ChiDogO’s Closing Nov. 11th at 14th and U St, NW – Major Housing/Retail Construction to Start in Dec.

With Taco Bell and her other neighbors closing over the summer we knew Chidogo’s days were numbered at 14th and U St, NW (home of the old Seafood & Crab takeout.)

Chidogo’s opened up back in Nov. ’10 to mixed reviews. As for why they completed a significant renovation to be open for only a year – that is not entirely clear. My guess is that they wanted to get their name out and introduce folks to the brand but that’s just a guess.

So, for the fans fear not – Chidogo’s will be opening locations in College Park and National Harbor. I’m also told that when the new development from JBG is completed – they may return to one of the retail spaces.

Those who’ve walked south on 14th St, NW past the former Taco Bell space have likely noticed the wrapping on the windows (see above.) You may have heard of this development referred to as the Utopia project. It is no longer being called the Utopia project but it is still being developed by JBG. I’m told that demolition of the former Taco Bell and other spaces will commence in December. Stay tuned for more details on the project including the residential spaces as well as any new retailers who sign leases.

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  • They should bring back “Seafood & Crab.” I hear they’re under new management.

  • so weird they ever opened up here. you think they made enough money to cover the costs of the build-out? maybe they had free rent to keep it from being vacant or something.

  • The last thing that area needs right now is MORE residents. As silly as it seems the mass transit system Metro system was not designed for SO MANY people. *sigh*

    • i totally disagree with you. density is good.

    • you might not like the future. Just a heads up.

    • I empathize about Metro, but density is precisely what this city needs to grow into the city most of us want it to become.

      • +1000. 14th street is perfect for density. tall buildings with condos (or offices–we need more of those) with ground floor retail right on the main artery surrounded by smaller residential buildings (read: rowhouses). it’s like an urban planner’s dream.

        • I said “right now” for a reason. Metro needs to fix its issues. It just wasn’t built (or maintained properly) for this type of growth.

          • Isn’t the green line one of the least ridden? Your argument just isn’t making sense.

          • With more density, you might be able to work in the same neighborhood. Metro wouldn’t even be necessary for a lot of people if more office space and services were nearby.

    • Which is exactly why we need more residences right there. A lot of people who live there will walk or do somethign else besides takign the metro.

    • actually it was.

  • Can we please get that Mcdonalds closed now!!! It is a huge cause of 80% of the trash on that corner, or its customers are

    • Is it even closing? It’s definitely coming back afterward.

      • Not closing – the building is registered historically and cannot be torn down. So the new stuff is being built around the McD’s.

    • so you say close it instead of putting more trash cans there or emptying them more frequently?

    • Definitely agree with closing that. Everyone I know calls it Homeless McDonalds. It’s gross, has a nasty trash radius and generally serves as a loitering point. It’s a bad sign that there is a steady police presence inside there

      • I’m not exactly sure why DC has so many “historic buildings” it’s almost as if the city has a love affair with eyesores surrounded by modern monstrosities. If this was mostly any other city, that building that houses that horrible McDonalds would be torn down as well. Reminds me of that ugly shell of the building that’s in front of the Giant on O and 7th street. Some things are just NOT WORTH saving.

  • andy

    Man, I am so so sad I never got to go to ChiDogO’s. I missed out on a neighborhood institution.

    • Well, they may not have been around as long, but their food is a lot better than Ben’s Chili Bowl. Old doesn’t mean good, it just means old.

    • As a former Chicagoan, I can say that I did not enjoy their dogs. They did not compare to Wiener Circle.

  • Close that McDonald’s! I avoid that corner like the plague.

  • The Riggs Road KFC/Taco Bell may close in the near future as well due to proposed mixed-use redevelopment in that area. I’d love for PoP to due a story on the development of the area around South Dakota and Riggs Rd. NE. Taco Bell/KFC is losing its presence in DC (Thank God) Vann Ness-CLOSED. 14th St-Closed
    After extensive food poisoning from Taco Bell, I hardly mourned the loss of the 14th street location.

  • Chidogo’s was an abomination and deserves to be closed. It was substandard food. I would argue that the McDonald’s should not close. It’s the only place where people with limited means can get food. Those people might be homeless and messy, but I’d much rather a McDonalds than a wine bar that I can’t afford.

    Burger King or Wendy’s is far superior.

  • The hot dogs were decent enough, however, there was a lovely woman named Millis who worked there. She commuted an hour each way to get there and was so happy to have this job to support herself and her kid, even though her field was actually working with kids with developmental disabilities. I hope that Chidogo’s is keeping her on and allowing her to work at another location. If not, I hope at least that the company gave her some notice. It would be awful for her to find out from patrons that she was going to be out of a job shortly, as was the shameful case at Borders at 18th and L. 

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