Door of the Day

This is one of the cooler door knobs I’ve ever seen.

Ed. Note: If you’re wondering it does feel a bit strange for me to write a sentence like that. But seriously – check out the details and the two key holes…

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  • Back in their day, these double-keyed locks were common on entry doors. The mortised lock had a push-button or lever on the edge to enable locking the knobs when you left the house. You’d need your key to release the knobs so you could gain entry to the house. The second, usually lower keyhole, was for a separate lock bolt, much like any door lock of the day. Usually you’d need two separate keys to unlock either function, they weren’t keyed alike. You can see how this would be a royal pain. In later years the designs were improved to allow one key to unlock either function. This was well-made hardware, frequently of brass or bronze, still functional and attractive today, as we see on these doors in the photo. Jewelry for the home.

    • It looks a little out of place compared to the other brass hardware on the door, though. They should polish it up a bit.

  • I love the door knobs in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building

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