Ben and Jerry’s Closes in Dupont Circle

“Dear PoPville,

Just wanted to let you know that the Ben & Jerry’s at Dupont Circle (1333 19th St NW) is closed. All the furniture and fixtures are gone. I just checked the Ben & Jerry’s website: the Dupont location is not listed. And the old Olsson’s space is still for lease! What is going on with Dupont Circle? Is it the economy? Is the neighborhood *that* unfashionable?”

I also wondered what was going on with 19th St, NW in Dupont back in Jan. ’11. But since that time – it has been announced that a new Irish Bar and Tapas restaurant will be coming to the strip. Also a bit further south a new sushi spot opened up at 1899 L St, NW. I’m not sure why it is so hard to fill former Olsson spaces but who knows maybe a Wagamama will announce that it is interested in the space

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  • Larry’s is better anyway.

  • A daycare is going into the former Olsson’s spot.

    • Great. Just what we need taking up a valuable storefront in Dupont Circle.

      • andy

        Apparently it wasn’t that valuable. The movie theater left, the ice cream place left . . . If you want something besides a day care in that area, it looks like there will be continue to be other valuable storefront space open and opening up in that area.

        That strip seems not on the way to anywhere because of how Connecticut intersects at a diagonal nearby.

      • Daycares are more valuable to some of us than pretty much any other business you could name. Right up there with emergency rooms. And there is a shortage in DC with 18 month+ waiting lists. When was the last time you spent $1300 a month at any bookstore or restaurant?

  • How about another Comfort One shoes? -not-

  • The new sushi spot is OhFish and it is awesome. You can receive $2 off just for following them on facebook or twitter. Sorry for the shameless promotion 🙂

  • This would be a great spot for a CVS or Corner Bakery.

    • Already a CVS there (in the old movie theater and thank god half a block from the one on the circle so you don’t have to walk that far from the south side).

  • are you serious? there are 2 cvs locations right there. one of them is nextdoor (but no pharmacy).

  • since when is Dupont Circle unfashionable?

    • Grumpy,

      I expect it is unfashionable to potential businesses because the rents are too high.

    • For the last few years, at least. Cool bars and restaurants don’t have to be scared to go east of 16th St anymore – so Dupont has lost it’s credo as a valuable/safe neighborhood for nightlife. Unfortunately, property owners still think it’s the 80s/90s when it comes to trends, but 2011 when it comes to rental pricing.

    • since it got too expensive.

  • I asked for extra sprinkles (no, not jimmies) at that Ben and Jerry’s once. She gave me a whole cupfull at no charge. Ah the memories.

  • I have boycotted B&J ever since they killed Rainforest Crunch. Good riddance hippies.

  • Well, there used to be at least four Ben and Jerry’s in DC: Adams Morgan, Capitol Hill, Dupont, and Georgetown. Now we’re down to just Georgetown, so maybe it’s not the location but Ben and Jerry’s business model.

    • Isn’t there still one at Union Station?

    • I’m not sure what their problem is. The Georgetown location often has lines out the door in the middle of the summer.

      • The last time I visited this Ben & Jerry’s, the person working at the shop couldn’t be found for a good 10 min. During this time, my friend and I overheard someone groaning/screaming while in the bathroom. Turns out, it was the woman working at Ben & Jerry’s! She only kinda washed her hands when she stepped behind the counter. Needless to say, we didn’t stick around for a scoop of ice cream.

    • there was one in bethesda too, but it closed this year.

  • It’s because of the FroYo trend. Ice cream isn’t cool anymore. (pun intended?!?!)

  • i think most/all of the ben and jerry’s in dc closed at 8. this makes it really hard for people to get ice cream after dinner. probably should have tried later hours.

  • They’ll have to get a Krispy Kreme or overpriced cupcake instead. I used to work around the corner and hated it that CPK (Calif. Pizza Kitchen) closed on Conn. and N because the rents were too high.

  • I work right near here, this one closes during the winter…it will be open again in summer (although they did stay open last winter)

  • There is (was?) also a ben and jerrys in downtown bethesda.

    Dupont circle is getting kind of run down, and for the most part the social/entertainment/eating scene that used to dominate the dupont area has moved on to other parts of town.

    I do think dupont is kind of unfashionable. I go out frequently, but almost never in dupont anymore.

    • Was.

      The individual rest/bars have moved elsewhere due to high rents and the chains have moved in.

      I never go out in Dupont, and I work there!

  • Soozles,
    Krispy Kreme, been there done that.

  • There’s a B&J in downtown Rockville too (where I work). Just tried their new Shwetty Balls flavor last week – vanilla with rum and malted milk balls/malted rum balls. Kind of different and tasty!

  • This is happens when only rich people can afford to live in an area, it gets boring. But yeah, seems like the historic high mark for high fat ice cream and bookstores has passed, as much as I like both.

  • There is also a Ben & Jerry’s in Silver Spring. And I have to agree with an earlier comment, that DC’s new pretentious obsession with FroYo, has probably ended the Krispy Kremes/Ben & Jerry’s type establishments. Everything has to have some kind of healthy undertone to it with a splash of “I take myself too seriously” Without that business model, your business won’t be successful, especially among the Yuppies

  • Agree with above posters who slam Dupont. I avoid the area if at all possible, especially since I no longer live on the Red Line.

  • It cost $6 for a cup of ice cream. It’s pricey. I think the frozen yogurt places are taking over.

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