Aftermath of Crazy Car Crashes in Manor Park and Dupont Circle?

Photo by PoPville reader Wayan Vota

“Dear PoPville,

Look at the path of destruction a speeding car made through Manor Park (5th street up by the Takoma Rec center). It jumped the curb, took out a fire hydrant, city trash can, a brick walk, the entire fence, and even snapped a full grown tree in half (that’s what looks like a bush at the end of the yard).

Of course the driver was going much faster than the posted 25 mph speed limit. Got any ideas on how fast? I say 50mph. What’s your guess?”

Photo by PoPville reader Kathryn

“Dear PoPville,

I noticed this last night/this morning on the west side of Dupont Circle–it looks like someone drove straight down Mass Ave and into the circle. Anyone see what actually went down?

Hope everyone was okay (driver and pedestrian)!”

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  • Fitting they missed the speed limit sign, no?

  • I saw this kind of destruction in a case we were considering while I was on a grand jury. The driver was high on PCP. Only he killed someone when he did it.

    • Was that a couple of years ago – where the driver smashing into the LeDroit Park iron gate/sign?? Our friends witnessed that maniac.

    • Funny because the arrest report for this indicated that the driver was arrested for possession with intent to distribute PCP.

    • AND, that trash can is from the previous block (across Oglethorpe). It ended up a couple of feet from the house.

  • NO. In SE. Killed a woman at a bus stop.

  • We had the same kind of damage at Sherman Circle a few years ago. Speeding car absolutely flattened a US mail box – and I mean folded it up like a cardboard cut out. I couldn’t imagine how fast the driver was going, or how I slept through the noise.

    A friend of mine is married to a Park Police officer and he mentioned that they get a lot of accidents where people either are high/drunk and “miss” a traffic circle (as in the Dupont pic above) or come too fast into the circle and lose control.

  • I was sitting on a bench in Dupont about 30 ft from the car that flattened that bench on Saturday night. Nobody was hurt. It was about 12:45am and the driver appeared to be at least somewhat intoxicated when I asked if he and his gf were okay. My opinion is that he was arguing with his girlfriend while driving south on Mass and wasn’t paying attention. He never made the turn into the circle, drove straight through and launched off of the curb and landed front bumper right on the bench. It was pretty ridiculous.

    • Dang. When I saw the bench, my first thought was “holy crap, someone Hulk-punched the CRAP out of that thing.” Glad everyone was okay. Thanks for the eyewitness account!

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