Former Olsson’s Bookstore in Dupont to Become a Daycare Center

Yesterday we learned that Ben and Jerry’s had closed at 1333 19th St, NW in Dupont Circle. At the time a reader wondered what was going on with the former Olsson’s Bookstore space nearby (1307 19th St, NW). Thanks to a reader who works nearby – we know that construction started on Oct. 10th for a daycare center to be named Huckleberry Cheesecake Daycare.

If you don’t have kids not as cool as a Wagamama nor an Olsson’s for that matter but glad to see the long vacant storefront finally filled.

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  • fYI: Huckleberry is probably expanding from their space on 20th and M ST to this new space at Olssons.

  • probably the worst name in the history of business.

    • At first I thought it was a reference to a Strawberry Shortcake character, but it turns out I was thinking of the character named “Huckleberry Pie.” Holy cow, I just checked out their tuition rates, that’s more than I pay in rent every month!

  • what is the world coming to?

  • I’m your huckleberry.

  • Given how difficult it is to get your kid into a decent-quality daycare unless you know some magic and/or get on the waitlist the second you have a positive pregnancy test, I’m all for this.

  • This is actually a fantastic use for that space, regardless of your views on kids and working adults that have them. The Golden Triangle area is nothing but office buildings, and having good (hopefully affordable) daycare within a couple blocks is great for those parents, and cuts down on traffic congestion since they aren’t going elsewhere to drop their kid off.

  • The current Huckleberry Cheesecake is in a cramped location downtown. It has good reputation and a long wait list (with prices to match) but no good outdoor play space of it’s own. I don’t know if they are expanding or moving but this is great news for the many working parents in the area.
    J – Who boos a daycare? Really? Apparently nobody wants to reproduce with you?

  • They should make that space into a dog park.

  • Good news for whoever needs daycare, but this really makes me miss Olsson’s a LOT.

  • Mmmmm…Huckleberry Cheesecake! What??? It’s a daycare center! WTF!!!

  • As mentioned above Huckleberry is currently at 20th and M, in the KPMG Building. The rumor is that the building is going to be getting the all glass face-lift that has become a downtown staple. KPMG’s lease is up at the end of the year and they are moving to 18th and K, in the building that used to house the Borders. I would suspect renovations would begin after KPMG and Huckleberry move out. Wonder what is going to happen to the sandwich shop, La Baugette and Freshii?

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