Dear PoPville – “Players Ball” Coming to DC

Fliers found in Bloomingdale and on Georgia Avenue

“Dear PoPville,

I don’t know if I should be laughing or mortified. I Google’d the heck out of the upcoming event and couldn’t find anything but bad spelling. Not surprisingly, the Masonic Temple isn’t open about their schedule.”

The reader found the following report from Crisis Connection:


The reader also sends a NSFW video from a previous Players Ball:

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  • Be mortified. The legitimization / glorification of pimp culture is an enormous contributor to the rampant and under reported problem we have in this country with sex trafficking, often involving exploitation of underage girls. It sickens me whenever I see people extol the virtues of pimping / treat is as a joke, because people have absolutely no clue what life is actually like for those victimized by this industry (and again, we are talking about girls as young as 13-14, and in general very, very young, vulnerable, often runaway kids who in many cases have been victimized by abuse in the past). Sorry to get on a soapbox, but unfortunately too many people think of pimping as a cool, fun lifestyle, when it is anything but for the women who pimps victimize. And that glorification has a real impact on those working to protect these victims and/or prosecute these type of cases, unfortunately.

  • andy

    Wasn’t there something like this in “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka?”

  • What do you expect from a culture that treats education as a four letter word (ware? mosonic?) and who thinks dropping out of 10th grade to start an awesome career of armed robbery?

    Over/under on the cops getting called to this little party, or someone getting gunned down outside?

    Sometimes I really wonder why I live in DC?

    • That’s racist!

    • Sometimes a Player’s Ball is simply a costume party with no actual pimps or prostitutes. How do sex trafficking, dropping out of school & armed robbery correlate?

      • And sometimes simple cultural affairs like a Caribbean festival is just an innocent gathering where 4 people aren’t shot, and legions of attendees don’t crap, pee vomit on your lawn/house, jump on your car as they stumble back to their cars to drive home hammered.

        And sometimes fun, innocent cultural gatherings at the national zoo don’t end up in a multistabbing affair.

        But then again, this is DC.

        The whole point of the Players Ball is to glorify the culture, not ignore it.

        • The shooting after the Caribbean Festival had nothing to do with the actual festival. You are talking about 2 isolated incidents at culturral events that have gone on for years without such things happening. If you dislike DC so much or have such a negative attitude about it why move here?

        • those events have nothing in common.
          unless all you’re able to fathom is race.
          that’s pretty sad.

        • looks like it’s time for you to move. this party will be no different from all the parties in georgetown this weekend where all the girls are dressed up like “ho’s” anyway… didn’t we cover that in a post yesterday? dressing up like a slutty nurse for halloween, or maybe a slutty pirate, or a slutty whatever…. it’s the same thing.

          • Not at all the same thing if the people attending are involved in prostitution or sex trafficking.

            Captcha: mybu

          • get over yourself (The Heights)… no one at this party is getting kidnapped and sold into sex slavery…. you’ve seen Taken one too many times…

          • When did I say people were being kidnapped? All I said, “anonymous,” is that there’s a vast difference between drunk college kids and real pimps (if that’s the case here – as some say it is). Relax.

          • Good Point!

      • Sex trafficking definitely correlates with cultural glorification of pimps and prostitutes. Young kids see the glamorization of this lifestyle through seemingly innocent movies, songs, parties, celebrities, and so on, and have a twisted idea of what that lifestyle entails. Unfortunately, once teenage girls are sucked into the life, it becomes very difficult to escape. So while nothing may be improper at this type of event on its face, the culture that glorifies pimping most certainly contributes to / escalates an epidemic problem of teen prostitution in this country.

        • there are “pimps” everywhere… in Hollywood they are called “agents” or “managers”… Kris Kardashian is the biggest and baddest madam out there… she’s got 5 “girls” and has pimped them out making $60mil a year.

          • Yeah, the difference is, the actors in Hollywood live lavish lifestyles and get paid 20 million dollars, and are free to change agents (who work for them, not the other way around) whenever they want, whereas street pimps pay their victims little or nothing, treat them as sexual playthings, and keep them virtually enslaved via violence, displacement, threats to family, and other forms of coercion. But otherwise, a very astute analogy (sighing audibly …).

          • oh lord you really have no clue do you.

    • You can’t have an over/under on something without numerical value.

  • That such ignorance is still endemic to this city is embarrassing.

  • no good can come from this post.

  • I notice that pimps and playas are welcome, but what about mac daddies and daddy macs?

  • Has anyone called “Mr. C” yet to find out addy infomashion?

  • i knew getting that pimp chalice was a great idea!

  • Celebrating slave owners and people who traffic in humans. Insane, regardless of how cool the clothing is.

  • THREAD CLOSED! Oh wait this isn’t a forum!

  • I’d rather talk about how the obvious poor spelling and general tone of the sign appear to be more of a poor attempt at humor than an actual party notice. Not saying that these events don’t happen, but when they do they are usually lavish, large scale events, and promotion doesn’t happen on flyers printed on regular paper and taped to a sign… but hey, we can continue on the “oooo poor spelling! must be an uneducated DC resident” bandwagon if that’s more comfortable for you guys.

    • Thus far, there’s been a grand total of one post about the bad spelling. The bandwagon has been more focused on the repugnant nature of celebrating the exploitation of the vulnerable, particularly children, via human trafficking.

      But clearly acknowledging that wouldn’t fit within your “nasty white gentrifiers laughing at the uneducated black folk” whine, would it?

      • There are 4 comments dealing with education level, culture of the city, etc. That being said, I have no issue with the comments about sex trafficking and exploitation. To be clear I don’t condone or respect anything that has to do with the idea of such a party. I also made no reference to white people, gentrifiers, white gentrifiers, or black folks”, nor did i intend to. I spoke to the comments made by those above. I know nothing of their race, background etc.

        • C3PO, I think you just got carried

        • There was ONE comment criticizing the spelling, which was the complaint you stated. To criticize spelling is trivial and irrelevant.

          Critiques of a culture that celebrates pimping are entirely justified. Tangential remarks about that culture not valuing an education are also relevant, and by no means trivial.

          Don’t try to imply that your comment was free of any racial implications. It’s blatantly disingenous at best.

          • C3PO, I am now and have always been capable of expressing my thoughts. i do not hesitate to bring up race when it is relevant. Here i did not think it was relevant, so I did not bring it up. Your insistence that the racial implications that you sense must be shared by me are unfounded. If you want to make this about race we certainly can, but for me, my issue was with the sweeping generalizations about the residents of the district. My initial comment was about the fact that it never occurred to anyone that the flyer must be fake. Posters took one of two avenues 1) sex trafficking is bad (which i agree with and found no reason to address) and 2) DC residents are a sad group who place no value on education (which i disagree with and decided to speak up on). You can bring race and gentrification into all you want. It doesn’t change my thoughts or my intention.

        • I’m callin’ BS on you SMH.

  • THis looks AWESOME! How do I get tickets? Cmon guys, this is fun-ny

  • You say that you got it all. Love the way you players ball. Every day you’re at the mall. Tell me is it true or false?

  • Where is the Masonic Temple at 10th and U, anyway? I walk by there all the time, and can’t recall ever having seen it.

  • Oooh, I hope there’s a Groupon for this!

  • Was just skimming through the linked report from Crisis Connection on the Players Ball:

    This is some pretty disturbing stuff.

    From their factsheet:

    Do real pimps actually attend The Players Ball?
    – Certainly. The pimps in attendance at The Players Ball are alleged to be the very same pimps that are guilty of engaging in criminal behavior such as sex trafficking, money laundering, and tax evasion.
    – In an Atlanta indictment in the U.S. v Pipkins case, the indictment charges Charles Pipkins, Herman Gordon Hutson, Jr. and Terrence Anderson of all attending the Players Ball in Detroit together. Pipkins was later charged and convicted for RICO statutes and other criminal offenses. Pipkins’ total criminal sentence is 30 years (see U.S. v. Pipkins).

    [from a 2002 Creative Loafing Atlanta article about Ju Ju, the past host of the Washington, D.C. Players Ball]

    [. . .] Asked if he is, indeed, a pimp, JuJu pauses a moment and drowsily answers, “I call myself a businessman,” before nodding off.

    [. . .] As its critics charged, the Players Ball was technically guilty of glorifying guys who make illicit livings sexually exploiting women. Yet, as these grown men with such names as Good Game, Dr. Magic, Robert Money and Minister Seamore strutted around in outlandish, candy-hued suits, dropping pimp-speak aphorisms like, “If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense,” it was difficult to imagine how the arrival of these wise-cracking cartoon characters in their white, triple-stretch Ford Excursion could possibly have caused the fuss that it did. Unless, that is, one was mindful of the fact that the Bishop’s authorized biography boasts that he often used violence to keep his women in line during his 13 years in the business. Instead, the Players Ball had the air of a nostalgic celebration of the fashions and attitude of a bygone lifestyle that had long been stripped of its real-life menace by Hollywood and Madison Avenue.

  • Players Ball – great song by OutKast…

  • Wow! Now I know the answer to that greatest of questions: How many cartoon characters can you fit in a limousine?

    And the women all look like mannequins! I can almost see the allure of FUN hos, but not them.

    Anyway, thanks for the post. Even for this white man who has marveled at DC and The People for decades, this was unbelievable.

  • Now we know where the next Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association happy hour is.

  • Who’s this “Jew-Jew” they keep talking about in the video? I think he also called him Jew Heffner. I’m sort of offended by that.

    • Why are you offended? Because you think it is spelled that way or references a specific religion?

    • JuJu is apparently “Archbishop Don ‘Magic’ Juan” — see the Creative Loafing article in the report from Crisis Connection on the Players Ball.

  • Do these people really not realize how ridiculous they look? They are walking parodies of themselves.

    • and those parodies seep into the mainstream making fur collars runway… it’s a style. no matter if you like it or not. at some point, in some way, you’ll be buying your variation at The Gap.

      • Do you think pimps invented the fur collar?

        • I think they formulated a style. A style that has inspired creativity over the years… There are many many designers who have interpreted this urban look for years. No, I don’t think they invented the fur collar, but yes, I think you’re petty for asking the question.

          • So disputing your questionable assertion is petty? Judging by your posts on this thread, you’re a big fan of pimps. We get that. But just because you make ludicrous claims that prostitution is the same as a legal agency agreement or that girls wearing sexy costumes are similar to prostitutes, doesn’t make you correct. I’d rather be petty than ignorant.

          • Heights, you need to relax. Don’t assume she is a fan of pimps because she likes the threads….

          • I’m not a huge fan of pimps. I do, however, think this is a costume party. I’m not going to pretend this flyer is deeper than it is. I think the thread of objectifying women weaves through many fabrics of society (including college kids dressing up in skimpy clothing and selling an “image” of what’s sexy) and I was simply pointing that out. I still think your inquiry of whether or not I believe that pimps invented the fur collar was simply so you could say something about anything.

          • You’d be wrong. You implied that and I questioned it. Nothing more. After your statements that agents are pimps and dressing sexy is analogous to having sex (often against their will) for money it seems as though you’re defending certain conduct (not clothing – read the posts above). If you don’t condone it, don’t defend it.

      • Oh, I sort of doubt that.

        But please do let me know when Williams-Sonoma starts selling really nice pimp cups.

  • It’s a party. In Nevada, it would be an office party. It’s just not that deep.

    • It’s a party *celebrating* a way of life that victimizes and exploits young women. Forcing a girl into prostitution equals rape. As a woman, that doesn’t rub you the wrong way?

    • You come off sounding like a naïve college kid. For your own sake, I hope I’m not too far off on that assumption.

  • People have a problem with this party because most in attendance are black. If the post was about Hugh Hefner’s annual Halloween bash at the Playboy Mansion, methinks the comments would have a different feel. Isn’t Hugh the biggest “player” out there? and that’s all that sign says. A public invitation to a “Players” Ball…. you all are so predictable

  • Ah the Mosonic temple.

    (Awww I’m sorry if criticizing someone’s spelling is racist. I always thought it was grammarist (also not a word))

  • How do you get a pimp cup?

    Are they custom made?

  • WOW. Sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason. Anyone who thinks this is just a subculture for a select group of people needs to get their heads outta the sand. Look around you. Black people in DC glorify this. And no I don’t see any other group acting like this…

    • J, there you go again lumping all blacks together. All blacks in DC do not go to the Playa’s Ball nor do “all” blacks in DC glorify this type of event. Now, I would be wrong if I asked the question why do “most” white men kill their wives instead of divorcing them when they want out of their marriages? Sounds sort of ridiculous doesn’t it?

      • +1. All white men are potential serial killers, so watch out!

        • You are still waaaaaaaay more likely to be a victim of violent crime at the hands of a black man than a white man.So that argument doesn’t hold any water. Most people I believe aren’t concerned about serial killers because they are relatively rare. Most people should be concerned about petty crim turning violent. There are plenty of stories on PoP about that. And guess, what? Most involve BLACK MEN. In DC, I think 92% of the prison population is black. I wonder why?

      • Well, first off that stat you pulled out of your ass is misleading. Black men account for the vast majority of violent crime in the US. Both married and single. Against men and white. White and black. Most CRIMINALS in the US justice system are black men. How does 9% of the population make up more than half the crime?

        • *Against men and women.

        • An inspection of the judicial system and laws which target minorities and impose stricter penalties is probably a good idea here, but its beyond the point. Fitness821 was matching your completely inaccurate statement with a completely inaccurate statement of his own. You clearly dont know every black person in DC to claim that we glorify such a thing, and a more careful thorough reading of the comments would confirm that many of us are disgusted with this while many of the white commenters find it funny. So you can continue to throw around your wikipedia facts if you like but its not really within the realm of this discussion.

          • LOL. Do you realize how silly you sound? Throwing around facts isn’t in the realm of this discussion? We were talking about crime stats in the United States and correct me if I’m wrong: BUT BLACK MEN COMMIT THE VAST MAJORITY OF VIOLENT CRIME IN THE US. FACT.

            What about that is inaccurate???? Since when is using facts, wrong all of a sudden? It’s the sad, cold truth. Ignore it all you want. It doesn’t change a thing…..

            And captchas suck…

        • I haven’t done anything you haven’t done. For you to say all blacks glorify the Playa’s Ball is truly pulling misleading information out of your a**. As for who commits the most crimes and statistics. I say, “there are lie, damned lies, and statistics.

        • just stop ya’ll. you are not going to change j.’s mind. there is no hope for him. let it die.

    • But it IS a subculture for a VERY select group. The Black people I know in DC would want NOTHING to do with this. And, like you, I don’t see any other group acting like this besides the pimps & hoes in the actual video. While I don’t know ALL the Black people in DC, I am fairly certain I know more Black people in DC than you and none of them act like this.

  • Unbelievable. PoP, as a black man, I’m offended. Why in the world would you put something like this on your site? What’s next, having some idiot speak in favor of child pornography? You should be ashamed? There’s enough negativity in the world without your adding to it. I’ve been a visitor to you site for long time and would argue strenuously against anyone who labeled you a racist. However, were someone to do so, this posting would be the cornerstone in their argument.

    Unbelievable. I’m disappointed and angry.

    • Shouldn’t you be more angry at the actual people who put on the event? It’s like in Pittsburg, black leaders are calling for local news station to curve reporting crime stories involving blacks. Instead of addressing the actual problem, they wish to ignore it. I’m sure if it was mostly white attendes, POP would report it also. Your projecting your anger at the wrong parties.

      Way to shoot the messenger…

    • Mel, I agree with you 100%. I’m little shocked by this myself. What’s up with you PoP?

    • Mel, you are 100% right…I am disappointed in the decision to post this as well (not even as much the picture of the flyer as the video that accompanied it). Its just naive (or maybe something else) to think the racial aspect of this wouldnt show up in the comments and make some readers uncomfortable. The fact that the discretion on this one was clearly not present here makes me question POP’s real agenda.

  • J, it’s “you’re” not “your”. Wow, and some want to talk about blacks and grammar.

    • Well, way to go off subject. :-/ I can see you have you’re priorities in order…(That better?)

      Who cares if your daughter is a ho and your son a pimp. As long as he can spell…

      • J, it’s not going off the subject I just have a pet peeve when it comes to people wanting to impress me with what they believe is intelligence and their grammar shows otherwise. If you can take the time to spout all this info about who commits the most crime and what not, take the time to use the correct grammar. BTW, I have no children, but, if I did you can best believe they would use correct grammar.

        • But, I NEVER said anything about anyone’s grammar!!! So as to why you are trying to use it against me, I;m not sure! Use that gimmick against a spelling Nazi, but not me. It’s a red herring!!!

  • J, believe it or not, I think you have a point. But what is that adage, “Expect much from those to whom much is given”? Those idiots in the video are ignorant people who are beyond my contempt. Their ignorance defies description.

    I expect more from PoP. Given the audience that visits this blog, how many people who read it regularly will attend that event or one similar to it? How many want to know that such an event is taking place? I don’t know PoP’s readership figures, but I suspect that number is minuscule, if not zero.

    My point is, what’s the point of posting this item? Informational? I doubt it. And given PoP’s history of racial sensitivity, I hesitate to charge him with being racists. It’s just, as I said earlier, I’m disappointed and angry.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      mel, these fliers are posted all over dc and in many areas where readers live. One sent an email about it. I’ve heard others talking about it. That’s why it is being discussed.

      • Is the video of these buffoons also posted all around town POP? Do you you accompany the majority of your event posts with videos? I dont think so. The decision to post that video showed a complete lack of discretion and created an uncomfortable environment for some of your readers whether you want to acknowledge that or not.

      • I saw an ad for a used computer on a tree recently too, but we’re not talking about it. PoP knows what drives site volume.

  • I dont understand what was so objectionable about PoP posting the video. You guys are fishing for controversy. He posted it to put into context the flier because, quite predictably, people were ready to write it off as a costume party. Its not racist to post a link to a video that was posted to a public website. He put no commentary, he just said this is a video of what the flier describes.

    You guys are acting like fools.

  • The Heights, you are so, so right! Without impugning PoP’s character, I receive the RSS feed for PoP and amuse myself by predicting how many comments will appear, based on the title of the post. If race, or anything remotely associated with race, i.e., crime, poverty, etc., appears in the title, you can, as Don Cornelius used to say, “bet your last money” that the number of comments will exceed 100. This post is an example of that phenomenon.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      For the record – the video was also emailed to me by the OP it wasn’t like I dug it up just to kick a bee’s nest. I standby my decision to post it.

  • (1) ummm, folks, when you write and comment about how objectionable a post is that is purportedly geared to spur a lot of commentary, you are yourself adding to the number of comments on the post, thereby defeating your own objection.

    (2) this blog is free to read and free to ignore. If you have no interest in a topic, the solution is, you know, not to read that post, and not to comment. Especially when your comment is simply to say: this post is gonna get a lot of comments and that sucks!

    (3) every … single … entity in the media who relies on clicks or viewers or whatnot for revenue is conscious of providing material that will attract eyeballs. It’s the same reason why you don’t see CNN spending 24 hours a day putting PhD economists and philosophers on the air to debate the grant issues of the day in less-than-pithy fashion. So long as POP only raises awareness of something and doesn’t himself say anything objectionable (and I don’t think anyone here is claiming that he is), I don’t blame him for posting something that will attract a lot of comments, just because some of those comments are likely to be idiotic, racist, or what have you. I blame the idiots making those comments.

  • I wonder if the Masons really know what this party is about? Doesn’t seem to be part of their mission–maybe someone should clue them into the youtube vid and other links.

  • I have nothing against PoP posting items that generate a lively discussion among this blog’s readers. That’s one of the reasons why I read this blog EVERY day and will continue to do so. Another reason I read this blog, or the comments associated with certain blog posts, is because I think a true sense of what people think about the District and its inhabitants can be gathered from doing so.

    That said, if the objective is to generate hits, I have one word: porn.

    But PoP is above that. I know he’s above that b/c I’ve been reading this blog for a significant period of time, and although I don’t agree with everything he posts, I think PoP is a jewel in this community. Perhaps it is the dichotomy between this particular post and the blog as a whole that’s causing me consternation. Who knows. What I do know, nay, what I believe, is that this post is not in character with the spirit of this blog.

    PoP is better than that. Dan is better than that. His audience deserves better.

  • What a wonderful video. Ugh.
    This reminds me of the disaster that was Freaknik, the annual party on the streets of Atlanta years ago. No real reason, nothing but problems, traffic jams, foul language everywhere, crime, hoochie mamas, and a waste of money.
    The city finally said “no more” and ended it.
    That’s what needs to be done with this as well…it is embarrassing and contributes nothing to society.
    This is why bad stereotypes exist.

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