Chipotle Updates – Mt. Vernon Square, Barracks Row, Cleveland Park

Mt. Vernon Square’s location at 1045 5th St, NW looks nearly completed:


On Barracks Row a reader send word that it looks like construction is about to begin at the former China Wall take out at 415 8th St SE:

And finally, there is no indication that construction will be starting anytime soon at the former Starbucks/Cereal Bowl space in Cleveland Park:

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  • i still can’t believe that cereal place went out of business – man, who would have ever seen that coming? 🙂

    • We had a small office pool started when it opened as to when it would close. I had it to within 1 week and won a totally awesome $15 dollars.

      Yeah, perhaps the dumbest idea ever. The wealthy yuppies and old money of cleveland park love to throw their money around on odd things, but not even they thought that hauling out the kids in the Range Rover down to the store and paying 5 bucks for a bowel of cold cereal at 2 in the afternoon was a good deal.

      • Wow, what an inane and envious comment. Nicely played!

        • Only bested by your own. Huzzah!

          • You’re right. I forgot to add “I hate people who live in Cleveland Park!” Now I’ve changed it to conform to the taste of majority of PoP commenters. The funny part of this is, if the Cereal Bowl opened on H St., it would be the “coolest thing ever.” Imagine, brah, skeeball and cereal, awesome!

          • Brah? Are hipsters talking like frat boys to be ironic now? I would love for some sort of “ironic frat boy” style to become the new hipster look and have them compete to see how many popped collars they can ironically fit on themselves before it prevents their torso from moving, or neon and chrome boat shoes made of melted 45s or something. Skinny jean cargo shorts anyone?

  • Can’t wait for the Eastern Market Chipotle, so much pwnage awaits me

  • The information about Chipotle is out of date. I walked by a few days ago and saw a sign in the window stating that, if everything goes smoothly, they should open open on or about…I think it said October 25, but I wouldn’t swear to that exact date.

  • I wonder if the Cleveland Park location is still happening at all. And I wonder if anyone let them know that they already have a location about a mile down Connecticut Avenue.

  • why oh why couldn’t they have built a chipotle on 14th and U instead of another godawful subway/dunkin? i think a chipotle around that area would do sooo much business, and not just from me.

  • Anyone know when the City Vista Chipotle is finally going to open? The interior has looked finished since July and the Chinatown Chipotle is so terrible…

  • Chipotle seems to have adopted the “Weed” model that Starbucks and CVS have inundated us with. I love Chipotle but I don’t think I need them on every corner.

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