

One of my favorite parts so far – a photo of of inside the old York Theater at Georgia and Princeton:

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  • Those books of classic DC pictures are so hauntingly beautiful. Its amazing to see how wide the streets were, and how some of the buildings were still up around that time. My house was built in 1902, but they don’t have any pictures of my neighborhood in them, that would be freaky!

  • I just wish everybody would stop teasing with pictures and stories about how awesome the York used to be now that it’s all boarded up and ugly.

  • saf

    The other 8 are scheduled to be installed this week.

  • That’s such a great picture of the inside of the York. I see the inside sometimes on Sundays as I’m walking by when people are leaving mass and its just not the same. I wish the parish would get together one weekend, do a potluck, and fix the place up. I would gladly pitch in with a brush and a hammer….It’s such an eyesore now.

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