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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Got my paycheck two days early, which was needed.

    Rant: It’s my first reflecting our recent 10% paycuts. Ouch.

  • Rant: Huge rent increase. All because they want to put in ugly granite countertops. UGH.

  • Rave: David Tumblin responding to my email about the Raymond Rec Center within minutes of sending it.

    Rant: No response, nearly 24 hours later, from anyone on the City Council, including my own Councilmember, or from my own ANC reps.

    Rant: A zillion posts from William Jordan on the CH listserve complaining about the fact that Lenwood Johnson might get censured for his inappropriate comments on the same group. Of course, somehow it’s related to Donatelli and Jim Graham.

    • Everything in WJ’s world is related to D&K and Jim Graham. If Jordan had his way, 14th & Kenyon-Irving would still be dirt lots. He is one of the reasons I don’t belong to the CH listserve. Just can’t deal with the silliness.

      • Same with me – I haven’t looked at the CH listserv in years all because of William Jordan’s conspiracy theories and anti-gentrification/anti-smart growth rants. He has way too much time on his hands.

    • I also contacted Muriel Bowser yesterday with a link to the post and comments about the need to rehab Raymond Rec Center. No response. Usually if I contact her I get a response within a few hours.

    • if the issue in an email is already addressed by the appropriate gov’t agency, why do you need a response from the council? typically, they involve themselves when things are not working as they should.

  • me

    Few rants today:

    1) When viewing PoP on my phone, I can’t respond to a certain post and just have to post at the end.

    2) People that say “First World problem!” to your legitimate complaint about something. Yeah, maybe I’m complaining about something that is less important than trying to find a meal for the day, but it’s still kind of important to me.

    3) Coworkers that take credit for your idea and specifically state that you didn’t agree with said idea. But they’re more senior and I have no proof otherwise, so there ya go.

    Rave: A good friend is staying at our house when we go on vacation in a week, so I won’t have to worry about anything while trying to relax! Thank goodness for awesome friends.

  • Rant: Young couple taking up 4 seats on the Circulator this morning with purse backpack and WET umbrellas! I asked to take one of seats until I noticed the seat was wet from the umbrellas. Male exits bus female remains. another passenger sits on the wet seat and female makes no attempt to warn new passenger that the seat is wet. WTF? Where are people’s manners?

    Rave: Its Friday for me!

  • Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can take the white residue off my exposed brick? I got the plaster off the walls but now I have this white stuff I have to get rid of. Any suggestions.

    • andy

      I should probably just make my joke about bricks and white powder, but here are my actual thoughts:

      I would try a powerwasher if I had access to one. I might be tempted to see what my orbital sander would do, or maybe just simply hand-sanding depending on the space.

    • We had success starting with a drill attachment that sands most of it off–sort of like an electric brillo pad and then following up with muriatic acid. Don’t forget to wear a GOOD mask + gloves, especially for the latter. Tedious, but turned out great. Good luck!

    • I’m working on this now. Usually the white residue is from efflorescence. I’m working with standard muriatic acid and hand spray pump from Home depot. The directions are on the muriatic acid and you can find it in the paint department.

      Wear googles, gloves and coveralls.

      I’ve had mediocre success so far, but they are cleaner.

      I wonder if someone from Bricklands Repointing could comment.

      • I’ve been wondering about this! The house next door is identical to mine, but it looks a lot worse because it has that white stuff all over it. However, we just moved in 6 months ago while they’ve been theirs since the 60’s. I’m sure ours will look just as bad someday so I’ll have to keep these suggestions in mind!

  • Rant: everyone on the metro this morning. I hate your giant umbrellas and your stupid rubber boots.

    • I can see how giant umbrellas can pose an annoyance/danger, but why the hate for rubber boots??

      • Because we are grown ups. We’re just commuting, not going fly fishing or wading through a monsoon season flood or going out to milk the cows. There are tons ways to keep your feet dry without dressing like a six year old.

        (Disclaimer: I am sick and grumpy. Also I used to think rain boots were cute until they became a huge trend. Basically, I am the worst.)

        • Hope you feel better! I wear them because the way I walk somehow splashes any hit of moisture up the back of my calf all the way to my knee. Rubber boots allow me to protect my pants from my sloppy gait. I do feel a bit silly in them (plain green, no prints), but they’re very practical for me.

        • Wow, you certainly are grumpy. Rain boots are pretty much the easiest way to keep feet dry (and not all are printed with frogs or puppies) – what other suggestions do you have? Plastic bags over shoes? Because that’s grown-up…

        • houseintherear

          I get it, Elza. I have some boots that aren’t the Paddington the Bear kind, only because I have ocd about wet feet and wet pant legs.

          I work at a school, and one of the teachers here wears plastic pink rainboots with leggings and a short white t-shirt on rainy days. It’s as though rain gives her an excuse to boot it up, which then gives her an excuse to dress in a completely inappropriate-for-kids outfit. Grr.

        • No, I’m with you. Eff those boots. It’s the Hunter brand ones on girls. Was silly last year, silly this year.

        • SouthwestDC

          I’m sorry, but I like my rain boots. In addition to keeping my shoes and pant legs dry, they make me smile becuase they bring a splash of color to an otherwise dreary day. I’m more inclined to want to walk places if I have them on, plus they double as snow boots in the winter. If that makes me not a grown-up I guess I’ll always be a kid. 🙂

        • I’m not really into brightly colored rain boots for myself (mine are black), but I don’t care if other people wear them. Presumably they’re changing into other shoes at the office, right?

        • After some DayQuil, I respectfully rescind my grumbles. Knowing me, I will probably own some rain boots within a couple of years. This is how I respond to trends. First excitement, then rejection, then acceptance.

          However, I DO think that designer rain boots that cost $100+ are still stupid.

          • SouthwestDC

            Oh, I agree. Mine came from one of those Marshall’s/TJ Maxx/Ross type stores and cost about $12. As far as trendy purchases go I think they’d been a great investment.

          • stupid? or just not your taste?

          • haha that’s exactly how I am with trends… I’m all excited about it until I actually realize it’s trendy, then I protest against it and call it silly and stupid, then about a year later I give in and own whatever it is. Of course by then I’m no longer trendy, just unfashionable haha which I will take.

            Oh, and my rain boots are yellow and I have to wear them because there is a puddle that consistently appears after every rain and it takes up the ENTIRE sidewalk by my apartment. This is the mother of all puddles. And then it lasts for about a week after the rain. Obviously that’s not the only reason for my boots, but I think it makes a good main reason 🙂 Cheer up Elza! Hope you feel better after the DayQuil :/

          • I’ve decided I get a pass on the expensive rain boots, because I’ve got a farm outside the city that regularly has me walking through mud. The cheaper ones haven’t held up as well, so the good ones it is. And I do commute in them on occasion, but I’m generally nice enough to hose them off first.

    • hey now, the rubber boots are our only alternative to completely ruined shoes. every time it rains, if I have flats on I basically have to throw the shoes away afterwards.

      the golf umbrellas are horrible, so I agree with you there. what kind of person carries one of those around in the city???? a jerk, that’s who. and even people with regular size umbrellas who carry it so that it’s way over into the “other lane” on the sidewalk. I will poke your eyes out with my keys if your umbrella touches my face.

      • em

        I am one of those people who (sometimes) carries a golf-sized umbrella in the city. Having been in a situation where I had to walk over a mile in the rain with just a regular umbrella and ended up arriving at my meeting with my suit and shirt utterly soaked, I appreciate the larger radius of dryness that a golf umbrella affords – now I only show up with the bottoms of my pants soaked (apparently I could remedy that by wearing big rubber boots, though). Anyway, people can be jerks with their umbrellas, regardless of whether they are mini, regular, or maxi-sized – the key is to be aware of your surroundings and to raise or lower your umbrella as appropriate to avoid bashing other people or their umbrellas. People in Vancouver seem to be able to negotiate the umbrella dance rather well – perhaps we should take some lessons from our rainy neighbors to the north.

        Catch-pa: BAD3 (p.s. yes, I know it is captcha, but catch-pa just make so much more sense to me)

        • raincoat.

        • I don’t understand how you can get soaked w/ a regular umbrella. also they make those clear umbrellas that come down over your head and those are the ones that keep you really dry. if it’s raining THAT hard, you should probably take a cab.

          • Ever tried to catch a cab when it’s raining hard in this city?

          • When the rain blows even a little, the bottom half of your legs or part of your body, and/or the bag you are carrying get wet with the small street-vendor umbrellas. I, too, use a bigger one and a raincoat, but am extra watchful on the sidewalk to keep from poking anyone. And I never put it on the seat. That is pretty jerky.

          • em

            Unfortunately, not everyone always has cash to take a cab. And oftentimes there are no cabs, or every cab is already full. In the particular instance described above, I was in a different city – one that doesn’t have a lot of regular cabs that just roam the streets looking for passengers at 7:30 in the morning.

          • it’s just water, people. sheesh.

          • I am 6’3″ and can guarantee you that a regular sized umbrella does not keep me dry when i am walking

      • What kind of person carries a golf umbrella in the city?
        Someone whose back routinely gets wet when he carries one of those small cute umbrellas. I only use my golf umbrella when the rain is heavy and take care not to hit anyone with it.

  • Rave: new job new job new job!! Great position and great people to work with.

    Rant: think I have to move to Fairfax. Just can’t justify the commute to myself or my dog. Why is it you can never have the awesome job AND the awesome place to live? I always feel like I am chosing one or the other.

    Rave: incredibly lucky to get a position doing work I care about. Incredibly lucky to be employed.

    • oh jeez. don’t do it. I grew up in fairfax. you’ll slowly lose your will to live.

      • Oh no, don’t say that! I did the DC to Fx commute for awhile and it was rough. I had one totaled car (my fault); one new trunk in new car (not my fault); and two other fender benders (not my fault) just from the commute for 2 years. I tried Metro but 1 hr 45 min each way is just too long for me.

        Fairfax can’t be that bad right? Right?!!

        • What about some halfway point between Fairfax and DC? There are a ton of new restaurants and such opening up in Clarendon and along the orange line.

          Another thought: Is your new office cool enough to allow an office dog? (Or, is your dog calm enough for that to be an option)?

        • Are you married with kids, and/or do you like to drive *everywhere*? If so, you might not mind Fairfax. I lived in Vienna for a year (moved out there because I was working in Loudoun County at the time–pooooor choice, but it was my first job offer after 6 months of post-grad school job hunting) and it made me want to kill everything. But I’m also a single 20-something who hates driving with the passion of a fiery sun. So to each their own, I guess.

          • SouthwestDC

            I like driving, but driving in Fairfax County is a nightmare. There are just way too many people and way too many cars out there. The only panic attacks I’ve ever had in my life all occurred while driving in Northern Virginia.

    • There are some nice places in Fairfax. And look on the bright side: if you move out there you are far less likely to have to deal with the loitering drug dealers, shootings, and drunks peeing on your property that everyone on here is always complaining about.

      Plus, you may be able to get a big yard for your dog.

      • we complain about those things because we live here. if we lived there we’d complain about boredom and traffic.

        • I dunno. Out there, you have to worry about the creeps crawling into your house or nabbing you on the running path and assaulting you. The burbs seem to have a respectable amount of crime—it’s just different crime.

          • I’m pretty sure both of those things happen in the city too. And both are pretty easily prevented no matter where you live: for the first, get an alarm; for the second, use common sense and don’t run alone on secluded running paths.

            I lived in Fairfax County for more than 10 years and in Arlington for about 7 years and I never had someone crawl into my window or nab me on a running path. Just saying.

          • Pretty sure no one is running around DC attacking women by putting plastic bags over their heads.

            Crime seems to be weirder out in the suburbs.

          • Northern Virginia is becoming more like a thrid world country as a lot of the area’s poor immigrant populations settle out there and the rich white people flee to DC or the exurbs. So you won’t have as much of the violent crime you get in DC, but there’s a lot of petty crime and quality of life issues (like roaches coming from Mexican boarding house next door). The flip side of this is that the Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, Pakistani, Salavdorean, Peruvian, and Middle Eastern food is better out here.

          • Thank you, Anonymous 1:19. That’s what I mean.

    • Congrats!

    • SouthwestDC

      I used to live near Fairfax, and I feel like that was three years of my life that I’ll never get back. But I was doing the commute to DC every day (1.5 hours each way) which was completely draining and left me without much time to do anything else. I say move closer to work (maybe the cool part of Falls Church?) because life’s to short to spend 3 hours in a car every day.

      • i live in the middle of dc, but i work all over the metro area. my jobs in fairfax make me think i would kill myself if i had to do it everyday.

        i’d have to make an unbelievable amount of money to do it.
        and i’d still probably regret it.

        • SouthwestDC

          The craziest part is, everyone I work with in DC lives even further out and are somehow not suicidal. I wish I had that kind of stamina.

          • me

            There are people that I work with that live in friggin’ West Virginia. And I thought that I had a bad commute.

          • i guess thats a difference between those of us in the city and them. i’m not strong enough to do that. i would get all road ragey and ulcery

          • I just can’t imagine spending that much of my life stuck in traffic. what a horrible way (for me) to live.

  • Rave: Despite the negative reviews it got on here, I took my parents to Lost Society for dinner Wednesday night. Amazing experience. Steaks were perfectly done, not too loud, actually a nice dinner spot. I am thrilled to have this place down the street, even though it will only be a special occasion spot.

    • That’s good! I was interested in trying it until I heard that it’s run by the same people that run Local 16 – where the food is consistently horrible.

      • Agree with first Anonymous – Lost Society made a delicious steak. I got the filet, which was actually very large. The prices are a little less than somewhere like Morton’s, but it is served in the same style (big steak with no sides – sides you order separately). The space is BEAUTIFUL and there are some really great views even from the second floor dining room.

  • Rant: Managed to volunteer myself to plan the next office retreat. I planned the last one a few months ago, and it was an awful job- most people *never* volunteer themselves to plan these things, but are first in line to freely criticize when things aren’t done according to their expectations. Expectations that they never bothered to express in the first place.

    Related Rant: Apparently I don’t learn from experience, as I’ve been on this merry-go-round before. But they were in the process of making the program assistants shoulder the whole burden of it, and I couldn’t stand seeing them thrown all of the crap work without any help. So here I am, again!

    Rave: It’s Thursday, I volunteered at my volunteer job last night and it went really well, and my boyfriend is running the Baltimore Marathon this weekend! I’m so amazed and impressed by his dedication these past few months!

  • Rant: The weather today made traffic terrible.

    Rave: No bikes on the road to worry about hitting – or getting hit by.

    Rant: I hate the Giant in Glover Park. It’s a glorified convenience store. But prices are significantly cheaper than the only other options.

    • Nitpick alert: do you mean the Giant on Wisconsin Avenue at Newark Street (a few blocks north of the Cathedral?) That’s not Glover Park by any definition that I’ve heard – but whatever.

      That store does kind of suck as a grocery store (not a lot of selection and the produce is generally terrible) but I will say that I always found the employees to be great. At least there’s that.

      • Yeah is that Cathedral Heights? I live in Glover Park (I think), and I didn’t know the boundaries. I learn something new everyday.

        And yeah, no disrespect to the Giant’s employees. They’re always great. I just wish the selection was better. For instance, my milk goes bad either on the very “sell by date” or before. I believe that’s due to all the exposed coolers.

        • Yeah, Cathedral Heights. I’m not sure exactly where Glover Park ends but I’m pretty sure once you’re as far north as Mass Ave you’re not in Glover Park anymore.

          They’ve been working on plans to rebuild/redevelop that Giant and surrounding buildings for years but thanks to some cranky locals the neighborhood still has a 1950s state-of-the-art supermarket. (That’s my basic understanding of the situation anyway.)

          • I actually think it’s technically in McLean Gardens. If it were on the other side of the street it would be in Cleveland Park.

          • That was kind of my understanding too. I just wish I had more options, other than super expensive Whole Foods or THE MOST EXPENSIVE SAFEWAY EVAR (seriously, they wanted me to play $5 for a small container of strawberries in the middle of summer).

          • Oh yeah, I always forget McLean Gardens is a neighborhood, not just a fancy apartment complex. Even still, I thought that was bordered by Idaho Ave on the south but I am not an expert. Whatever it is, it isn’t Glover Park. 😀

        • andy

          When I lived in Glover Park, I thought the the neighborhood only extended to the top of the hill north of the Russian Embassy.

        • Technically that Giant is Cleveland park. Cathedral heights is very tiny (only a few square blocks) between this western edge of CP and GP. hopefully the demo and renovation will start some day at the giant. It will be as awesome as the safeway in GP when it’s done.(hopefully)

    • There’s a Giant in Glover Park??

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m cranky so I hate everyone and everything.

    Rave: New fancy, twisty, shouty vacuum is safely in my apartment to be used later.

    Rave: Tonight is my guilty TV night.

  • Rave: Traveler’s home insurance! Yes, a rave. They’re awesome and cut us another check in response to our request for an adjustment because their first estimate didn’t cover everything that we had to do after the hurricane. We couldn’t make all the repairs we needed if it weren’t for them.

    Rave: Having a contractor we trust! And soon having a less-of-a-fixer-upper fixer-upper home!

    Future rant: Having to live without ceilings for a while while they rip out the damaged plaster ones and put in new drywall.

    Also, figuring out what to do with our cats to make sure that they don’t have heart attacks while construction workers are tromping around and banging on everything.

    Pet boarding recommendations, anyone?

    • Capital Cat Clinic is good but outrageously priced at a whopping $28 a day. Imagine my shock after coming home from a 12 day vacation 🙂

      • Capital Cat also requires that your cat has had an exam by their doctors recently and all their vaccines.

        • Yeah boarding is alarmingly expensive in this area, on top of that, my vet tags on vaccinations and its ridiculous. Next time I go to the beach I think I’m gonna take my dog with me, most of the hotels that allow pets are grungy though. 🙁

          • Same happened to me at CCC. They demanded a test for something that my cat had been vaccinated against since birth. I guess they’re just covering their bases.

          • I moved up to the area last summer and searched long and hard for a vet for our cat. I have had amazing service from Capital Cat Clinic. I would highly reccomend them. They are sticklers about making sure the cats are up to date but are also extremely knowledgable. They don’t try to push extras on us but do a very good job of explaining the benefits of doign things vs not doing them (cardiographs, dental procedures, etc). Dr. Sotos is very kind and you can tell she cares. All of their vet techs are a pleasure to deal with as well.

          • What would people consider a good or fair cost for boarding a cat? Or dog? In someone’s home – not a pen/kennel. A friend is thinking of offering this service in her home.

    • em

      I have Travelers – haven’t had to make a claim yet on my homeowners, but I’ve dealt with them twice on my car, once as a result of a hit and run (thus my policy) and once as the result of another driver’s poor driving (thus his policy – which happened to be Travelers). They were great both times.

  • Rave: Discovered Radius Pizza’s pint-and-a-slice-for-$5 deal last night! Ate two orders worth. Still so happy.

    Rant: I am sick and I never get sick argh.

    Rant: Normally I would love this weather (yes, crazy person here), but since I am sick it just makes me grouchy.

    Rant: Grarararararararararararararaar.

    • Man, everyone is sick. I know 6 people who are out with colds. And not the doldrums/can’t get out of bed cause it’s raining/lazy colds. Serious yuck colds.

      Must be my healthy regimen of dark liquors and Chinese food delivery that keeps me well.

    • Yes yes yes! Pint & Slice!!! I always get 2 🙂

  • Rant: One of my big project overseas getting cancelled.
    Rant: Having to ask 40 local staff (my co-workers!) to work their butts off while they’re getting dumped on by the USG and I’ll still have my job once they’ve left.
    Rave: We can pay them severance and retention bonuses, so they’ll have some cushion.

  • Rant: feeling stuck and disappointed in life lately, and don’t know how to move forward.

    Rant: I can’t think of any raves right now.

    • Rant: Totally understand where you are coming from. I’ve decided to shake up a few things that I actually have some control over and see what happens.

      Mini-rave(?): Fascinating to see how the weather impacts moods here. Glad to know I’m not the only one feeling cranky today.

      • Oh yea, weather totally affects me. I’m pretty much hostile and irritated in the summer time, and mopey and depressed in the winter time. I’m really only pleasant to be around about 1/2 the year.

        • Two words. Happy hour. It even has “haapy” in the name.

        • Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked?? The weather really affects my moods too but I recently found out I was severely vitamin D deficient…. I started taking a supplement and feel tons better.

          • I’ve been taking vit d3 at night with my other meds. I can tell it helps a little bit. Might be time for another physical though. Thanks.

          • claire

            I too take vitamin D supplements after having discovered my levels were low on a doctor’s visit. I’ve always gotten depressed in the winter, and this helps substantially! I will also say, I take *way more* than was originally recommended to me – my doctor told me to take 200 IU a day, and I now take 5000 IU a day (less in the summer). Every time I try to drop the amount, it becomes apparent in my mood within a few days.

          • I also take 5000 IU a day. I actually started out taking 10000 IU for about a month then my doctor dropped me down to 5000.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I use a light box in the winter time to 1) help me wake up in the morning (simulated sunrise) and 2) helps to keep Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) away. It’s a fairly simple thing to help me make through the winter.

          • I’ve been looking at those too. they just seem so expensive. Which one do you have?

          • Emmaleigh504

            I have the Sunrise System Light Box SRS 320. It was pretty spendy, but it does so much. You can set the “sun” to rise at different times for different days of the week, there is a sound alarm back up, and a sun set mode. It’s also small, so fits in my tiny apartment nicely. I’ve had it for about 3 years and I’m so glad I bought it, worth every penny.

    • *hugs* Hang in there!!

      How specifically are you feeling stuck/disappointed (if you want to talk about it)?

      • Thanks. It comes and goes I guess. I just feel like I’m not in a career I love, and I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up (still, at 30!). I don’t have a lot of friends. I’m a wanna be artist, and after a while I just begin to hate everything I create. I want to move far away, but at the same time I want to stay here and by a place. I just feel torn in so many directions all at once. And then there’s that other part of me that’s just saying “shut up, just be content with what you have. it’s not that bad”. I’m just tired ALL the TIME.

        Sorry for the long rant! Can I go home now?

        • anon. gardener

          I’m sorry. I’ve so been there. You should get your thyroid checked, it’s not normal to be tired all the time. After that, here’s what I did: I thought about the time in my life when I was happiest – what was I doing, where was I living – and planned out how I could get back to doing those things and living that life. for me it involved going back to school, and it took two years to plan and save the money to do it, but it set me on a much better path. i was about your age when i went through all this.

          • Thank you for the encouragement 🙂

          • Anonymous Female, also consider getting screened for depression. From the feelings you describe (especially feeling tired all the time), it sounds possible that you’re depressed, though it also could easily be that you’re not.

            If you _are_ depressed, depression will make you see the world and all your options through dark-colored glasses.

        • I feel the EXACT same way…looking to reconcile whether or not it is possible to feel truly content with my life situation and/or know that I will feel blah about it forever?

          • I have issues like that too…. People kept saying how much life got better after they turned 30 but that was not the case for me. I felt like I was stalled or in a rut that I could not seem to shake. Anyway, I went to a naturopath and found out about the Vitamin D deficiency (which can cause depression, fatigue, mood issues) plus some hormonal stuff. I can’t say that I am 100% better but it has most definitely helped.

        • watch a bunch of TED talks at work. 🙂

          regarding the “wannabe artist”, I go through that a lot. the quote below really lifted my spirits and gave me some hope. I have to say that all of the bad artists I know are relatively pleased with what they do… I consider it absolutely requisite that you hate what you do if you want to be good. anyone who is satisfied is a hack.

          “Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For the first couple years you make stuff, it’s just not that good. It’s trying to be good, it has potential, but it’s not. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. And your taste is why your work disappoints you. A lot of people never get past this phase, they quit. Most people I know who do interesting, creative work went through years of this. We know our work doesn’t have this special thing that we want it to have. We all go through this. And if you are just starting out or you are still in this phase, you gotta know its normal and the most important thing you can do is do a lot of work. Put yourself on a deadline so that every week you will finish one story. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions. And I took longer to figure out how to do this than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s gonna take awhile. It’s normal to take awhile. You’ve just gotta fight your way through.”
          ― Ira Glass

          • like it!

          • anon. gardener

            I love Ira Glass.
            Ditto on the depression. It is amazing what 6 months of the right meds can do for your motivation levels. One of the things you can count on in life is that things are going to change. And you absolutely have the ability to change your life. Sometimes it takes a while, and goes in an unexpected direction, but if you have a plan, faith and patience, it will happen.

        • There’s no such thing as a “wanna be artist.” If you want to make art, you make art. You probably won’t get recognized and almost certainly not get paid – but you’ve still made art and that would be the joy.

    • I’m feeling the same way. In a total funk. Personally, things are great – my only complaint there is that I cannot motivate myself to get to the gym (though I think that’s part of the problem). Professionally, I am so unmotivated, uninspired, and unfulfilled. This weather doesn’t help.

      I’ll take up some of the recommendations like Vitamin D and thyroid check…and try to get my butt to the gym. 🙂

      Hope you feel better!

      • me

        Also when they do a blood check, they will probably test for anemia as well. Around this time last year, I had a tired funk that didn’t go away for months. Turned out all I needed was a couple weeks of iron supplements to turn it around. Good luck to you!

      • oi, I know. I can’t make myself go to the gym. I’ve been feeling exhausted too, but just had a total workup and EVERYTHING is fine. I also sleep really well. what the heck? oh yeah, it’s because going to the gym is terribly boring.

    • I am on the same train with ya honeybuns!

      • I don’t belong to a gym, but have found that when I need exercise—but really want a nap—a nice 20-minute walk through the hood peps me up quite a bit.

  • Rave: My best friend’s restaurant made the Washington Post 2011 Fall dining guide!!

  • anon. gardener

    Rave: gingko trees in the fall… so beautiful
    Rant: stinko trees in the fall… so stinky

    not really a rant, more of an irritated mutter: the GU shuttle bus driver who always asks to see your GU ID card. Dude. You’re parked on campus. I clearly had business here. Even if I don’t have an ID, I still have the right to use the shuttle bus. no other driver ever asks to see an ID. This guy is so annoying.

    • Maybe complain to the GU transportation people?

      And this is definitely a shuttle where anyone is allowed on, right? (At the University of Maryland, the shuttle from the Metro station to the campus is open to anyone, but I believe the other routes require a University ID.)

      • anon. gardener

        oh yes. if you don’t have an ID, they write your name down, but you can still use it. Campus visitors and stuff. Not worth it to complain – except on Rants and/or Revels. 🙂

  • Rave: Officially becoming a homeowner tomorrow and moving to Petworth!

    Rant: Holy bologna – buying a house is stressful!

    • Hey congrats. What part of PW? What type of house?


    • Welcome to the neighborhood!

    • Hmmm I wonder if you bought the house across the street from me…I noticed it was under contract after a short time on the market. If it is you, I’m sorry that you just purchased a house on the crappiest block, EVER.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Anon 12:05: Even if you feel that way it’s really not a nice thing to write to someone who just made a hugely stressful decision. I’m sorry you are unhappy but no need to be rude. Thanks.

        • I did not mean to come across rude and especially not so rude to warrant a comment from the Prince himself. I apologize.

      • What block do you live on? We still have 20 hours to change our mind. Perhaps if the anonymous blog commenter details what’s wrong with his block, then he can dissaude his potential neighbors to change their mind, thus helping to keep his block as crappy as he likes it. 🙂

        • Hey, I apologized….didn’t I? At least I didn’t endorse the beating of young children by cyclists. To make this a more positive post: If you are speculating on what the neighborhood will look like in 3-5 years then you are doing a great job! I think you will see a great return on your investment in the coming years!

        • JD:

          If you are buying on Buchanan or further south (toward the metro), I can’t think of any problem blocks or houses, at least west of 5th St or east of Georgia. I walk my dog around Sherman Circle, but I stay south of Crittenden, for the most part.

          If you are buying on Crittenden or further north, I’m less familiar with those blocks, but some of them seem to have the occasional problem house. That said, the neighborhood is changing fast, so don’t be dissauded.

          • Every neighborhood has a problem house. Problem house(s) is where I think it starts to detract significantly.

          • Thanks! We will be within your problem-free zone, phew! We’ve done a ton of due diligence and aren’t actually contemplating changing our mind. I was just teasing the poster who lives on a crappy block. We are excited to be joining such a historic and diverse neighborhood and look forward to getting to know the neighbors and frequenting all the current and future businesses. I’m sure you’ll see us walking our dog in Sherman Circle as well.

          • No ragging on the areas north of Buchanan- there are also fantastic blocks up there.

  • Rave: My white bean chicken chili turned out great last night! Recipe here for Emmaleigh504: http://shewearsmanyhats.com/2009/09/white-bean-chicken-chili/ (I cut the recipe in half, but added spices/seasonings with a heavy hand. Especially the paprika!)

    Rant: Like everyone else today, I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

    Rave: Grumpiness cured by my morning cup of coffee and good humored friends 🙂

  • Rave: We decorated the front of our rowhouse with pumpkins, orange and yellow mums, and a cornucopia filled with colorful knobby squash. It looks quite nice if I do say so myself and thus far, nothing has been stolen.

    Rant: Having to even make the statement “thus far, nothing has been stolen” and seeing that as a good thing.

    • rant: I am so with you on that one. This past spring some one reached over the fence and cut every single one of my daffodils.
      rave: but thanks for putting ’em out there again. i love door/stoop/porch decorations.
      rave: college roomate & his 8 yr old coming to stay through the weekend. they should be arriving any minute!

    • SouthwestDC

      I’ve had patio furniture and potted plants out since May and nothing’s been stolen yet. The big pieces are chained to the fence but I’m surprised no one’s taken a cushion or the coffee table yet. Hope your mums do better than mine– I got one a few weeks ago and almost all the flowers have shriveled up and died already.

      • I’ve been lucky with that as well Caroline. Bought a nice glider from a friend and locked it to the fence, but the other stuff, which is sorta nice, has not walked away. Nor have my potted plants. Unusual since I live just off 14th St. In Mt. Pleasant, we couldn’t keep anything on the porch. Uh-oh, probably just jinxed myself.

        • If you live off 14th St, you probably know you’re in Columbia Heights, not Mt Pleasant.

          • No, I live in 16th St. Heights (north of Arkansas), but used to live in Mt. P. (Kenyon west of Mt. P St)

          • Did you not see her punctuation mark?

          • The punctuation mark would’ve been the same in either case, since “St.” is an abbreviation for “Street.”

            I think the two abbreviations (“St.”, “Mt.”) so close to each other must’ve led some people to overlook the capital “I” and read the two sentences as “Unusual since I live just off 14th St. in Mt. Pleasant, we couldn’t keep anything on the porch.”

  • Rant: Seeing a girl get hit by a car this morning at Holmead and Monroe. The driver was speeding south on Holmead, hitting every speed bump recklessly and then hit a girl crossing the street. Thankfully she was okay and only broke her arm. A reminder to drivers AND walkers to slow down and look both ways – twice.

    Double Rant: Have a conference next week that will probably be protested by the “Occupy” folks. Hopefully no violence.

    • What time was this?! Glad she had only a broken arm; it could have been much worse!

      Any chance the driver was in a Mercury Mountaineer? That guy was driving like a dick for the brief seconds he was in front of me from 13th to Holmead..

      • Around 8:15AM. At first glace I thought it was an Explorer, but it could have been a Mercury – I didn’t catch the make, but my BF did. It was forest green, blaring some music. If my boyfriend and I had left the house 20 seconds earlier, it could have been us.

        Props to the DC EMTs, they were there in less than 2 minutes.

        • That’s right around when we left the house but the Mountaineer was a lighter color, maybe greenish butr definitely not dark forest green. DC plates beginning with AC, by any chance?

  • Rant: Mild migraine today
    Rave: at least its a mild migraine
    Rave: have tomorrow off!!
    Rant: don’t get to sleep in because I have to be in Waldorf (gag) early in the morning.

  • Rave: About to duck out of work early so I can go to a good friend’s wedding! So happy for them. Is it weird that I absolutely love watching (guilty pleasure reality wedding tv shows) and attending other peoples weddings, but have zero desire for one of my own?

    Rant: Also grumpy…lacking direction and drive.

    Is it friday yet?

    • me

      Nope, not weird. You don’t get to hook up with the rest of the wedding party after the reception when you’re the one getting married. 😉

  • A couple of days ago, we were talking about having a PoP Gals (and Gay Men?) happy hour or lunch for folks looking to meet some other people in the city. Is there anyone still interested?

    • houseintherear

      Yes! I just realized I wrote that comment and never went back to check on it…

      Let’s do a hh, please! Some of us don’t work in the city and can’t do a lunch. 🙁

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m game. I also work out of the city so HH is better.

    • I am definitely interested (even if I end up in Fairfax). I think 10/22 or 10/23 was thrown around-weekend days for folks who can’t make traditional happy hours. What if we did a 4pmer on 10/22 at…the red derby? looking glass? any other suggestions? Just trying to get things started.

    • I might be moving house that weekend, but if not, I’m up for it!

      • What about something like Lou’s City Bar since it’s right on top of the Metro? And should we all wear name tags with our handles? I guess most of us will be wearing “Anonymous.”

  • claire

    Rant: So much going on at work and I practically feel like I’m managing this current project except I’m not getting paid accordingly.
    Rave: Leaving at 5pm on the dot today.
    Rant: The reason my leaving time is so set is because I’m going to dinner with my boyfriend’s dad and grandfather so I’m going to have to turn on the charm.
    Rave: I’m so naturally charming 🙂

    • You’re getting paid to post on PoP. Subtract the number of hours you spend on here while at work and maybe your pay will seem more to scale.

  • Rant: People who get pregnant and develop first baby tunnel vision. I get it. You’re creating a life. That’s awesome. It doesn’t mean that it’s the most important thing in the universe to anyone but you.

    Rant: I’m really just sad that I keep losing friends to having babies. And I’m too old to make new friends. I just don’t want to do it anymore.

    • +1. Seriously. I am so tired of the entitlement that comes from expecting/new mothers. Pretty much anyone can make a baby. Big deal. It’s not as cute as you think it is. It’s not special. And it should not become your only reason to live.

    • My wife has the opposite problem. We are having a kid in January, and no one wants to talk about anything other than the baby. Sure, we are excited and all, but we are still doing our thing too.

    • Emmaleigh504

      God bless my sister for being a normal person while knocked-up and as a mother.

      • I had heard rumors that there were those out there that could do it, I’ve just never seen any evidence! Glad to hear someone has.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I think it’s because she doesn’t define herself solely as a mother. She’s got a successful career, she’s a wife, a daughter, a (great) sister, and is involved in her community. Mother is just part of the package, not the whole package.

    • me

      THANK YOU. Especially for those of us who are struggling getting pregnant- it sucks to see 800 posts each day about the most ridiculous baby-related crap. Yes, that’s nice, but I don’t need ALL the details.

      Oh, and that ultrasound picture that you have everywhere? It looks like an alien and kind of creeps me out.

    • I’ve always been curious about this personality trait that develops in certain women. They have a kid, and all of a sudden they think they’re the CEO of everything and everyone they encounter.

      Is it a reflection of their insecurity and feelings of powerlessness beforehand? It’s the equivalent of the guy who goes bald and gets a sports car.

      • Hey now…I got the sports car before I went bald.

        Alas, now I have the required land yacht married man-van to safely and boringly shuttle the mini-me’s and their 4 metric tons of crap around in.

        I miss me bimmer.

      • Speaking as a mother of teenage twins (whom we adopted as adolescents), we are kinda the CEO of everything because we have to be. Someone has to manage the chaos parents face everyday, and that usually falls on the mother. I was up at 7 this morning on the phone with the principal in the bullying issue, then at the school at 10 to discuss it further, and then late to work, and on the phone some more. It never ends. I have to be in charge because no one besides me and their other mother is going to stand up for those two boys who desperately need someone on their side.

        Regarding the sports car—I remember thinking “mid-life crisis” when I saw that. And then I hit mid-life and realized the reason for the sports car isn’t because of a crisis, but because we can finally afford it. : ) (I drive a 14-year-old Ford btw).

    • bah, I’m probably older than you and I need older friends. let’s get that hh going.

    • Not that I totally disagree with you, but as a pregnant person, let me weigh in:

      I’m still me, and being pregnant should not change that. I intend to keep my career and my friends (and I will fight for those things). But when you know your life is going to change FOREVER and you will owe your life to another person, that changes your perspective. When I talk about it, it’s usually something amusing-ish. Like “This kid kicks my bladder, so I REALLY have to pee for .25 seconds.” Or watching my stomach move during a meeting. Also, I agree with the commenter above that it’s something that everyone else wants to talk about.

      Really I think that women who lose themselves in their pregnancy are in danger of becoming really disenchanted and sad when the focus will no longer will be on them (probably never again) after that baby is born.

      But in short, I try to be conscientious of how much I talk about it, because I know people get sick of it.

      For what it’s worth, I totally would’ve liked to go to hh with you guys (and had water or something) because I’m always looking to meet new people, kids or no.

      • I was very much kidding about no one coming to happy hour who’s pregnant or soon to be pregnant. It was just in relation to my rant for today.

        I know some people are better at incorporating having a baby into their life, rather than letting it take over. I guess I just have more friends that seem to fall into the latter camp. And a couple interactions over the last day or so made me rant about it today.

    • Geesh, am I the only person who thinks the pregnant lady should be given a break? Maybe because I’m a guy and have not had female friends regale me with daily updates about all aspects of their pregnancy. But it is a special thing and it is quite understandable for an expectant mom to get excited about. I’d probably be oversharing too given the fact that at the end of 9 months a live being would be exiting my body from a place that is normally far to narrow to accommodate something of that size. But that’s just me 🙂

      • I can only speak for myself, but it’s not the fact that my pregnant friends are excited. Heck, I’m excited for them. I actually like kids, even though I haven’t decided to have any of my own. It’s the fact that they disappear off the face of the planet once they get pregnant/give birth. I’ve now gone through several rounds of friends who disappeared from my life because they had kids. I miss my friends.

        • Just make sure you’re not the friend who drops your new-parent friends from your social roster. I had a good handful of people assume that since I had spawned, I would no longer do anything fun, and so it wasn’t worth inviting me. I tell you, maternity leave was a lonely few months.

      • “Maybe because I’m a guy and have not had female friends regale me with daily updates about all aspects of their pregnancy.”

        That about covers it. You are a guy.

        Imagine if you have a close friend – and you hang out and do things and engage in activities you enjoy. Imagine that person then hooks up with a woman (whom you never see), and all of the fun times you had stop. If you ever get together again – it is always on his terms/timeframes and the only topic of conversation is his new woman and how everything about her is awesome. Seriously – a previously well-rounded dude who could hang in any situation is now a one-mode automaton of his previous self. How long would you remain friends?

        Now imagine that happening to 8 of 10 of your closest friends. It gets old. But then again… getting old is what parents are all about.

        • I hear you, but if the person is a friend you should be able to: a) cut them some slack in light of their new [baby/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc.]; and b) call them out on their behavior if it becomes unbearable to you. If they are friends, they’l be able to understand and deal with b).
          For what it is worth, I find it far more understandable to lose a friend to a new baby than to a new partner. A baby can consume most of the waking hours of one’s life. No partner should.

          • a) you can cut all the slack in the world, they’ll want more cut. If a friendship becomes totally one sided, it is not a friendship at all.

            b) you cannot call them out – these type of mothers do not think that anything is amiss. If you do, you a) are jealous b) “just don’t understand” c) are a horrible uncaring friend d) hate their baby or e) all of those things

            For what it is worth, I have friends with kids from 20 to 2 months old. Most went a bit baby crazy, and I just ignored them. 1 is so baby crazy I just can’t deal with her at all, so I don’t. Thankfully, the mothers seem to snap out of it as their children get into 1st grade age.

            But honestly, it is a weird stage of life to go thru.

  • I’m just commenting so we can get the thread to 200. Talked enough already. Let’s have happy hour!

  • So what are we aiming for now? Happy hours on Thurs. 10/20, Sat. 10/22, or both?

    Of the two, I’d prefer the Saturday one.

    Captcha evokes a full-of-it rapper: MCBS

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