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  • I moved from a studio in this building a year ago and was paying $1200 a month! The only change I see is that this apartment has hardwood and I had carpet.

    • When did you sign your lease/move in there?

      • I moved in late 08 and left late 10. But, I had a friend move in early 2010 and he paid the same price that I paid (about $1200…$1195, to be exact).

        • I think it also depends on when you check the leasing office postings. I signed a lease for a studio in a very similar building for $1,300 but my friend is paying $1,425 for the same apartment model.

  • Pretty sure that’s a file photo – not the actual unit. I think they’re renovating the building floor by floor.. the unit I saw (March of 2010) was in bad shape.

    As an aside, I find it really annoying how frequently 1500 Mass posts on craigslist. They use every key word you can think of..

  • Yes, but rent always goes up when someone moves out and someone new moves in. I have been in my building for almost nine years; someone new moving in today would pay about 30% more than I do.

    As for this place, I can’t tell if utilities are included (did I miss it? Blame Friday afternoon.) If utilities are included it’s a little high, but not outrageous. If utils are not included, not a grat deal.

  • I walk by this apartment building on my way to work everyday. The outside of the apartment looks terrible. Also, the apartments lack a kitchen (it is a 4th of a wall), the oven is not standard size and the windows are old and gross looking. Overall I cannot imagine why anyone would want to live in the building.

  • i used to live here for a few years, and couldn’t wait to get out. the apt in the photo looks NICE – but nothing like i remember it.

  • I just moved out of the building in September. The building is full of bed bugs and new flooring will only help for a few months before they spread back into the units that have been renovated. I moved in July 2010 to new carpet and a new stove. The first six months were fine and then the bed bugs came… also I paid $1140. The new price is not worth living with bugs.

  • Might charge extra for bedbugs. Check the pet policy first.

  • Probably rent controlled like my building. I couldn’t afford being a newcomer in my place otherwise…moved in in 20007. But bedbugs are scary! I never encountered them but often contemplate moving to save money but worry about that. I even wrote an article about bed bugs relating to my industry…hotels/hospitality and detection/prevention. But still looking for work, so who knows. It’s terrifying to see all the post about bed bugs in units in DC. The picture looks nice, hopefully they’ll work it out. Not bad price if true one bedroom.

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