From the Files of – This is not good Vol. 2

From the MPD 5D listserv:

“Did the police find the juvenile prisoner who was arrested in PG County and charged with armed carjacking and related robbery and weapons offenses who escaped from police custody [Oct. 6] in the area near 18th and Rhode Island Avenue, NE?”

The response:

“Not yet.”

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  • What is the basis of the trouble here dealing with juvenile offenders? Yes, there’s the community’s horror at having every black boy pegged as a creature. yes, there’s the bizarre neo-paternal liberalism of council members who either are pandering that horror, or have some view that all are indeed misunderstood darlings.

    I’m not so sure all of that’s at the root anymore, however. It seems increasingly it’s just incompetence and a factory mentality with MPD and the courts.

    • its been like that for ever and will be the same for a long time to come in DC.
      the basis is not owning up to the problem.
      It starts with the parents,and continues with the corrupt politicians pandering to the parents.
      and at the end of the day,good citizens pay the price.
      It becomes normal to negotiate with the thief to get your bike back( where the proper action should be collosal Ass whooping for the thief) and on and on.
      Violent destructive kids roam the streets? oh well they are entitled ( to ruin other paeople’s day?…)
      and on and on.

    • What do either of these comments have to do with the fact that this kid was arrested, broke away from the cops, and is roaming around the neighborhood?

      • The fact that he got a way may be a little keystonish, but the fact that this is a seemingly run of the mill kinda crime will get people a little upset.

      • How about the embarrasing response from the MPD?

        • How is it embarrassing? They answered concisely and honestly. Some folks get all worked up over anything. Sometimes shit happens, you need to give folks a bit of a break – I’m sure they are pretty pissed the dude escaped too.

          • You obviously have been out in the business world. There are ways to phrase status updates that don’t appear so dismissive. Saying “Not yet, but we’re working diligently on it,” or “Not yet, but it’s at the top of our priority list,” or “Not yet, but we understand your concern and will hope to resolve the case shortly” makes a world of difference.

          • Or how about “Not yet, and dont expect anything more because we aren’t an f’ing PR agency and we just give you the facts”.

            Seems reasonable. Sorry that Commander Solberg, a perfect reasonably, nice, and professional guy, seems to have upset your sensibilities and didnt caress your anxieties adequately.

          • PR is a big part of their job– it’s in their best interested to be in favor with the community. That’s all. It’s just one of those things like a typo on a resume that makes you wonder how capable someone is when it comes to the meat and bones of their job.

          • @4:30

            Let me guess, a cop? Or a friend/relative of one?

            I don’t think anyone was claiming they were upset and axious.

          • Really? You actually have to ask that?

            Look at NON- 3:57, 4:03, and 4:07.

            All good answer to your surprising question.

          • This district commander happens to be extremely responsive and very professional. I am not a cop, I dont even particularly like them that much, but I also dont dislike them. They’re people too, sometimes officious, sometimes assholes, but I do like Commander Solberg.

            He responded and he gave you the facts. I’m not sure what you expect.

  • or they could have started by saying, “We understand your concern and we’re working diligently to resolve this,” or “Finding him is at the top of our priority list.” Never mind the lame “Not yet but” part. Start with something that says they’re looking seriously for him.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Update Oct. 12: He was arrested:

    “Yesterday members of the Fifth District along with the Youth Division’s Absconders Unit apprehended the 17 year old who escaped from custody last week.

    He was taken into custody without incident.”

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