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  • when this place first opened it was fantastic. they they “renovated” and it sucked after that.

  • Went there once. It was empty yet the service sucked, margaritas were way too sweet, and the food was flavorless. I am surprised to hear it remained open until now.

  • I went there frequently when they first opened. I loved the food and the service was great. But then they started to not be open when they should be, i.e. at noon or so on a weekday when they had previously been open for lunch. Some days open for lunch, other days not, and no hours posted. So I slowly tapered off but when they were good, they were really good.

  • I liked this place. Sad to see it go. There aren’t many Mexican options around. The veggie enchiladas were AWESOME!

  • Never been there. Nice building facade, though!

  • I went there once and remember the food being really good and not expensive at all. However, the service was slow as molasses.

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