A Look Inside ‘The Griffin’ at Georgia and Quincy Ave, NW

I was finally able to get a look inside the new building, The Griffin, located at the corner of Georgia and Quincy Ave, NW by the Petworth metro. Last we heard the whole building was for sale but it’s looking like it could become rentals sooner rather than later. I’ll update with prices when they become available. Anyway, thought folks would like to see how the units came out:


Lots more photos after the jump.

Living room




Bathroom. Ed. Note: some have tubs.




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  • I’ll buy one!

    This town has too many damn rentals and the rent is too damn high.

  • They shoulda made those balcony floors solid. But why should I worry, they’re sure to be $3k/month or something crazy like that.

  • Fancy! I didn’t expect to like it, but I think I could live with windows like that.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I wonder if there are wood floors through out or just in the model? The thing I hate hate hate about Park Place are the painted cement floors. They look great but anything that gets dropped (and I have a kitten) breaks into a jillion pieces.

  • The floor to ceiling windows bring in nice light, but can you imagine having a unit on the first or second floor with those windows looking right onto Georgia? Your shades would be closed all the time.

  • Love that some units have balconies – not enough apartments in DC have them.

  • 2200-2400$ for a 1 bedroom is my guess.

    • “2200-2400$ for a 1 bedroom is my guess.”

      Are people really paying that much for a 1 BR in Petworth? That’s nuts–no wonder no one can afford to lvie in the city anymore.

      • Rent for a 1 bedroom in a new apartment is around $1600 in Petworth. I base that off of the new apartments that went up at Three Tree Flats. This looks a little nicer than that, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you were paying close to, or more than, $2000.

        • Except that Three Tree Flats isn’t a market-rate development; it’s subsidized with income limits. A more appropriate comparison would be Park Place, which is 2000+ for a 1BR.

  • i did not believe that park place would get those rents, but they did. anyway, bring it on. people that pay exorbitant rents in this location will end up seeing the relative value of purchasing nearby and drive up the value of the rowhouses.

  • Was it named after Stewie or Peter? Probably Stewie.

  • @RD – Park Place’s rents are not that high, a 1 bedroom on the 2 or 3rd floor – I forget which – with a huge back deck runs $1750 currently. They’re going to try to raise the rent at the end of the lease, but not by $500. Don’t confuse advertised rents with actual rents, these places start with a high number and get as many folks (suckers) as they can who’ll pay it then set more reasonable – but still high – rents for those who demand it.

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