Batch 13 Liquor Store Coming to Former Dogs by Day Space in Logan Circle

Ever since we learned Dogs by Day would be moving from 1724 14th St, NW in Aug. ’10 (they’ve since become Planet Pet) I’ve been wondering who will move into this prime space. A new liquor license application reveals it will be a new liquor store (with a tasting permit) called Batch 13.

No word yet on a new tenant for the prime vacant space next door that used to house Green Pets. Stay tuned.

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  • My dog says boo!

  • Phew. Living in Logan, I have SUCH a hard time finding places to buy my liquor.

    • that made me laugh out loud. hurt tho as I was at the dentist today.
      …now I need a shot of whiskey.

  • Seriously, yet more liquor stores? Can any business survive in DC unless they either serve or sell liquor. I guess we need more combo doggy day care/package goods, bar-laundromats, martini-bar vintage clothier, or pharmacy-nightclubs.

  • I live above Cork Wine bar…this should be a nice addition for my alcoholic tendencies. The owner of Dogs by Day raised the rent three fold that’s why they moved to the new location which is really nice. If you haven’t been over there you should take your hound (or cat).

    That stretch of 14th St needs a greasy spoon. Maybe Taco Bell will ring it’s way back. That’ll be the day. To the haters: Taco Bell is the shit. Only one or two things are edible on the menu but we don’t need another over priced small plate restaurant. Taylor’s can’t open soon enough.

  • +1

    Great place. Bells Two Hearted is my favorite beer. Good eats too. What are they going to do in the winter? I heard they might close down? That sounds crazy to me. I wanted to ask the owner last night but he took off on his Vespa before I could talk to him.

  • Is this a full service liquor store? I thought there was a moratorium on new full service licenses. Is this license currently in safe keeping and being transferred from somewhere?

  • What can we do to prohibit the sale of singles at this location? My understanding is that only those who live in the immediate vicinity of the store can negotiate the VA.

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