Free DC Brau When You Order at the Bar of Bread and Brew

Well this is pretty sweet. Thanks to a reader for sending the photo above. I called to confirm and indeed M-F until 4pm you get a free DC Brau with a food order at the bar until 4pm. Anyone have lunch plans tomorrow?

Bread and Brew is located at 1247 20th St, NW.

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  • claire

    Wow, good deal, will definitely motivate me to check them out when I have a weekday off!

  • They’re charging the right price for that beer. Bleh.

  • ok, this has been bothering me forever. What is up with the slightly ridiculous number of security cameras at Bread and Brew? They have at least two out front, and about six downstairs in the bar area. Back room high stakes poker game? Owner on the lam from mafia?

    It’s strange given the fact it’s a veggie-vegan friendly place with great soups, salads and sandwiches, but the downstairs bar (the one time I had a drink there) feels a little icky.

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