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  • For anyone else who was wondering whereabouts in Petworth this is, it’s between Delafield and Decatur.

    Looks like it’s near (maybe even next to?) Moroni and Brothers’ Pizza.

  • Exciting! Could be interesting… but I like the idea.

  • too wide for the sidewalk?

    • There is no way that sidewalk seating can be legal.

      From that Adams Morgan thread, law is currenlty requirment of 10 feet of sidewalk with exceptions down to 6 feet.

      The remaining sidwalk appears to be what, 2-3 feet at most?

  • Should get RAS and the Pizza Moroni in on the sidewalk dining too, make it look a little less out of place and more likely to get diners to actually sit outside.

  • This is a great little restaurant. Glad to see them ‘expanding’. It may be a bit too wide, but seems like there’s room to move the tables closer together to make up that space.

  • I love both Fusion and Moroni, and hate to rain on their parade, but there’s far too many teenagers and other characters wandering that block to make for a comfortable experience sitting outdoors.

    • Also the GA Ave traffic is pretty intense there – I don’t know how they got a picture without the usual stream of speeding cars. Also, I realy like the inside of their restaurant. Best palak paneer.

    • I’d prefer to eat inside, for sure.

  • More people should know about this block. Fusion has gotten really fantastic lately, and RAS has brought live music to the neighborhood. Best of luck to them both.

  • Love Fusion and Moroni — glad they are expanding. And +1 on the comment that we need to get more people to know about the great food on that block!

  • i like that theyre trying, but this not really a location i would want to sit outside to eat

  • Actually, that outdoor seating is the exact opposite of “looking good.” I’ve never understood why people in this town celebrate any old arrangement of tables outside. Doesn’t matter if it’s a crappy view or if your food is one foot from people passing by, as long as it’s outdoor seating it’s the greatest thing ever.

    I’m surprised that Fusion has enough business to justify outdor seating. Every time I have gone it’s 3/4 empty.

  • andy

    Just in time for Fall!

  • Even if fusion wasnt blocks from my house i’d still go there. Great food! Outdoor seating is not usually my thing but i’ll try it. Hopefully theres a few nice days left before the cold really arrives.

  • Does anyone know anything about a yoga studio moving in across the street from there?

  • Thank’s every one for your positive input i try to give my guest other options to sit inside or out side to enjoy a lovly Sunday brunch with bottomless mimosa/spartking wine, i hope all the guest that sat there yesterday had a wonderfull afternoon.

    • I was there and it was one of the most enjoyable afternoons I’ve had in quite some time. The food was delciious, the mimosas were topped off frequently and I thought the room for the passerbys on the sidewalk was just fine. I didn’t even notice the traffic passing by since there was a lane of parked cars between the table and the roadway. I live down on Ust and there is nothing down there that compares. I will definately add this to my date night list of restaurants. 🙂

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