Fmr Eyesore Next to Qualia Coffee Looking Good

The former eyesore at 3919 Georgia Ave, NW (next to Qualia Coffee) is looking great. Can’t wait to hear who will be moving into the space. And a few doors north there is also some major renovation going on – awesome progress for the block:

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  • andy

    It would be great to have some synergy with the Qualia business model. Maybe like a little bakery or something? Ach, I’m dreaming.

  • From what I know, there are no renters lined up yet, but they are currently looking. If you’re interested, go look into it! Qualia brings a decent amount of foot traffic…

  • Beautiful.

  • Good to see. Qualia deserves better neighbors than it currently has, i.e. vacant and decrepit buildings.

  • A yoga studio will be great.

  • Thanks for reporting on 3919 Georgia Ave NW. I am Tom Welch, the broker for the owner of the property. She has invested significant capital and energy in this project in hopes of contributing to the beautification of this rapidly changing streetscape. It is a mixed use building, 1000 sf of office/retail on main and lower levels and a one-bedroom residential unit on the upper level, both available for lease in the near future. Additional information at

  • NOW if only PEPCO would cooperate – we could finish the beautification of 3919 Ga.

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