Dear PoPville – Police on 14th and Florida Ave, NW yesterday morning?

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“Dear PoP,

Saw the post earlier about the bike guy who got into an argument on 14th and FL ave. I was walking to my car around 8:45 and there were a ton of police everywhere on that corner. Was here any correlation that you’ve heard of?”

I’ve been getting tons of emails asking what happened yesterday morning, according to MPD, it turns out:

“MPD and Fire were investigating a small amount of a suspicious liquid used in an assault.

The liquid was determined to be bleach.”

Apparently the passenger assaulted the driver over a dispute of how much the fare should be.

Never a dull day…

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  • Do you know anything about the issue at the William H. Rumsey Aquatic Center yesterday evening? There were tons of firetrucks and ambulances and apparently there was some sort of irritant (in the water?). Kinda disturbing as I was actually going to go for a swim last night.

  • From what source did PoP learn this was about a fare dispute. The MPD response does not so indicate. If it was indeed a fare dispute, I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to the conclusion that it was the passenger that escalated the dispute without more facts. I’ve had many many experiences with cab drivers getting unnecessarily and inappropriately aggressive with me over fare disagreements. It has always been the cab driver the escalates it to shouting/threatening. I’ve had to actually flee from cabs before where the driver has gotten out and threatened to physically assault me. Of course, the taxi cab commission does nothing about this. (Yes, I did report these incidents to no avail.) Besides, how would a passenger have access to bleach in the back of a cab?

    • YES. And the police always side with the cab driver.

    • Is there any one particular cab company that seems to be especially bad?

      • My worst experiences–including the one where the cab driver got out and attempted to attack me–was with Yellow Cab. Neither the cab company nor the cab commission cared. I didn’t call the police, but should have.

        • No, you shouldn’t have. I’ve been in that situation (so has a close friend) and in both cases the police arrested us for refusing to pay the full amount.

          • P.S. – I’ve been boycotting cabs for years and suggest others do the same. There are other ways to get to your destination, and they are all less likely to put you in an uncontrollable environment with a psychopath.

          • I’ve learned in those situations that you should just give him the money he’s demanding. It’s unfair, but a lot of cab drivers won’t hesitate to phyically assault you, and I’m sure they all carry guns. Best not to put yourself at risk if there’s any indication that he’ll get violent. It’s really no different than a robbery– would you risk your life over $20?

          • Ditto on the boycott. I haven’t had the terrible experiences that some of you have, but I just don’t want to pay $10-$15 to go a mile or two in a death trap.

      • Pretty much all cab companies that operate in DC.

        My understanding is that there are only two requirements to be a cabbie in DC:

        1.) Prove that you were unable to become a pirate in Somalia because you were too unethical.


        2.) Have access to a 20+ year old car (ideally w/o shocks + breaks) that smells like the anal cavity of a dead hooker.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Sorry for the lack of clarity – my source is the Metropolitan Police Department. MPD tells me it was a fare dispute and the passenger used the bleach.

  • if we can roll taxis, bikes, assaults, and racism into one post how many comments can we get?

  • Don’t forget to add dogs to your list. Dog park etiquette and leash laws seem to evoke emotion around here.

  • I am a little confused how there can be a dispute. There is a meter with digital readout right there. Your fare is pretty obvious.

    Did the passenger feel the ride wasn’t “worth” that much, or that the cabbie some how inflated the number on the meter?

    • Probably drove 30 minutes out of the way just to make the fare higher. Not only is it annoying to have to pay extra, but it wastes time and it’s scary to not know where the hell the cab driver is going for those 30 minutes.

      • Ok, but if you knew they were taking the scenic route, wouldn’t you say something earlier or get out of the cab?

        Happened to me lots of times. I simply say “Go via X route” and called it a day, or if they didn’t want to, got out of the cab.

        If you know you’re being taken for a ride and don’t say anything until you get there, you kind of deserve it.

        • Um, in my experience I DID say something and the cab driver ignored me. I guess I could leap out of the cab and run away, but he’s faster than I am and could just hunt me down.

          • Yeah, or just say. “I changed my mind, pull over here”

            It really isn’t rocket science. If you know you are being taken advantage of and refuse to say anything, thats your problem. Grow up folks!!

      • i always instruct my preferred method just so the cabbie knows i’m from here and i know back roads… don’t get my best friend started on rock creek park routes… he is KING

    • I’ve run into numerous situations where drivers try tacking on extra fees that do not apply to my particular ride. I generally call them out on it, and since I’m a physically unimposing female who asks politely, they usually drop it rather than try to fight me.

      I also had a situation recently where, in a forced share from Union Station, the driver tried to charge me a flat fee that was grossly over what the metered fare would be. I told him I’d taken that route many times and it was never that much, and I offered to pay that much if he would turn the meter on and prove that it cost that much, but he refused to run the meter. So I refused to ride with him and waited for another cab.

  • My personal favorite experience was when the cab driver “missed the turn” somehow and – oops! – we ended up on 14th Street in rush hour traffic, thus driving up the fare… which case I promptly got out and walked the rest of the way.
    Captcha for this? LYES

    • I had a cab driver go right past my apartment and all the way out to Falls Church. He was weaving in and out of dark little roads and completely ignoring my questions. It was terrifying! When he finally turned around and drove back to my place I tossed him what the cab fare would have been and darted inside as fast as I could.

  • bleach? seriously? if this stayed out of the drivers’ eyes, i cant imagine much damage was done.

  • Used DC cabs for years and have rarely had a bad experience. Frankly they are underpaid compared to other cities. But if you want to limp along in the bus thats ok too…

  • Also… We have a passenger assaulting a cabbie with bleach and all the POPville commenters can do is bitch about cab drivers. How about some sympathy for the victim??

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