Dear PoPville – Recognize this Possible Burglary Suspect?

“Dear PoPville,

I was wondering if you and your readers can help track down a burglary suspect…

Recently, my house in the U Street neighborhood was robbed in broad daylight. He entered by kicking in the back door from a shared alley. We have an alarm system and the police responded quickly, so that was good. However, we found out that 3 homes on our block had also been burglarized the week before and the number of DC Alerts for robbery this month is off the charts. It would be great to get the perpetrators off the streets so this doesn’t keep happening.

We just found out that our neighbor has video of a lone suspect, in gloves on a warm day, looking over his fence13 minutes before my alarm sounded 20 feet away. If anyone knows this man or sees him, call the police immediately and refer to this video. Will send an updated version if we can get a clearer picture or zoom in.”

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  • Question,

    You say he kicked in the back door. Do you have one of those metal gate things that he got through first before kicking the door in?

    I’ve often wanted to take mine off as I am sick and tired of feeling like I live in a prison.

    • Don’t take it down. Prior to us getting our metal gates for our doors, someone used a lawnmower as a battering ram to bust through our front door.

  • gotryit

    This is why I love surveillance cameras for the house.

  • He looks like a fine, upstanding young man.

  • Whether intentionally placing your grill infront of the gate or not. Probably a pretty good first line security measure

  • I’ve seen enough CSI to know that you can infinitely zoom into that guy’s face and lose absolutely no quality (I think there’s a “sharpen” button). Then you can do a search of the database that has everybody’s face from every angle, and it’ll tell you who it is.

    Crime solved.

  • Just an FYI Robbery is different from Burglary. But there def. has been an uptick in both…which is strange because its gotten cooler

  • andy

    I wear gloves on warm days all the time. Why would someone suspect me of a crime?

  • I also love video cameras. I remember when the city or police was planning to install a lot of cameras in the city, some people complained about privacy. They are related to this burglars and they don’t want the friends to be caught.2M54

  • naymond brice from the wire anyone?

  • If you find out who this person is I doubt the police would be able to do anything. They could ask him some questions, but not a chance of getting a warrant or an arrest without more evidence.

    He may very well be the guy who burglarized your house. Just saying.

  • Does anyone have a system that they like?

    Or even IP cameras that they like?

    I’m not a fan of having a separate DVR for security (vs just buying a home server and installing software which could also do a few other things) and it would be nice to have ethernet based cameras vs. coaxial.

    I’d like to get 3-4 cameras, but with higher definition and capable of being accessed and alerted by my iphone. Anyone found something inexpensive that they like?

    • There are alarm systems that operate over cell lines, as opposed to phone lines, and that are acessible and controllable from a smartphone. A friend of mine has such a system in his house. He can access real time footage from cameras outside and inside the house, as well as receive alerts when doors and/or windows are open. The system can also be alarmed or disarmed remotely.
      Check out Frontpoint Security, Vivent, ADT has recently gotten on board with its Pulse system.

    • gotryit

      I had the same thoughts initially, but then settled on this set. I just couldn’t justify the expense to get a decent IP camera, especially with power over ethernet.

      This DVR set costs about $400 with 4 cameras, but is easy to set up, and connects to my router. I can see it all on my laptop or smartphone via wireless network…

      • gotryit

        Also, those have 1/3″ CCDs, which give you better quality than a lot of the cameras out there that are mostly 1/4″ CCDs.

    • Check out Archerfish products. They have a line of wireless/IP cameras that send you an email if the camera detects motion or a person in a specified area between specified times. Also, the video is uploaded directly to a website rather than stored locally so you don’t have to worry about a theif running off with the evidence.

  • I would be interested in a camara for the backside of my house overlooking the alley as well. Any suggestions from people on something thats relatively easy to use. Other than burglaries, I would like to see who is dumping so much crap in the alley.

  • my thoughts exactly 🙂

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