5th Annual DCCX Cyclocross Bike Race To Be Held At Old Soldier’s Home Sunday

From an email:

“DCCX, presented by Dogfish Head Alehouse and Family Bike Shop, is offering a day of bicycle racing, refreshments, kids’ fun and Civil War history this Sunday, Oct. 23.

The course is on the historic grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, located at the corner of Upshur St and Rock Creek Church Rd, NW. More than 700 competitors in the cyclocross races will compete in different events running from 8:30 am until 5 pm — with the elite racers taking off at noon (for women) and 3 pm (for men).

DCCX, part of the Bikereg.com MABRAcross Super 8 race series, is a great place to check out high-level bike racing in a relaxed environment — or to strap on a helmet and try racing for the first time. Registration is still open, and while some categories are full, slots are still available in the 4:15 pm Rookies’ Race.

And come out on Saturday afternoon from 1:30 pm until 4 pm for a chance to pre-ride the course.”

More info from DCCX here. A reader gave a good run down of a previous year’s event for competitors and spectators here.

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  • This is awesome, your one chance to roam all over the property without being an old soldier or an employee.

    • andy

      More proof that the exclusion of non-AFRH retirees is BS. Bike race = yes. People watching squirrels = no.

      What retirement home in an urban area like DC gets 250 acres of fenced, exclusive space?

      • A retirement home for people who’ve spent 20+ years in the Armed Forces, that’s what.

        I’m sure the Cyclocross race is compensating the Home for use of their property and providing security as necessary.

        • andy

          Can I pay for entry to the AFRH grounds? I don’t fail to appreciate anyone’s military service but I would like to use this large open space that sees very little use at all.

          • You can see some of the grounds by visiting the Lincoln Cottage. You can also gain access to the buildings by volunteering there during the holidays.

            They are woefully underfunded and are looking for alternative revenue streams, so who knows, they may eventually allow people to stroll the entire grounds for a fee.

      • you may come to find that dc is a city like no other.

  • I see Dogfish is a sponser – can you buy beer while you watch the race???

  • If you have facebook, please check out all the work DCCX landscaping sponsor Terra has done to help prepare the venue – the before and after shots are remarkable.


  • the high school lacrosse team I coach practices there. two years ago I sent the kids on a ball-hunt after practice to find missed passes and shots that rolled into the wooded areas and they found an entire human skeleton. turned out to be a resident who had wandered off about 5 years earlier and they never found him. damn shame. The guy was only 50 ft. from michigan ave and within view of the VA hospital and children’s. the campus itself is gorgeous though and there is an impressively large number of animals you don’t expect to see outside of rock creek this far into the city.

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